Sychronicity as a Survival Tool

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Carol and I were in town, yesterday, and at lunch she was looking at the sky and said, 'I wish I could write better because there's something I'm supposed to tell about.'

I asked her what it was about and she said, 'Something over there [indicating the sky over the nearest mountain] urged me to talk to people about the importance of sychronicity, right now.'

She and I have both been feeling a special urge to pay attention to government moves toward martial law, especially since they've failed to terrorize the populace over the past seven years, since they blew up the World Trade Center and tried to pin it on Muslims.  This puts them in a peculiar 'put up or shut up' position, especially since they created an entirely new branch of government, the shady Homeland Security Administration, to 'handle the internal war on terror.'

Really, if it weren't for the internet they'd probably have succeeded with their genocide and enslavement plans, long before now.  If it weren't for the internet most of us would never have heard of orgonite, either.  The What To Think Network still studiously ignores it, after all, even though many millions of people have read about it.  When we moved to Florida and before the HAARPies threw Wilma at us our landlady had heard about orgonite cloudbusters, though she didn't connect our name to it.  She's a pretty typical Floridian and when we mentioned the cloudbusters and why we came to Florida, she said, 'I heard about those, but do they really work?'

I think that the reason 'Croft' is often not mentioned is because the search engines favor our detractors and the rest of the fakers but I've never complained about that becuase relative obscurity is a precious protection during the expansion of this unorganized movement.  Meanwhile, genuine people will continue to find their way through the little maze of fakery to find EW and they won't be turned away by the unpleasantness of those sites and forums, nor will they be caught up in those traps.

I'm not a Pollyanna but I don't believe that we're going to have to experience genocide in order to finally achieve maturity and freedom as a species.  I do agree with Carol, though, that the dissolution of the corporate world order will initiate a period of relative chaos.  I trust that the internet will remain funcitonal during that time so that humanity can shift the balance of political and economic power from exposed and discredited national governments to localities in a timely and orderly way as we remain in touch with each other, worldwide. I think that the folks, mostly in Silicon Valley, who arranged and manage the internet have taken steps to ensure this. We know that the entire network is decentralized, after all.

A friend in Canada is very concerned that, pretty soon, 'everyone who is in debt but has become unemployed will be rounded up for labor camps.'  I mentioned to Carol that this would be unfeasible in America because of a well-armed populace, along with the 'enforcement deficit,' and probably even less likely in Mexico, in spite of their relatively brutal and draconian federal laws. When I was travelling in Southern Mexico in '95 the government couldn't afford to arm or even clothe the federal cops whom I encountered.  These frustrated cops only had 'police' teeshirts and nightsticks and their main job seemed to be to slow the tide of refugees from Central America, through Mexico to the USA.

Most of the Canadians live along one highway, just north of the US border and most of them gave up their guns in the '90s.  The population is sparse enough and perhaps terrorized enough that if a few Russian or Chinese soldiers showed up to escort them to labor camps in coming days, maybe they wouldn't resist at all.  Nearly everyone is in debt, of course, so if the economy hiccups and people don't get paychecks for awhile they're technically in default, though of course all that fiat money we borrowed from the world order isn't really worth anything Cool

I think that the reason the Russians and Chinese won't likely try that in the US is because they don't want to get shot, now that we've disabled perhaps millions of new death towers.  We believe the primary functio,  of those towers was to have been aids to overt tyranny, disabliing the armed populace so that relatively few soldiers could round us up.  We also sttill believe that the chemtrails were supposed to have decimated the population enough to make the soldiers' jobs easier. In other words, the goal was apparently to make America and Europe's population density about the same as Canada's and Australia's.

If the Russians learned any lessons in Afghanistan and Chechnya they know that their chances of success, invading armed America without those death towers to assist them, would be laughable and the Chinese haven't invaded a country since 1958.  

I think the Chinese army are even too shy to invade Zimbabwe, which they now own outright.  The People's Army (yeah, the average Chinese had apparently believed the army was his friend) lost the cordial support of the Chinese populace the day that they slaughtered all those kids in Tiananmen Square, so invading other countries is probably not a viable option on that account.  The Baby-Boomers'  NationalSocialist grandparents and their Depression Babies thought it was well  worthwhile to sacrifice their firstborns for Corporate America when they invaded Germany and Japan, then Vietnam, but those days are long gone, thankfully.  The only man younger than 80 that I personally know who supports this open fascist regime is a drunkard in his 30s. If I ever see him sober I'm going to tell him that he's a bonehead and that the feds obviously blew up the World Trade Center, so wake up!

Anyway, Carol hopes to convince people to pay more and more attention to synchronicity because, as the entity apparently urged her to say, the only way we'll be guided and protected through the coming temporary mayhem is by taking our cues from now on and faithfully acting on them.  This is how The Operators always run the show, through 3D people,  and keep us safe.  If you've done any substantive gifting you certainly know what synchronicity feels like and the more we do that, the easier it gets.

I think it's going to be fun to see how it all unfolds and to do the up-tempo dance to continue to avoid the felonious feds' snares.  The tables will turn quickly and decisively on parasitic, corporate tyranny as soon as the PJ folks see what's really been happening but they won't likely stop supporting these clever parasites until they feel personally threatened by them, for instance by an open national declaration of martial law and perhaps the threat of corporate labor camps.

I personally believe that these mostly-Europoid sleepyheads are going to wake up without shooting everyone in sight and plundering the local Piggly Wiggly (that's a supermarket chain throughout the American South--I'm not kidding).

A gifter in Montana who was a 'personal sovereignty' survivor of the murderous criminal (literally) court system told us, years ago, that all the cops in his area carry a change of civilian clothing in their patrol cars in case martial law is declared so that they can quickly desert and 'blend in' if called to enforce it.  I reckon that the thug cops who shave their heads to look more menacing also carry wigs Cool


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Carol and I started using this survival tool in earnest seven years ago, when the fascist feds got mad at us about the new orgonite cloudbuster. At the time, we were living on the road because several months earlier the feds started going after zapper makers and even imprisoned our main competitor (he played by their rules--'nuff said?).  We took our biz on the road for a year, then, until the feds backed away from that foolish agenda and in the middle of that year we invented the orgonite coudbuster and started using it.  Is that a good working example of taking one's cues?

It's awfully nice to have a portable business but please note that it took several years to set that up by following through on hunches.