Sylphs as Angels

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Carol has quietly maintained that Sylphs are angels.  I've always put her claim in the 'wait and see' file until a couple of days ago, when I read an email from Francie, the  new (to us) psychic in Massachusetts.  It's funny how you can listen to the same story for years but it only makes sense, much later.

If Sylphs are angels and are giving us observable signs of their presence on a regular basis that would qualify as evidence that humanity has reached a new stage of development.  Anyone can see them, I think, even perhaps the people who were unable to see chemtrails until very recently.

I asked Francie to post about her 'initiation' experience but she'll decide whether it's appropriate, but it involved an angel and elementals.

One of the alpha-female Theosophists in our area, whom Carol has known for a lot of years, claims to be an expert on the subject of angels.  She had hosted Danion Brikley, seven years ago, which is why I wasn't keen to go to Danion's lecture but Danion makes fun of newagers, so I'm glad I went and met him Cool .  The pained look on this controlling gal's face during his lecture was pretty gratifying, too.

 Carol, who has always been a lot more tolerant of Theosophy proselytizers than I am, went to one of her weekend newage angel workshops, long ago, and was disappointed that she didn't see any angels or evidence of angels during the course of the weekend, even during the guided meditations.  After she got home, she asked for a sign of angels' existence and she was apparently visited by one and experienced exquisite, powerful love from the entity.

She's always said that this is exactly what she feels from the Sylphs.

Both Carol and Francie mentioned seeing wings.  The rational mind suggests that birds have gargantuan pectoral muscles that make it possible for them to use their wings to fly.  A humanoid with wings would have pectoral muscles the size of  barrels, even if the wing appendages were adapted arms and hands, as birds' and bats' are.  Etheric entities don't depend on 3D propulsion technology, of course, so I've assumed that the wings are more symbolic, just like Al Bielek's assigning of the name, 'Wingmakers,' to The Operators who apparently travel through time to help us prevent humanity from turning into a species of witless slobs in coming centuries.  The significance of 'wings' is certainly not lost on me, especially since I've always craved to fly up from my confinement to the earth.

I've only ever experienced etheric entities who are formless, in my perception, but I've always suspected that people who clearly see fairies and angels as 'traditional' images are given or are assigning these image impressions mainly because it's easier for most people to accept the images than to see them as balls or other shapes of energy fields in various colors. I've only ever seen elementals as shimmery fields, like heat distortion of distant objects on a hot day. Of course, the shimmers affect objects nearby and it's happened for me on cold as well as on hot days. It's happened rarely, by the way Wink

Also, the power of suggestion, even to ourselves, can be pretty daunting.  When the grandmother of Carol's former husband had died, for instance, she showed up as a young woman right after that. Carol said that period of the woman's life was her happiest, so she chose that countenance for her afterlife. I think I'm going to show up as an old man after I die because I get happier every year.

When Carol went to Hawaii the first time, she saw dark little entities with tall yellow hats, which she later identified as identical to the tall, yellow ceremonial hats that Hawaiian kings used to wear.  I mention this because it seems to me that  Carol was not conditioned to see them that way simply because she'd never learned about these.  

When she showed the entities to her travelling companion, Linda, who also sees this stuff, she said, 'Oh, those are the Menehune--local elementals.'

She and I heard the elementals crashing through the bush on South Andros Island in the Bahamas, when we were giifting the blue holes there.  They sounded to me like running horses but the bush on S Andros is so thick and tangled that you can't even walk through it. She said they looked just like the locals depict them. I forgot what they're called but Carol said the orgonite made them very happy and pleasant.  They were very unhappy, before, because the locals dislike and fear them.  

She told me that on her first visit to Hawaii she also saw Pele, whom she said is an extremely large elemental guardian of the volcanoes on Hawaii. Enough of the locals still love Pele, apparently, that the entity was happy.    On her next visit, she took some special orgonite (she put in some very specific stones but I don't recall what they were) to Pele at Kilauea's crater, which is where she told me Pele likes to hang out. I think that people who translate ethnic names for important earth entities as 'gods' often miss the point on account of their lack of understanding education or because they're arrogant clergy jerks.

I learned, when we first started working together, that some of what my wife tells me rather challenges my worldview at times.  One of the reasons I've always trusted her impressions, though, is that she couldn't care less if anyone believes her and she's more inclined to keep her mouth shut than to say something that others might disagree with.  She deplores confrontation and when someone disrespects her I usually feel obliged to stick up for her because she'll usually just clam up.  The only time she doesn't shrink from confrontation is when she's head to head with the $#!+birds of the corporate world order, both etherically and in 3D.  She's formidable, then Cool

A year ago, when we were visiting Stevo and Dooney to discuss our apparent discovery of a new (certainly to us) and powerful etheric entity who was trying to teach us something essential to our development by tormenting us from time to time Wink ,  the subject of angels came up.  I think it might have been my footdragging that kept that discussion from leading anywhere, though I did try to stay out of the way on account of my lack of psi vision.  Maybe we got the lesson, anyway, because the odd tormenting stopped after that, I think.

