Steven Seagal

Steven Seagal has been accused of hiring female staff to be on call for “his sexual needs, 24 hours a day, seven days a week”.

The claims have been made by Seagal’s former executive assistant, Kayden Nguyen, who has filed a £600,000 lawsuit against the actor.

The lawsuit, which was obtained by TMZ, alleges sexual harassment, illegal trafficking of females for sex and wrongful termination.

Nguyen claims: “Mr. Seagal had been keeping two young, female Russian 'attendants' on staff who were available for his sexual needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week."

She alleges that one of the girls had quit, and she was unwittingly hired to replace her. On the first day of her job, she claims she was treated as a “sex toy” and that Seagal made numerous sexual advances. On one occasion she was also forced to consume “illegal pills”.

Nguyen is said to have complained to staff, but the alleged assaults would still continue. She goes on to claim that the ‘Under Siege’ actor told her, “My wife wouldn’t mind if you and I had a sexual relationship.”