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Spooks, Death Attempts and stuff.... - Wednesday, 05:50
I have been blocked from posting to EW for about a month (I'm hoping this goes through and it makes the forum)

Here's a cut and paste of my Blog from today:


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Spooks, Attempted Murder, The Usual Stuff...

OK, I promised yesterday to lay out my cards, so to speak. Here ya go.

Several negative things occured in a short time-span.

My sales fell to almost nothing for the last two weeks of June. Around that time Etheric Warriors was sunk by the guys that ran it. Agents. Don said these were the most patient moles to attack his site, yet. I'm not naming names here but the main guy had Don's confidence for I think more than a couple of years, then, like a Manchurian Candidate, the guy tries to destroy the forum.

Then, July first, I'm driving down the Garden Grove Freeway, coming home from picking-up my camera from my buddie's house. A big black pick-up truck with a camper shell slammed his brakes in front of me. I was at a safe distance but I still braked hard enough to engage my Mercedes anti-lock brakes. You can tell when it works, the brake pedal feels like a crushing soda can.

I stopped about 20 yards short of him and immediately looked into my rearview mirror to see if anyone was coming up behind me, too fast to stop. I see a small white car veer around me to the right, crossing over a double curb into the onramp I was next to, to avoid hitting me. I was in the far-right freeway lane. My eyes followed the white car as he went around me, fortunately causing my head to turn back forward. As soon as my head had come around, WHAM!!!! I see stars for a couple of seconds, I experience a short period of bewilderment as I'm wondering, WTF???

I look at my rearview mirror and all I see is black, because my trunk lid was smashed and thrown open, obscuring my view. Then I get it; Oh shit, I was rear-ended!!

I got out of my car very much dazed and the guy from the lead black truck is approaching me with his cellphone out calling 911. Asks if I'm OK then he went off. I'm still half-dazed, wandering around my car like an idiot when I realized I had my video camera in the back seat!

Got out the camera and walked around shooting the scene. Taped the cops asking me questions for the report, got tape of the guy in the black truck:


Please note the United Nations T-Shirt the guy is wearing!!!

I was struck by two cars simultaneously, from what I surmise by studying the wreckage. The car that stuck me was crushed on both ends and the last car, that hit her did not have very serious damage to it's front; so it looks like they hit me in taddem, not the last car hitting the third car and pushing it into me. Another point of proof of this is the fact that my car was shoved twenty yards (brakes applied) to where it barely tapped the back of the spook's black truck. The only damage on the spook-truck was the metal bracket under the bumper that holds the electrical sockets for hooking-up trailer lights, was bent back a little.

The UN Guy was all over this thing, he was acting like a cop; like he did this all the time. I remember asking him if he was in Law Enforcement because he was so helpful (!?!?!?) he said no but didn't offer what his career was. I've since figured it out. Spook.

Another reason I don't think this was just an insurance scam is because the lady that hit me was at least slightly injured but she refused transport from the paramedics. Had she been part of an insurance scam she would have had an ambulance ride for sure.

On top of all my own revelations concerning this "accident" Don Croft informs me that Carol and her psychic buddies determined that the "accident" was an attemp to kill or maim me and that I was protected!

Well, they didn't even injure me, what with my properly adjusted headrest and my being protected by The Operators, I'm fine.

Since EW is back-up, I have gotten a few orders but I need a bunch. July has been a nightmare saleswise. June was slow. I guess I get most of my customers through Etheric Warriors and when it was down for three weeks my sales were too. Way down!

I have a Summer Sale running righht now. Please patronize CTBusters so I can continue to supply you with these tools, also, I gotta buy another car! I got less than half-value from Progressive Insurance for my Merc. I found another one I want to buy, very similar but I haven't enough money.

ORGONE6 will ride again!

Sales please! :O)

May the rest of your July be joyous, prosperous and healthy.

Shaken, but not stirred,



Don Croftoffline
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No Subject - Friday, 06:10
Carol finally got a look at that fed in the photo and expressed some relief that he didn't just shoot you, Andy. She said he's a killer.  The 'UN" shirt indicates a sense of humor, which usually means another criminal agency, NSA, to us.  This jerk is CIA  though, she says. Congrats for surviving, then exposing this twisted, federal terrorist shitbird, Andy. I bet he's already at his,  new post in Greenland or Chad by now Cool, which has got to hurt.

I was very happy to hear that your misfortune was turned into good fortune so soon after that murder attempt, by the way.  Thanks, Operators!  Tough luck, CIA treasonmongers! Wink






Don Croftoffline
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No Subject - Friday, 06:21
When we were caused to crash on the mountainside in January a couple of feds were parked,  waiting slightly downhill.   They, too, acted like traffic cops (including blocking our retreat with their vehicle Cool) and wondered out loud why we didn't go over the side and die instead of hitting the opposite cliff wall.

Whenever any of us make a fed, he/she gets on the phone and stays on it, maybe just for moral support.   When we go to a movie, one or two feds sit behind and to the side of us.  They leave after we do, so we always confront them on our way out (we leave after the crowd). Boy, to they get fidgetty when you confront them!  Last time, the guy kept taking his phone out, but instead, rushed to the exit with a weak, $#!+ eating grin on his face.  I don't think he  was comfortable in his new Tesla Helmet (see donebydooney.com).

Consider the fact that nobody, before us, has probably ever fought back effectively when these agency mopes glom onto their marks.  Since they're operating outside the law, they're vulnerable. We'd be fools not to exploit our advantage over them and we'd be neglecting our responsibility as etheric warriors if we didn't perform this public service as often as circumstances permit.  

Dissolving these ruinous, murderous agencies will be icing on the cake when people have finally waked up enough to discard these topheavy, parasitic, non-representative, obsolete national regimes.