Stolen Orgonite Formula?

Stolen Orgonite Formula? 
Hi Don!

Itīs true the affirmation that you stolen the orgonite concept from Hans Karl Welz?



I've repeated the following dozens of times in posts over the years in order to give proper credit to Karl Welz  but this question is an example of why repetition, while potentially annoying,  is sometimes necessary.

In the summer of 1997 I began making orgone accumulators according to Serge Kahili King's basic recommendations: alternating layers of aluminum foil  and plastic film.  I'd made dozens of them in various configurations, including one that I would routinely lie down in, like an inverted coffin.   I  met Carol in those days and our first joint discovery, then,  was that  a strong orgone field enhances a psychic's perception and ability.

About a year and a half later, one  of my online zapper customers told me about Karl Welz' website, where you could feel some nice energy coming from a symbol or something ( I don't recall the particulars) which  was an advertisement to sell a small device that cost around  $500.  That customer bought the device soon after that,  then told me that he felt ripped off because, 'It's nothing  but metal particles in epoxy!'

My daughter, Nora, was living with me at the time and was helping me configure my energy devices by watching the  subtle energy.  When I cast metal shavings in a cup of moxed epoxy it became apparent that this was a 'step above' orgone accumulators.  When I held the orgonite behind a crystal  and directed energy, as we had been doing without  orgonite in experiments, the energy was very strong, easily felt by just about anyone.  

At the time, I was taking lessons from James Hughes about  moving life force for healing and awakening and he was pretty impressed with orgonite, too.
In a short time I started putting  orgonite  in my zappers and got some  pretty startling confirmations, including a report from a distributor in Romania that one of those zappers quickly cured a fellow of both radiation sickness (the fellow on his deathbed had been one of the cleanup crew at Chernyobyl) and terminal lung cancer.  

After Carol and I got together in the summer of 2000 we eventually had the opportunity to experiment with orgonite's apparent ability to  neutralize radioactive material by changing deadly orgone radiation into  healthy life force (positive orgone radiation is Dr Reich's term for that)

Of course I began sharing the orgonite concept as widely as  possible,  though I didn't adopt that name until much later (I don't remember exactly when).  All along, I gave Karl Welz credit for it, though it's apparent, now, that others had discovered the concept but hadn't capitalized on it.

He  got pretty sore at me,  though he never contacted me directly. I found out about it from people who corrsponded with him.   In order to clear the air between us,  I visited him in Atlanta in March, 2003, and we had  a long, rather friendly conversation, which ended with his stated acknowledgement that I didn't seek to harm him  when I shared that  concept publicly and that I had a right to do that.  In the four-year interim he had developed some groundbreaking  radionics technology, by the  way.  

I  don't know who started using the term, 'orgonite' in this unorganized movement but it seemed appropriate and an economical term (which is to  say one word, used a lot, is less taxing on the writer and reader than  a phrase is), so we started using it, too.   Karl Welz had apparently invented this term and he hired a laywer to threaten some of the vendors with copyright  infringement.  His case isn't clear enough  to be used in court because he hadn't met the terms required for a copyright claim, so never followed through  with  the threats to sue these vendors.  I haven't checked whether Carol and I use  that term on our business site,, but I'll continue to give Karl  Welz credit for the concept, at least for the way I  found the  concept. If he ever, somehow, gets the courts behind him I'll go through  our business website and change the word, of course.

If he wasn't opposed to what  we're doing I'd promote him more because  I really like his approach  to radionics.

I say that orgonite  changes bad energy into good energy because that's a very apparent  effect.  Welz claims that this isn't so and I don't have enough  science background or definitive evidence to refute him but most people are content to use anything on the basis of what it seems most obviously  to accomplish, after all.  I'm happy to wait for reputable, independent scientists to catch up with us, meanwhile.  The empirical evidence, especially thanks to an  abundant photographic record in reports of reputable people, such as are found on, is probably pretty daunting  to anyone who claims that  we're wasting our time.

Someone emailed last week to say that  Serge King is apparently not  happy about what we're doing, either, by the way, and says that gifting towers is just a way to invent imaginary enemies.  I'll still promote his earlier book,  EARTH ENERGIES, because I think it's a comprehensive, comprehensible introduction to the dynamics of subtle energy and a good, concise history of subtle energy research until the 1990s.  Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird also wrote definitive histories and compilations of subtle  energy research-- relating to plants and soil.

