Sylph In Action

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31 July 2008
(Don:) The easy way to tell the difference between a chemtrail and a contrail is to compare the observed relative sizes of the planes:  chemtrails are spewed from 12,000 to 20,000 ft altitude, so you can see the planes easily with the naked eye; contrails are generallyt much higher and the planes are much harder to see--pretty simple, convincing distinction but good luck getting the frenetic Chicken Litttle chumps to settle down and think rationally about this stuff  

Many have noticed the 'war' between the Sylphs and the chemtrail-clouds/whiteouts, though of course there's no contest.   The Sylphs seem to consume that stuff and spin it into their own lovely garments. It's fun to watch and iit happens fast enough that we can see it happening.

These pictures I took the day before yesterday, within 20 minutes. An illustration to Don's words, maybe.

Sylph "eating" faint chemsoup, making a blue hole in it. You can see the edge of the blue hole and the chemsoup sky near the left chimney.

If you thought "war" is too big a word....there's the white spewing plane coming in from the south-west.

This is the plane.

This is the plane even sound at all!!..... four motor's and a lot of extra pipes.

Plane hit the Sylph in the middle ....I helped the Sylph by boosting the plane. The chemtrail already dissolved, it seems, except for the piece in the middle.

Sylph drifted over our house, leaving the blue hole as it's "bite-mark" to see.