Jefferson Airplane's White Rabbit
and The 200 Art Students who Tried to Stop 911
Copyright © 2003 by H. Michael Sweeney and NOILWAR! See Permissions Statement

In this article we will learn:

   The story of 200 Israeli spies deported by the Bush Administration
   That the spies likely knew a 911 style attack was going to take place
   That they elected to undertake steps to expose the attack to US authorities in time to stop it
   That the plot they sought to expose involved an Operation Northwoods scenario
   That the means they used to attempt to spoil the plot was to get caught spying
   That the plot had clear ties to Global Hawk technology to remotely control aircraft
   That many who died on 911 may have died for what hey knew about Global Hawk

We have been Alice, lost in a wonderland created for us through illusions and dreamscapes fed us by government. The Jefferson Airplane (changed later to Jefferson Starship) gave us good advice on how to deal with such worlds in in their hit classic, White Rabbit. We have yet to awaken, but there is hope we will hear their words, and understand. There are many mysteries for Alice types in the 911 tragedy, but a number of them have a common but heretofore unseen nexus. It is not often that an investigative writer gets a chance to place so many pieces of a jigsaw puzzle into a revealing answer all at once. Usually, it is a slow process of step by step discovery. But, thanks to something called a Search Engine, the right searches can work miracles. But what are the questions to ask?

Why did the US deport 200 art students?
        And if you go chasing rabbits...

This at first seemed a tough question, until it is understood they were actually Israeli spies. While that in itself remains mysterious (and our media has elected to leave it at that), it is who they were spying upon and how, which raises the greatest of mysteries.  Actually, as a rule, spies donít do the spying themselves, beyond surveillance; they recruit others to do it, generally within the organization they wish to spy upon. The ëAgent spyí is sophisticated and able to use a variety of means to coerce or convince an ëoperativeí to do the hard part -- the actual spying. The agent simply collects and reports the intelligence gathered by the operative. So I have to ask... why would a network of 200 spies deliberately do the spying, themselves... and in a way guaranteed to get them caught? We shall see...

And whom did they spy upon, and when?  If we accept the brief media glimpses and government statements at face value, they were spying upon our own US government intelligence and law enforcement agencies -- starting in early 2001 . In case you havenít already deduced it, these ëvictimsí are the very people most likely to figure out they were being spied upon. And guess what -- they did figure it out, and right away. Mostly, it was DEA, but secondarily, a wide range of other ëtargetsí were selected: the Secret Service, Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, US Marshals, the IRS, The US Accounting Office, The USCG, US Customs, FBI, The Environmental Protection Agency, and even a couple of Federal Judges. These are not ësoft intelligence targets.í  And, for the most part, these are not very ëmeatyí targets likely to yield much useful information... especially to an ally who already has good access to sensitive data provided to it, for the asking. Thus we come up to a more interesting question to ask.

Image from IBIS - Imaginative Book Illustration Society

Why were they spying on US intelligence and law enforcement?
        White knights talking backwards...

  We might better get the answer to that by looking at how they did their spying. Out in the open, clumsily, continually observed, and generously offering clues that something was not right. They were frequently observed diagramming building floor plans -- in plain view of uniformed security and other ëtargetí personnel. They repeatedly asked strange questions directly, again, even of uniformed security -- and made statements that indicated an inappropriate attention to sensitive matters. And they acted strangely and congregated in suspicious places at suspicious times -- in vehicles directly traceable to their true identities. In short, they did everything possible to get noticed and identified. It worked.

Cartoon from Christian Science Monitor

When questioned, they admitted relationships with known Israeli intelligence operations or front organizations -- and admitted (in many cases) ëformerí ties with Israeli intelligence, military, and national security posts. This clearly made their claimed story of being art students selling art to get through school highly unlikely. How many CIA agents and Green Berets, after ëretiring,í wander off to Europe to sell gummy bears -- as a group? They offered passports showing their true travel -- showing frequent trips into the US from a variety of red flag points of origin. This is also curious...

Like many professional spies infiltrating another country, these spies took circuitous routes into the US. Rather than using passports and visas from Israel and taking flights from there, they instead used passports and visas from a huge list of other nations, and in some cases, citizenship papers from those nations. They took round-a-bout flights through other destinations before entering the US, as well. The passports and routes featured countries such as Thailand, Laos, India, Kenya, Australia, Germany, Amsterdam, Canada, and a host of nations from Central and South America. That way, if anyone was caught or compromised, there would not be a ëprofileí of like persons to note and watch for.

