Harley Swiftdeer Reagan
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[Harley SwiftDeer Reagan is of Cherokee and Irish decent.  In a workshop over 10 years ago, in the UK, he demonstrated moving The Assemblage PointJon Whale, who was there, then went on to research the subject and write it up in his book Catalyst of Power.  Swiftdeer was an apprentice to Don Genaro.]

An Interview with Harley Swiftdeer Reagan, by Richard Peacock
Harley Swiftdeer Reagan by Heather Campbell (Moon Owl )

Deer Tribe Medicine Society

[1987] Harley Swiftdeer Reagan By Moon Owl

[1986] Sacred Wheel Teachings and Self-Development Techniques by Swiftdeer

“We come into relationships to mirror and reflect for one another.  We are tools for each others growth and the more we can truly know this, the faster the movement. There is no need for judgment of a particular relationship as right or wrong. Each relationship is merely the mirroring we need at a particular time for our highest good.”—Swiftdeer.


The STATIC ASSEMBLAGE POINT is a focal point of energy within the aura whose function is to govern how we perceive our reality. In a sense, it is like a particular station on the radio or television. Its position in the aura determines how we perceive reality. As it moves along its pathway, along the eleven resonant points of the Red Road, our perception of reality changes. When it is positioned in the right chest area, our perception remains narrow and separate. When it is situated in the central chakra line, however, we begin to develop our psychic gifts. When it is centered in the navel, we are open and enlightened, able to perceive our oneness with the Everything and we feel our unconditional love for everyone. From this position we can assemble any reality.
    Before we are born, all three Assemblage Points are located in the navel. We are in a place of harmony and alignment with the universe and we know our oneness with the Everything. At our first breath, the SAP moves up the chakra line and situates itself in a predetermined position somewhere in the right chest area within what is known as the Circle of Influence. In fact, this position is determined by each of us before our birth. It is the position that enables us to perceive reality in a way best suited for the specific growth and experiences we need from this particular lifetime. Within this Circle of Influence the SAP is known as the Stationary Assemblage Point.
    Over the next three years, the SAP moves to the Station which holds our karmic learning. This position can be shifted. In fact, it is desirable to shift our SAP to the center line and back down towards the navel. It can be temporarily shifted in this direction by crystal shifting, high level orgasm, chanting, songs of power, meditation and ceremony.
    When we work with certain teacher plants it will shift diagonally (the Yellow Road). Extreme fear, terror and psychosis will shift it straight down the right side (the Blue Road). This shift (straight down) will cause a distorted view of reality. For example, in catatonic schizophrenia, the SAP is usually shifted down the right side below the heart chakra line. This condition can be improved if the SAP is shifted back to its original resting position. When under severe stress, the SAP may also start to move straight down, but we can learn to use our will and breath to alter the direction of the movement towards the center and then down. If the SAP moves straight down the Blue Road past the navel, death will occur instantly.
    There is a gradual long-term movement of the SAP's resting position during life (i.e. towards the center and then down) as a result of spiritual growth and development and an increase in our overall energy. This is what is referred to as walking the good Red Road of life. The more enlightened and in balance and harmony we become, the more the SAP will become positioned towards the center chakra line and then down towards the navel again. Obviously, frequent temporary shifts through crystal shifting, orgasm, ceremony, etc., will facilitate the more long-term movement and repositioning.
    If a shift of one inch or more is maintained for at least a year, this will become the new resting position of the SAP. If this is maintained for at least three years, the SAP will never go back to its earlier resting position.
    The more advanced Sweet Medicine SunDance Teachings explain each of the resonant points on the Red, Yellow and Blue Road.