Trevor Constable, who has also written earlier  books that I recommend,  attacked our work repeatedly, both as a guest on Jeff Rense's radio show and to Ken Adachi, his friend, which persuaded Ken not to use our term, 'cloudbuster,' but  to call our invention 'chembuster,' which  I think is  inaccurate.  I later began using the term, 'orgonite cloudbuster,' to distinguish it clearly from  Dr Reich's cloudbuster, which  Trevor Constable had been  using at the time.

Our clear intention has  been to  honor  Dr Reich, of course.  His cloudbuster takes considerable skill and perhaps some energy sensitivity to operate, otherwise it can cause a lot of harm, as Dr James DeMeo apparently found out  firsthand in Namibia in  the  early 1990s.  Orgonite cloudbusters are absolutely harmless, unless you drop  one on your foot.  They're not as powerful as Dr Reich's version, either, but the distribution of orgonite cloudbusters has an overall better, longer lasting effect, apparently. I'm pretty sure that Dr Reich  would  have enthusiastically promoted the orgonite concept.

Gentry Smith shared the mobius coil instructions with me in late 1999. He got those from Patrick Flanagan when he was working as his assistant, some years before.  Gentry won first prize in a state-wide high  school science fair when he demonstrated his small version of Dr Reich's  cloudbuster.  That night, the feds broke into  his hotel room and stole the thing  Laughing   That was in the early 1980s, I think, when the feds were at least surreptitiously enforcing the federal law that states that nobody may experimment with any of  Dr Reich's technology.  I think this treasonous  Congress passed that alleged law soon after the public book burning in the mid-1950s, which was the heyday  of  fascism in America  Laughing

We found out,  pretty early, that a small amount of orgonite  ensures that an orgone accumulator won't attract deadly orgone radiation.   Apparently, the orgonite  changes DOR into positive  life force instantly so the orgone accumulator, like the orgonite itself, puts out a  great deal more of the healthy energy when  it's in the presence of a source  of DOR.

Someone sent me an email asking why one of our most vocal detractors and I are 'at each  others' throats' but I had reminded that fellow, when he challenged me about this, before,  that the detractor specifically campaigns to discredit Carol and I,  accusing us of consorting with  the devil, etc., and that I don't mention that person in posts except on very rare occasions  when  it feels necessary to give a clear example of calumny. 'Calumny is  'false and malicious accusation.'  You find that sprinkled in all the less clever disinfo sites. The smoother disinfo sites completely ignore what we're all doing, of course.

 Re: Stolen Orgonite Formula? 
To be fair, our basic orgonite formula is a little different from Welz.'   Our reputable psychic associates, who observe energy dynamics directly and work toward consensus with each  other, determined  that the very fine  metal  particles that Karl uses don't generate (?) as much  blue and violet orgone as larger particles do.  Also, the  use of powdered quartz,  which he recommends, apparently  generates a sort  of 'hot,  chaotic' energy according to them.

This is an subject we haven't dwelt on, here, because a lot of fine-tuning  discussion tends to  discourage  newcomers from discovering the astonishingly  simple adn emmpowering effect of ordinary, ungarnished  orgonite, which is what does the vast bulk of good work in the environment.

I hope someone  will  initiate an equally reputable and sans-infiltration forum effort that's  dedicated  to pure  research and development!

That  said, when I was in Uganda and gifting with Dr Paul Batiibwe ('DrP' on the only metal he could  find was the waste generated by turning brake drums, which was a powdered metal/asbestos substance.  We  made piles of towerbusters with that and distributed them in the droughty, war-torn part of that country.   We observed the same glorious, DOR-clearing and rain-generating effect with  those as any of us have observed with our own  creations.  I mention this as an example that it's more important to use what's available than  to not do the work  at all.  

The difference between powdered metal  and  larger bits is essentially marginal,  in other words, in terms of healing the environment.  

To a psychic, the difference may seem more significant and this ought to  always be taken into  account when someone asks a psychic or energy sensitive to evaluate his/her creation. I think that the more subtle differences are more suitably applied to devices that are  used personally and interactively, not so much to 'field  orgonite,' but the  psychics strongly advise that it's  better to  use basic orgonite in the field than  to gratuitously add other  subtle energy components.  People who have a talent for this will get productive results but the rest  of us are more likely to 'dumb down' basic orgonite by adding conflicting elements.

In AFrica, orgonite gets more bang for the buck than in  most other places.   Our  African  cohorts can't find or afford  most  of the fancy stuff that some folks vigorously promote as additives to orgonite but they're getting the grandest results, nevertheless.  I'm going  to continue to highlight the power of simple orgonite so that more and more people  will try their  hands at gifting  and will  thus get their own requisite, empowering visual confirmations because I think  this is the shorter path to global  peace and prosperity, also the short path to discarding parasitic, global tyranny in a timely way.