Yet, later, they undertook to alter their tactics dramatically: They switched targets to law enforcement and the intelligence community and cause people to take notice and ask questions. When asked, even outside of actual interrogation, they even volunteered their factual travel destinations and travel histories in the US without concealment. When arrested, they again volunteered all that information in order to actually create a profile for the FBI, and their friends. It is not only as if they wanted to be caught, but Indeed, they wanted their footsteps traced -- and that is my conclusion. This leads to the next, and perhaps most important question, which in turn will lead us to the answer of the former -- and even more than we bargained for.

And what should happen once caught spying?
        And you know youíre going to fall...

A proper counterintelligence operation means you DO NOT ARREST, JAIL, PROSECUTE or DEPORT a detected spy. Not right away, at least. You let them go on about their business as if you are none the wiser, and you follow them, and find out who they work with, what they are doing, and you try to get the goods on the whole operation. You analyze their true threat, intentions, and any damage already done. THEN you arrest, jail, prosecute or deport, and seek to undo the damage. Or, perhaps you infiltrate their organization and find other ways to take advantage, such as passing along disinformation. I think a proper counterintelligence response is exactly what the Israelis wished.

The real spying had already been done well before we were looking their way. They had already entered the United States several years earlier, and had been spying undetected -- on their true target of interest, since 1997. Evidence is that their target was al Qaeda terrorists known to the Israelis to have entered the US with the blessings (a blind eye) of the US intelligence community and military, as revealed in the time line time and again. This is confirmed by German intelligence as reported in Der Spiegle -- the Germans aware of Israeli operations in the US a full year before they deliberately tipped their hands to DEA and friends. I think the Israelis were rightly curious why the US would allow so many terrorists into the country in a way that was literally helpful -- and obvious (in my opinion) to even the terrorists... which would also make the Israelis curious to find out why the terrorists would willingly enter the US knowing they were literally within the jaws of the lionís mouth opened wide. Just how was it that the terrorists knew they would be safe?

Thus, the Israelis followed and observed, themselves undetected for years -- because they wanted it that way and took appropriate care to insure it. And what did they find while in a true stealthy spy mode?  Neither media nor the US intelligence community seems to have raised this question.  But you can bet that the intelligence community had not only raised it once aware of their presence, but took steps to answer it -- per the proper counterintelligence response. Yet in this matter, the appearance is that the spies were simply rounded up and deported, their only crime being the spying already cited against intelligence and law enforcement. Why, it is almost as if government does not us to know what the spies had been doing all those years before getting so clumsy. Thus, the next question.

What did the spies uncover that caused them to want to be caught?
        And you've just had some kind of mushroom...

It makes no sense -- that a spy ring would work quietly for years and then, suddenly, do things guaranteed to get them caught. But imagine this: what if they discovered a plot that implied treasonous alliances between the terrorists and the US military industrial establishment and intelligence community?  As a nation, Israel has an interest in seeing that terrorism does not flourish either at home or abroad, and thus, would want to thwart its every effort. But also, as an ally and a nation of general moral standing, they would find abhorrent the notion of US-terrorist friendships and wish to stop it on that basis. Yet, simply handing over what they uncovered would be risky. Since our very government was implicated, they would not know who to trust -- and in fact, might need devise some test to see how high up within the intelligence and military communities... and the civilian branches of government... such treason actually ran.

Getting caught was the answer, and I can make a good case for it, if you will bear with me. The evidence more than suggests the Israelis did indeed find a consistent theme in their early efforts: the terrorists underwent training which invariably involved the US military and intelligence communities. That is documented in the treason time line. And, it would seem, there were likely connections with defense contractors, as well, somewhat visible in the time line. In fact, Iím willing to bet, there was such a curious pattern that the Israelis soon discovered a central theme, one which itself posed yet another mystery. That, in turn, required a significant effort on their part to unravel the clues. It meant traveling to many destinations and investigating many defense contractors involved in the ëconnectioní theme.

The theme? This particular collective of military contractors and military organizations would frequently be tied to the same classified project, one which probably did not quite make sense to the Israeli with respect to the context of terrorism. Like any self respecting spy ring, they expanded their efforts to learn as much as possible about the classified project that they might learn the ties and meaning. And the really great thing about the intelligence game is... that there is this marvelous thing called the intelligence analyst. These people take all the puzzle pieces (uncovered intelligence facts) and project them into possible fits in an attempt to form a true image of what it all means. Not too hard, really -- if you get the right clues.