Carol always told me that the Sylphs are not elementals.  Elementals, after all, are certainly capable of feeling and expressing love and gratitude but they're not concerned about right and wrong, which is probably why the corporate world order makes a habit of exploiting and even weaponizing them.  The Sylphs, on the other hand, seem to reach out to our hearts and to encourage us to demonstrate more and more positive activity on behalf of our planet's and our own  healing.  Carol and I have even experienced their presence on the ground, so they're certainly not confined to the upper atmosphere, as sky elementals might be.

She told me that some of the smaller Sylph-like formations are made by happy sky elementals, though.

It's funny that the subject of Findhorn came up in Dooney's latest chat session because that place was or still is a showcase of how human and elemental cooperation will turn a wasteland into a productive garden.  I think we'll be hearing more about Findhorn in coming months and maybe we can tie Ogilvie's (?) accomplishments at Findhorn in with our own observations of orgonite's easy ability to make the land more productive.


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Post Re: Sylphs as Angels 
I just had a dream this morning relating to the post and I'm going to write it down before I forget it:

Carol and I had been abducted (I think the PJ folks call it, 'arrested') by feds in suits who took us to one of their houses and started beating us up.  Remember I'm telling you about a dream, okay? Wink

They obviously didn't intend to mark us with the beating, which was kind of short.  The boss freak took me to an open window in an adjacent room and told me, 'You have to stop posting about stuff like zappers or we're going to make the second half of your life more rotten than the first half. You can talk about angels all you want but you better stop talking about zappers.'  He held one of our zappers with the lid removed.

Beiing me, and since I had the feeling he knew something, I engaged him in conversation while watching his face. I made a mental note in the dream to remember that face.

I'd never been threatened like that, before, and when the ruinous feds had imprisoned our only other American competitor in 2000, Carol and I took our biz on the road in case we were next.   I think that they never imprisoned Hulda Clark because her discouraging and confusing protocols do more to inhibit the spread of this empowering technology than the medical mafia could ever do by targetting people like us.   We had a sense that these corporate government  thugs prefer non-moving cooperative targets like our competitor, who actually tried to defend himself in that kangaroo federal court, poor guy.  That was NOT a dream. 'My people perish for lack of knowledge' is one of the Old Testament verses that seem to carry a lot of weight, these days.

The timing of the dream might indicate that it was one of those genuine threats implanted by the CIA's psi corps.   They make a lot of housecalls, here, but never when we're home, of course. Ed the cat has been terrorized by them, apparently.  Publicity on the web has apparently made them kind of shy about confronting/accosting us in 3D.

Carol and I were invited to do an interview on stage with David Wolfe's business partner in Los Angeles this weekend and David has stepped up his promotion of our zappers.   We went to Sedona's Raw Spirit Festival in September to meet him and to meet and observe the folks who are listening to him and we were pretty impressed by how genuinely progressive and open-minded these folks are.  The corporate $#!+birds are also apparently impressed because a large part of the crowd were sickened on the last day, apparently by federal agents applying aerosol bioweaponry around the perimeter. Carol had seen some feds, there, but they weren't in a position to be disruptive, socially, because the crowd's awareness was too well developed for that.  She suspects that the feds used some of the rent-a-cops that the festival committee had employed to keep people from parking inappropriately. Sedona is very congested and parking is at a premium.

I asked the Man in Black jerk in my dream, 'Can you tell me why people get so confused about devils and elementals?  Muhammad had clearly said that Iblis is a jinn, which is to say an elemental, and Iblis clearly performs the role of the devil in the Qur'an's accounting.  Christians in the late middle ages in Europe came to believe that this role is taken by Lucifer, who is allegedly a fallen angel.'

