The Symbol of the Enemy

The Symbol of the Enemy - July 23, 2006 12:50

Don Croft
No Subject - July 24, 2006 07:27
We spent most of today's chat session on the Israeli incursion and slaughter in Lebanon.

About halfway through, Carol and Stevo got a clear impression that Mossad has been sending those rockets to kill Israelis in the Haifa area. Mossad started out as a terrorist organization in the 1940s and has remained so--apparently closely allied with the SS, which may explain why the fascism that's practiced in Israel is identical to Hitler's

One of the last things we did today was to go after the three top Mossad officials who were in charge of a roomful of logistics specialists who are arranging to murder Israeli civilians and put the blame on Hezbollah. Hitler succeeded in getting control of Germany by burning the Reichstag and blaming commies; Israelis have sold their souls to Mossad since 1947, which is when the slaughter of Palestinians and the theft of their land began. Before that, Arabs and Jews in Palestine lived together in relative harmony for many centuries and the Jews bought Arab land instead of slaughtering the owners and their families under the banner of a new government in '47.

Before we looked at the real culprits in that invasion, we focused on neutralizing the old motivator of grand-scale human conflict. We've hammered that draconian a few times in the past year before previous attempts at WWIII materialized. I feel really bad that we hadn't been keeping tabs on this ancient parasite, whom upper level Masons worship as 'Baphomet,' and the less sophisticated predators call 'satan.'

We were unable to kill him, which has been par for the course, but we did manage to get his pet symbol onto Dooney's website. CArol had to go to a shop and fax the thing, since we have no land line and hackers were stopping her from sending the scanned image. She called STevo when she got to the fax place and so many feds were listening to the call that the echo effect made it nearly impossible for Carol to understand what STevo was saying. She had a sense of foreboding and when she moved quickly to her car she expected to see a gun. ;-) Two local cop cars came roaring into the little parking lot at that moment.. 'Thin Blue Line' indeed. The feds are obviuosly telling these stupid cops that we're terrorists and it took me a couple of hours to convince a Palm Beach County SWAT team to get off our property last week during a fake training exercise. When they left our yard, they stopped the alleged exercise and we got a lot of really dirty looks from them.

This was a week when a lot of us experienced extraordinary interference and intimidation, including at least four cases of weird animal manifestations in our homes in America and Africa. Not least, we may have narrowly prevented Georg and Axel being precipitously disappeared into President Mugabe's 'one-way' Gulag. On the upside, this was the first case of a national government jailing gifters and, now, the Western governments' sewer rat agencies clearly saw what happened to that plot.

STevo applied the dodecahedron to the old draconian parasite and he and Dooney boosted and monitored that. The old rat obviously was affected but eventually disappeared, which apparently means he escaped. He showed up in the background after we had neutralized (again) the symbol and while we were doing the top three Mossad mass murderers, but he only showed up intermittently, as though he's not able to properly interface with our dimension.

While Carol was getting the image to Dooney we all boosted the thing, then when it was online STevo or Carol directed us to blast through the all-seeing-eye segment of the design. She was seeing past events, looking for the origin of the symbol, and got a partial impression that it was introduced in ancient Babylon. The colors in the symbol gradually faded as we progressed until the thing was lifeless, again. She said that when the sewer rats look into that eye they rather see future events and probabilities in order to help them exploit and manipulate humanity to the max.

Carol's quite sure that if you'll send that image to as many people as you comfortably can, with the caveat that it's not necessary to believe any of this, the exposure of the symbol to more and more human eyes will finish off the symbol's ability to unite the various sewer rat agencies that are instruments of global mayhem and slaughter these days: CIA, MI6, KGB, Mossad, SS, Vril, GReat White Brotherhood, Jesuits, etc.

Jef McKinley had sketched the symbol according to Carol's instructions last winter and she says it's an accurate representation. This is what she scanned for us to send around.

 I'll discuss the components of the symbol, which are in three layers.


Don Croft
No Subject - July 24, 2006 09:05


> Here are some Kiswahili language that you can start with.The aalanguage

> and its meaning

> (1) Dada- Sister

> (2)Ndugu-Brother.

> (3) Habari?-how are you?.

> (4) Rafiki-Friend.

> (5)Kuja- Come.

> (6)Twende-Lets Go.

> (7)Samaki-Fish.

> (8)Maji-Water.

> (9)Nakupenda-I love you.

> (10)Binadamu-Human being.



Finding this symbol, last fall, was a culmination of several years of psychic peeking into the machinery of the old World Odor.  Several good conspiracy journalists have seen evidence that the tyranny that developed in the 20th century throughout the world is an outgrowth of one system but they naturally stopped putting the pieces together when the trails of evidence reached dead ends. The more reputable ones won't speculate very much, which is as it should be for genuine journalists.

The difference with us is that we're not journalists; we're warriors.  Intel gathering is an integral part of what we do together here and, since so much of the infrastructure of the World Odor is still secret, we rely on our psychics to provide the intel, just like the sewer rat agencies all do these days.  If it feels appropriate to you to send this image and report around to others, please do it.  We realize that most people aren't in a position to look at something like this objectively, so just stress that it's not at all necessary to believe what we're saying about it; these are impressions that we chose to act on.