After the White Terrorist Rabbit
        When logic and proportion have fallen softly dead

And here they are:  Terrorists working hand in hand with the military industrial complex and intelligence community; a common secret project which revolves around remote controlled aircraft; known terrorist plans to include hijacking of aircraft for use as weapons of mass destruction; knowledge that what Israeli intelligence knows about those plans; the typically un-Islamic behaviors of the alleged hijackers who are supposedly undertaking their terrorism on deeply religious grounds as much as political; that the US intelligence community also knows these things but seems uninterested in the terrorists; and knowing about Operation Northwoods, a Department of Defense plan to commit acts of terrorism against US citizens and targets and put the blame on someone else in order to justify going to war with them. The Reichstag fire all over again.

Their likely conclusion? The same as mine: There was a plot afoot to stage an act of terrorism involving hijacked airlines remotely piloted into select targets. I know. It sounds fantastic. But we will see the evidence pile up -- well beyond that offered elsewhere, to date. Well beyond. Smoking gun quality, perhaps. You be the judge.

The evidence lies in three principle paths of exploration. The first path has been taken elsewhere by others before me, and will only be summarized here, in closing. It has to do with just who died in 911, and the mysterious circumstances under which they died. In a potentially related matter, there is also the deaths of five top microbiologists within the space of eight weeks under mysterious circumstances. Three of these were in the US, coincidentally in locations (and at times) where Israeli art students were active. I will add new revelations and more directly to these various deaths (911 and microbiologists to the matter at hand.

The second path has to do with examination of the activities of select of the various key terrorists, who seem to time and time again bump into this same unmanned aircraft project. Within this, as espoused by others and not offered either here or in the time line as of yet, is a significant body of evidence that virtually every one of the alleged 911 hijackers had a double in the country, more than one set of identifications, were in two places at once, and thus, were not likely actually the individuals on the aircraft when the crashed. The terroristís relationships to the defense contractors and their general activities are found in the time line -- work built upon that of others which I hope I have furthered, with brief mentions, here.

But the third path is all my own work, and as far as I am aware, you read it first, here. And that is where we will start. If my hypothesis is correct, the art students wanted a US counterintelligence operation set up against them so that they could lead the counterspies (FBI, et al) to follow along in their earlier footprints. Our side would rightly wonder what the Israelis were up to... what they were learning. The Israelis likely reasoned that once having discovered that through the process of counterintelligence, seeing the same strange questions which had sparked Israeli interest, the FBI would hopefully come to the same conclusions: treason and tyranny were afoot in America, and a great tragedy was about to unfold unless they acted to stop it.

It was a win win situational for the Israelis. If the US responded appropriately, the terrorism would be thwarted, and the US would clean house of a few traitors. On the other hand, if the US did not respond appropriately, they would know that the treason came from very high levels at the Pentagon, and the White House. That is because the FBI reports to the Justice Department which reports directly to the President. Knowledge of higher-level treason would buy them bargaining power -- give them blackmail capabilities to insure US favors for a long time to come. ëI know what you did last summer...í

Thus in belief that to get caught would give them one of these outcomes, they picked principally on DEA, first. They tried to bait their interest by early on establishing ties with known Israeli drug smuggling operations within the US. DEA did bite and did conduct peripheral investigation, but they also sent out interagency bulletins warning of a belief that there was some kind of spying involved. They were more concerned about the spying than the drug connections. Soon, these agencies were comparing notes. One such intercommunication sums up the matter with great detail. Of course, as it turns out, the US did kick the spies out without so much as a twitch regarding terrorists and the defense industry targets. Thus, blackmail wins this time. Here is how it went down.

Too many coincidences to be ignored
        One Pill makes you larger...

And if you are larger, you go high into the airÝ-- like Global Hawk... and like the flights of 911. From the record, we find that the Israeli entered the country as early as 1997, hot on the heels perhaps, of one Ali Mohammed and others frequenting the US in that time frame. We take a look at the cities the Israeli used as travel and residence destinations in the US. We also take note of the cities where the Israeli attempted to get the interest of DEA, et. al. What we find is an amazing set of ëcoincidencesí which just happen to be about as ëcoincidentalí as all of the like coincidences found in the other two paths of exploration which support the greater hypothesis offered here -- and all of these are mutually supportive one of the other.