Of course he didn't say anything but, as I said, I watched his face and there was a lot of recognition, there.
I've mentioned the Iblis subject in posts, before, and I don't ever want to bore our readers but some of us are trying to figure out  the clergy-manufactured devil myth in terms of how it may relate to real stuff.   Notice that Theosophy emellishes the Lucifer silliness and greatly expands it, even naming their United Nations Publishing Trust after this thing that is no more relevant than the Easter Bunny.  The clergy aspect of theosophy's brain police has never escaped my attention Cool

In the Qur'an, the jinn are described by Muhammad as, 'the people made of clear fire,' who are pre-existent, which is to say that they are not physical and have been around forever.  A lot of Muslims are afraid of the jinn, maybe because they understand that bad people are able to use the jinn/elementals. I've only ever seen them as clear fire, as I mentioned. Muhammad said that when Man was created, God told the jinn to bow down to Man.  All of the jinn did except one, Iblis, who said something like,'How can we bow down to a creature who is only made of clay?  I just can't do it, right now!'  Then God told Iblis,'I'll give you a period of time to adjust to Man, but when the time is up, you'll have to bow down to him,'  Iblis said, 'Okay, but during that time I'm going to do everything I can to tempt them, confuse them up and help them degrade themselves.'  God said, 'Oh, okay.'  I personally believe we're at the end of the appointed time for Iblis' mischief and that the corporate world order tapped into the Iblis energy thousands of years ago, perhaps in the time of Babylon.

I hope you know I'm paraphrasing.  I used to have a really good English translation of the Qur'an.  Rodwell, who was an Arabic scholar at Oxford or Cambridge a century ago,  is considered to be an extraordinary translater and there's one other whose name escapes me.  The rest of them were Anglican missionaries (masons), so their translations are pretty much worthless.  Before the fall of the Ottoman empire (the Brit masons accomplished that, of course) the only way the corporate Brits could get a toehold in the Islamic world was by sending Anglican 'missionaries' to the Sultan's town.  I think that the sultans knew that it was a diplomatic venture, not a religious one.  Trying to convert Muslims to Christianity is just like trying to convert Christians to Judaism--a feeble, token effort at best.

I could mention a literally translated Qur'an that's published in Pakistan but I had one of those and it was unreadable on account of the wide gaps between English and Arabic culture and modes of expression.
The key was for someone from the West to become well versed in Arabic culture/history and proficient in their language, along with having a genuine love for the subject, then the translations were made with love.  As far as I know, the two good translators I mentioned didn't convert to Islam but personal faith is never an institutional function, after all.

Muhammad says that Gabriel gave him knowledge.  His relationship with angels is very different from his discussion about elementals and I don't remember reading or hearing about Qur'an or even Hadith (verbal traditions) references to 'fallen angels.'  Some credible scholars have said that the author, Dante Allighieri, popularized that concept and that there's no basis for it in religious scriptures.  The Book of Genesis that rabbinical colleges study is apparently a huge book, not the small one that we see in the modern Bible.  The accounts in the former are quite unlike some of the key passages in the latter that the more infantile and degrading feaures of Christian ideology, like 'original sin,' are  based on.  I think the bornagain chumps are getting the rug pulled right out from under their shallow belief system, these days, which is probably a good thing since this noisy demographic is what fuels the corporate genocide machine. There are more than a few good Christians in the world, of course, who took Jesus' creative and empowering admonitions and teachings to heart in spite of the clergy's misdirects.  All of the good stuff in our world came through the Prophets, I think.  I love and believe in all of Them.

In my experience, the elementals are capable of loving but they don't particularly care about us; they mainly want the world to operate smoothly because perhaps that's their function, after all.  Seeking harmony with elementals is essential for a good life but seeking their intervention seems to carry a lot of spiritual risk.  Carol and I love to please them with our gifting and we always seek to cooperate with them, because whatever displeases elementals makes human life less pleasant and coordinated Cool .  

I don't doubt that the weather warfare efforts employ elementals along with the corporation's deadly orgone radiation transmitters.  The psychics, for the past six and a half years that we've been having regular chat sessions, have routinely found ritual magic accompanying the world order's more mundane weaponry against humanity and our planet.  Alien, unpleasant species are usually somewhere in the mix, too, of course.

The ecstasy that elementals express to the psychics after an area has been gifted is what I like to focus on, rather than the elementals' apparent lack of volition.  According to some credible people, most of the alienn species we all interact with also lack volition, at least in the way that humans have volition, and some of them even admire us on account of our enhanced accountability, even though they're more advanced than we are in every other way.

I hope you're getting the impression that the subjects I'm touching in this thread are all vast and essentially difficult to comprehend.  If this is the end time, though, we're going to need to put some effort into understanding these new things and we're going to have to check our egos and testosterone at the door if we wish to consult about it Cool

If the corporate, satanic $#!+birds were sending me a substantive warning in the dream, I want them to know that it's duly noted and that I'll be seeking to expose their agenda with even more vigor, now Cool

In a way, these are the good old days.  I say that because after the corporate world order threat is gone, there won't be as many opportunities for rapid spiritual growth through self-sacrifice and service work.