'Super Resin' Saturday 24 April, 11am-onwards
Alexandra Park, Whalley Range, M16 Manchester

Be part of an exciting experiment to grow GIANT vegetables. Learn 
about Orgonite and get the chance to test out on your own 'pod'.

A simple mixture of resin, aluminium shavings and a crystal, the 
Orgonite technology is thought to have a positive effect on the human 
body and nature. Alexandra Arts has teamed up with freelance 
journalist Mark Bennett, who ran trials last year, growing giant 
vegetables in both East Sussex and Liverpool. Mark will be there to 
talk about his own experience. At this session will you a chance to 
make your own Orgonite pod so you can carry out your own trial at home.

In collaboration with Barry Noble: Grounds Maintenance/Play Area and 
Development Manager, Manchester City Council. A separate Orgonite 
trial will be carried out in the new show garden (by the Park Wardens 
Office building) that is part of the "Food for free" programme.  "Food 
for free" is a five year scheme planned to start this spring, growing 
edibles in over 80 parks and green spaces all over Manchester

The 'Super Resin' workshops is a part of a series of  art 
"Happenings", aiming to engage the local community, deepening their 
experiences and appreciation of Alexandra Park/Manchester.  Initiated 
by the non- profitable voluntary group Alexandra Arts.

To book a place at this workshop, contact 
lotte@synchronizedliquid.com. Or ring 07816683171