What we find is that each city involved in the art student histories has something in common. This is where the analyst can really shine, if he is good. So, what do these cities ALL have in common?  Ties to 911 by hook or by crook, or both. The hook is a tie to the activities of one or more terrorists, such as flight training, military training, employment within the defense industry, and so forth -- to include events directly related to 911 itself, in some cases. 

The crook is by the strange ëcoincidenceí that almost all the cities also have something to do with Global Hawk (autonomously piloted aircraft -- no human operator) - the one common theme in ALL THREE investigative paths. (note: since first authoring this piece, it has also come to light that many of the cities involved indeed had 911 terrorists activity, as well as al-Qaeda fronts. This amplifies the point about to be made...)

You want examples? Over 40 cities were involved, and each and every one has some relationship to a Global Hawk facility, project, test, or training exercise. Many of these are very small communities well away from larger cities and what is considered the normal local for hi tech or defense firms. Thus, the counter argument that ëanyí large American city has a good likelihood of harboring a firm related to any given defense contract does not wash. Check out this alphabetical list of bitter pills that make you larger. Also telling is that every military base the art students visited had something key to do with Global Hawk. In all, the Israelis travels put them near or at twelve different military bases doing Global Hawk work. In fact, it appears that all but one military base known to be involved in Global Hawk was on their shopping list -- there being thirteen bases readily identified as so involved.9

Color coding (bold text):  Black = City and Global Hawk Firms, Blue = Military and Government, Red = Suspicious Groups and Persons

Albuquerque - nearby Sandia National Laboratory was involved in Global Hawk radar systems work

Baltimore - Grumman Electronic Sensors and Systems work on Global Hawk there; 911 hijacker Ziad Jarrah got a traffic ticket there in the same time frame as the art students; money from the wife of Saudi Prince Bandar, Saudi Ambassador to the US, was traced there on its way to al Qaeda.

Baton Rouge - Honeywell has a facility in nearby Geismar, La, but there is no information readily available on what is done, there

Burlington Mass - Alphatech was involved in Global Hawk radar work here; Raytheon and two subcontractors, Coltech in nearby Methuen, and Carlo Gavazzi, Inc. in Brockton, all worked on J-STARS, a key component in Global Hawk communications and flight operations; Hanscom AFB, where J-STARS operations are headquartered, is also nearby; MITRE, a cross between a defense contractor and an intelligence community think tank, operating in the area, is working on ISRIS, which gives Global Hawk the ability to be operated from a Web browser

Chattanooga - Arnold AFB is there, where the Arnold Engineering Development Center conducted research work for Global Hawk

Chicago - Headquarters of Boeing Aircraft, into which Global Hawk would need be installed (Boeing 757 and 767s); also the headquarters of United Airlines; and a United Airlines Regional Maintenance facility where avionics upgrades may have been useful for the installation of Global Hawk

Cincinnati/Wright Patterson AFB - WP AFB is within commute range of Cincinnati, Columbus, and Indianapolis, a Global Hawk research facility was at the base, one of five considered as home base for Global Hawk; an American Airlines Regional Maintenance facility is located at Indianapolis, where avionics upgrades may have been useful for the installation of Global Hawk; Rockwell Collins (Honeywell) works on J-STARS, there, a key component in Global Hawk communications and control; Raytheon itself operates a Global Hawk site a couple of hours away in Ft. Wayne. It is especially telling that the art students actually entered the AF base

Colorado Springs - home to NORAD, who would need give the hijacked planes a clear shot at their targets by insuring no fighter interceptors would be available on a timely basis; and Pathfinder Technology, a company involved in Global Hawk radar systems is also there; Schriever AFB, operates a backup NOAA Satellite Operations Control Center, there, likely a key contributor to actual Global Hawk operation (it communicates to/from and is directed by various types of satellites in flight.)

Columbus, Ga -- Robins AFB, where aircraft used in J-STARS research and development operated from, J-STARS being a critical component of the command and communications portion of Global Hawka; there was a 1999 fake terrorist anthrax related incident in Columbus at the post office adjacent to Ft. Benning in the time frame when the art students were there.

Dallas/Ft. Worth - Vought Aircraft produces Global Hawk wings; Northrup Grummanís Integrated Systems HQ is located there, too -- Northrup assuming Global Hawk from Raytheon; American Airlines headquarters is there (so both 911 airline HQs are in the same city as a key Global Hawk contractorís HQs and Boeing HQ); American Airlines Regional Maintenance facility is also there, where avionics upgrades may have been useful for the installation of Global Hawk, and thus, each airline has a maintenance facility and their own HQ in or near a Global Hawk prime contractor location and their HQ. This might be a deciding or critical factor in choosing the airlines to be targeted; in the time frame the art students were there, public disclosure reveals dozens of al Queda terrorist cells and funding charities are located in Dallas. Shortly after 911, there is a raid on a local Internet Service Provider hosing over 500 Islamic Web sites - one of these, The Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development is represented legally by a firm with close ties to the Bush White House, Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld; A grade school student there expressed prior knowledge of 911 events the day before

Denver  - Joint FAA/USAF study on Global Hawk was conducted here

Edgewater, Jersey City, and Newark -- Kearfott Guidance and Navigation is a Northrup Grumman subcontractor providing the critical GPS and inertial guidance systems for Global Hawk - located within easy commute of all three New Jersey locations; additional Global Hawk subcontractors in the nearby area: Datametrics Corporation in Florham Park; Telephonics Corporation in Huntington, NY; Orbit International Corporation in Hauppauge, NY.; 911 hijackers, including Nawaf Alhazmi and Hani Hanjour, are living in this area at the same time the art students are in the US., along with al Qaeda susptects, Ayub Khan and Mohammed Azmath; Diaa Mohsen and Mohammed R. Malik, working for Pakistani ISI, are also in the area at this time; Two local area grade school students attending different schools expressed foreknowledge of 911 events the day before


USAF photos of Global Hawk  (plus background image)

Garland, T x - home to C3I, a company involved in Global Hawk radar; A Garland grade school student expressed foreknowledge of the 911 attacks the day before.
Houston - Raytheon Aircraft Service facility where Global Hawk could be installed into aircraft as part of normal maintenance or avionic upgrade

Kansas City, Mo - Joint FAA/USAF study on Global Hawk was conducted there

Las Vegas - Global Hawk test flights took place regularly at Indian Springs Test Grounds North of Vegas; 911 hijackers Mohamed Atta, Alshehhi, Nawaf Alhazmi, Ziad Jarrah, Khalid Almihdhar and Hani Hanjour visit Las Vegas to gamble, drink, and have prostitutes in the same time frame as this testing, the same time frame as the art students are in the US.

Los Angeles/El Segundo/Studio City/Duarte/Encino - Raytheon Electronic Systems, HQ for Global Hawk project development; Joint FAA/USAF study on Global Hawk conducted there; American Airlines Regional Maintenance facility there; near to Raytheonís El Segundo HQ for Global Hawk; plus Global Hawk subcontractors in the area: Litton Guidance & Control Systems in Woodland Hills; Phoenix International in Orange; Interstate Electronics Corporation in Anaheim; 911 hijakcers Nawaf Alhazmi and Khalid Almihdhar are there in the same time frame as the Israeli Students; Ali Mohamed, CIA/Military Intelligence Double Agent is there in 1989 trying to get a job for a local defense contractor (unspecified, but logic dictates it was Raytheon or a subsidiary.)

Louisville/Lexington, Ky - the Blue Grass Army Depot in conjunction with Raytheon/E-Systems (CIA enmeshed proprietary) operates a Special Forces support unit there to modify aircraft for special missions; the headquarters for Jackson Stephens (associated with NSA, Bush, goes bump in the night in almost every American tragedy since JFK) is there. This would have been a good place to modify test aircraft, perhaps the one flown by Mohammed Atta into Miami International Airport and abandoned on the taxiway when the engine stalled out.

Miami/Ft. Lauderdale/Plantation/Cape Coral/Tamarac/Sunny Isles Beach, Fl - 911 Hijacker Mohamed Atta landed a small plane here and mysteriously abandoned it on the taxiway, blocking commercial flights. Miami was the airport used to test CPDLC technology, a part of the communications and control capabilities of Global Hawk, raising the possibility that Attah was flying a Global Hawk modified aircraft in a simulated hands-off mission to prove its workability to his personal satisfaction. Miami (and New York) were the principle ports of entry for virtually all hijackers and art students. Plantation, Fl, is the home of a large complex of CIA proprietaries established since the 1960s, involving a large number of mission profiles to include development of high-tech devices and communications systems, and mission training; microbiologist Benito Que was murdered in the parking lot at his Miami place of employment by four men with baseball bats. Also located in the area were a number of condominiums tracked to the Saudi Royal Family and other Arabic elites, all of whom were present in Florida just miles from President Bush on 911. It is known that Mohammed Atta and other of the terrorist training at the Venice flight schools also frequently visited this area, and made phone calls to it; large numbers of al Qaeda terrorists use Miami as their port of entry and make the greater Miami area their staging area in the same time frame as the Israeli art students are in the US.

Minneapolis - General Dynamics Information Systems in adjacent Bloomington is a Global Hawk subcontractor; suspected hijacker Zacarias Moussaoui takes Pan Am International Flight School lessons on 747 Simulator, there at the same time Israeli art students are in the country

Melbourne Fl - Northrup Grumman Integrated Systems worked on Global HawkDigital Equipment Corp is a Global Hawk subcontractor

Memphis, Tn - Raytheon facilities there are not known to be associated with Global Hawk, but nearby Federal Express has been conducting research into unmanned cargo planes - much of the Federal Express fleet based on Boeing passenger jets; a Federal Expess worker tries to crash a company plane into an office building in Memphis in 1994; Microbiologist Don C. Wiley 'suicided' despite clues to the contrary, there

Montgomery, Al - Maxwell AFB, where Global Hawk war games and practice missions were conducted, all at a time when 911 hijacker and ëpilotí Mohamed Atta attended the school where the war games were conducted, and when the art students were in the US. It is extremely significant that the art students visited the air force bases

Oklahoma City/Tinker AFB  - Joint FAA/USAF research on Global Hawk took place in OK City; Tinker AFB is a Global Hawk research center, the base being one of five considered as Global Hawk home base. It is significant that the art students actually visited the base; several 911 hijackers and other suspect al Qaeda members take flying lessons from local schools outside of town while the Isreali art students are in the country.

Orlando, Fl - Lockheed Martin conducted Global Hawk radar tests, there; several groups of al 911 hijackers and other suspect al Qaeda members make this their staging area

Palmdale CA - Northrup Grummanís assembly plant #42 for Global Hawk is there, and it was from there that the Global Hawk was taken to nearby Edwards AFB for flight testing (flown to Australia and back); Edwards AFB is one of the five home bases proposed for Global Hawk

Richmond, Va - McGuire AFBís 514th Combat Support Group worked with Global Hawk during Enduring Freedom - Global Hawkís first transoceanic flight was controlled from a trailer at Ft. Bragg and, alternately, a trailer at an undisclosed Virginia location (I argue this would logically be a CIA operation), and, later, a Navy warship docked in the Norfolk Naval Air Station. The mission was flown from Elgin AFB in Florida to Portugal in May of 2000. It is important to note that CIA/Military Intelligence double agent ëterroristí Ali Mohamed frequented Ft. Bragg earlier, (while the art students were also in the US) and was also at Maxwell AFB when special training and exercises involving Global Hawk were underway -- also while art students were in US.

Sacramento/Oakland/San Francisco/Palo Alto/Fresno - Joint FAA/USAF research on Global Hawk took place here; Beale AFB  is an easy commute, where Global Hawk research was done, the winning base of five proposed Global Hawk home bases; United Airlines operates a maintenance facility in both S.F. and Oakland, where avionics upgrades may have been useful for the installation of Global Hawk

Salt Lake City - L3 Communications works on Global Hawk radar systems there

San Antonio - Boeing operates a ìmilitary aerospace maintenance and modificationî facility there, and Northrup Grummanís Information Technology Division is there

San Diego - This is Global Hawk Central: Ryan Aeronautical - Original developer of Global Hawk, bought by Raytheon, is in El Segundo, and was THE primary Global Hawk facility; Corporate Computer Centers located there build the computer system required for communications with Global Hawk, Northrup Grumman assumed Global Hawk from Raytheon and their primary facility is also there, now; Orincon works on Global Hawk radar; Cubic Defense Systems worked on J-STARS, a key component in Global Hawk communications and flight operations; Teledyne Ryan does Global Hawk work there on radio telemetry; then there is the grandaddy of all CIA/military intelligence research/think tank/businesses, S.A.I.C., which is a Global Hawk contractor located there. SAIC has been at the heart of many a strange bump in the political night, and has a Board of Directors that looks like a Pentagon/Langley old boyís club; 911 hijackers Nawaf Alhazmi and Khalid Almihdhar are there in the same time frame as the Isreali art students, and known to frequent strip clubs; Amr Elgindy who lived there and had a murky relationship with FBI would subsequently sell short $300K in stock in time to avoid the 911 stock crash

Scottsdale, Az - Motorola Government Electronics Group is there, working on J-STAR, which is part and parcel of Global Hawk multi platform communications capabilities - a key element in Global Hawk flight operations

Seattle - Boeing Aircraftís old headquarters and factory site for 757 and 767 aircraft, competitive Global Hawk research and development done there, as well as overhaul service to all major airlines, including American and United; Seattle is a secondary port of entry for both terrorists and the Israeli spies

Springfield, Mo - Interconnect Technologies, a Raytheon operation is located there (however, there are no clear ties to Global Hawk as of this date)

St. Louis, Mo (Ladeu) - Northrop Grumman and McDonald Douglas both located there do work on Global Hawk; Boeing works on something called IULS, there, which is technology useful to modification of avionics software without detection (see Global Hawk Tech in Review)

Tampa/Ft. Myers/MacDill AFB - foremost is that these communities virtually surround the Venice, Fl. flight training schools set up by CIA through Iran/Contra assets and used by Mohammed Attah and other terrorists - it being just as telling that the Israeli art students were here at the same time; Central Command for the Afghanistan war was located at MacDill AFB, which launched first transoceanic flight of Global Hawk (test) as well as Global Hawk missions in the war;  A young teenaged boy enamored with Osama bin Laden crashes a private plane into a tall bank, blamed on Acne medication, but a blood test revealed no such medication in his blood stream -- and his family has ties to the Mafia, CIA, and is Islamic; home of the Islamic college professor arrested in Feb 2003 for aiding Islamic fundamentalist organizations funding Osama bin Laden; It is particularly significant that the Israeli art students entered the air base

Topeka - A short drive to Raytheon aircraft storage and salvage facility not known to be associated with Global Hawk at this time. However, CIA likes to use aircraft storage facilities as bases for clandestine operations, and frequently involves military contractors in proprietaries

Tulsa - Aeromet is a Global Hawk subcontractor for sensors; Copeland Mfg. Corp provides flight control systems for Global Hawk -- their CEO on Feb 14th 2001 pled guilty to charges of false statements to US Government on Global Hawk contract -- the time frame when the art students provided information on their travels to the Tulsa area to US authorities. Could the prosecution have been to silence the CEO on any possible disclosure involving Global Hawk and 911?

Tuscon - Raytheon Missile Systems test involving Global Hawk conducted from here involving almost every major subcontractor and a few minor ones. This was the first tactical application of Global Hawk in a combat scenario as a spy plane capable of target information relay; alleged 911 hijacker Hani Hanjour takes english lessons here in 1990, but likely left the area before the Israeli art students arrived; Osama bin Laden purchases a  surpluss military jet cargo plane from somewhere near here in 1993

Washington, DC. - there are nearly a half-dozen firms working on Global Hawk in the D.C. area; CIAís Langley is in the area;  the Suitland, Md, NOAA Satellite Operations Control Center is in the area, a likely key contributor to Global Hawk operation (it communicates to/from and is directed by various types of satellites in flight); microbiologist Robert M. Schwartz was murdered near his home at nearby Leesberg, involving Satanic rites

Wichita, Ks - There is a Boeing Aircraft Maintenance and Modification Center directly adjacent to the McConnell AFB. Wichita is home to Raytheon, Boeing, and LearJet, all of which play a role in this presentation on Global Hawk

Frankfurt, Germany - included because while the art students were in Frankfurt, German Intelligence was warning the US about al Qaeda plans to hijack US civilian jets; Frankfurt was a virtual hub of al Qaeda activity in this time frame, nearly every major 911 hijacker having either visiting, passing through, or contacting someone here in the time leading up to 911

Toronto, Canada - included because while the art students were in Toronto, several of the alleged 911 hijackers and other al Qaeda members were in Toronto - and a US Naval Intelligence Officer was in the Toronto jail in this time frame, subsequently predicting in writing some of the events of 911, and fearing for his life as the US tried to extradite him on credit card fraud charges -- for using his own card

Sydney, Australia - included because one of the art students was in Sydney when the Global Hawk was undergoing flight testing, there - a very telling situation.

The victims of 911 call out for justice.
        And One pill makes you small...