I think the journalists who dug the deepest in to the World Odor's secret hierarchy are the German and Jewish ones who get published by LaRouche.  Twenty years or so ago, THE HITLER BOOK was published by Franklin Press. It's a compendium of works by various research journalists on the phenomenon of Hitler.   Documentation clearly shows that Hitler was only one of the cogs of this vast machine and that the SS, which remains influential today, was independent of the political process in Nazi Germany and is a very old, secret Vril order, symbolized by the twin lightning bolt that you see on Jeff's rendering.

Hitler and the SS didnt' hate just the Jews; they wanted to destroy all of the Christians, too, and Hitler's on record for saying so.  They essentially did destroy all of the Gypsies in several countries, usually on the spot, without the formality of arrest and imprisonment.  When Dr Jung contrived to get nearly all of the war criminals off the hook, most of whom were SS men, the British contrived to move these SS guys into all of the governments of the Islamic countries that were under their control, which accounts for all of the ones that Turkey had formerly controlled; essentially all but Iran.  They  were directed to set up secret police agencies in all of these governments and they nominally converted to Islam and took on Arabic names to do that.  Waffen SS regiments were recruited in several of Germany's occupied countries during Hitler's regime and one regiment was made up of Croation Muslims.  The new flag of Croatia is the one that was adopted during Nazi rule, by the way.

As you probably know, the Homeland Security Administration's symbol is the SS eagle, whose wings appear on the green dragon in this symbol. 

When Carol and I visited the alligator zoo in St Augustine she was fascinated by the albino alligators because they reminded her of the ancient draconian; their skin has a lucid quality that's hard to describe. The draconian is apparently very tall and thin, represented by the snake-like dragon in the symbol. He apparently never comes here; simply extends his image in a near-material form, sort of like how the 'ascended masters' do.  This one apparently predates the Great White Brotherhood though most of that is unclear for now.

Aside from the dragon, we don't see a lot of Chinese symbolism there. The Mogen DAvid obviously predates Judaism and represents the merkaba, among other things.

Zionists are mostly descended from the converts on the Asian Steppes who are Aryans. 'Aryan' is the ancient name which more recently turned into 'Iran,' of course.

I felt especially compelled to take the psychics' description of the symbol seriously, last year, because I'd spent so much time studying conspiracy literature since the mid-1980s, when US censorship relaxed enough for much of that to be disseminated. Also, I've had a very active interest in Islamic history and culture since my teen years in the 1960s, so when the psychics tell of seeing white and green turbans, along with the MOssad mass murderers I recognized Iran's intimate involvement in the World Odor.   The only people who wear green turbans are male lineal descendents of Muhammad, honored only by Shiite Muslims.  Before very recently, one didnt' find Shiite Muslims outside of Iran and far Eastern Iraq, which is where many Shiite holy places are.  Most of the rest of the world's Muslims are Sunni, who scorn the importance of Muhammad's lineage.  The Turkish empire was Sunni and the Sultan of Turkey was the top religious authority. Previous Turkish sultans killed the first twelve lineal descendants of Muhammad, who are called 'Imams' by Shiites.

REally, if one could magically cause Muslims to understand that their clergy have been the source of Islam's decline in recent centuries, as well as all of the incited mob violence against 'infidels' that has characterized some of its history, it would be a giant step toward world peace.  Muhammad honored Jews and Christians and commanded His followers not to ever forcibly convert anyone, which is more than can be said about Christian clergy and their legbreakers. 

Undermining and exposing murderous Mossad is an equally big step and that's what we're going to focus on during our chats for awhile. Mossad isn't a stand-alone entity, of course; it relies completely on the sleepiness of American PJ folks, which includes the irrational support of most fundamentalist Christians, the ultimate fruit of schizophrenic culture and history.  I call them 'born again chumps.'

We know that UK and Roosevelt sold out the European Jews before WWII by not allowing them to immigrate.  Sure, they let a few like Killer Kissinger into the country but only because they were particularly rotten and useful to the World Odor.

The trend away from centralized power and toward freedom, unity and prosperity in our world isn't going to be stopped but the World Odor has been trying to forestall that by attempting to initiate WWIII at every opportunity.  It failed in Iraq, thank God, and we're going to do what we can to get the present attempt to fail, too.  In the past ten months ors so weíve interfered with three other attempts, by a consortium made up of Mossad, Iran and Syria.  A Jordanian friend of mine once told me that in reprisal for a peaceful  political protest in a small Syrian city, the president carpet bombed the city.  Opposing Mossad shouldnít be confused with supporting tyrannical Islamic regimes, of course. Iranís regime is a lot worse than Syriaís.

Don't you think it's funny that the treasonous US regime's mouthpiece, The What To Think Network, keep bleating about 'committing American ground forces' to this or that country?

What ground forces?  The Boy Scouts?  NAMBLA?  Mafia?  Hellís Angels?

The token force of dim-witted legbreakers (when, oh when will these chumps come home to honor their oaths to defend the US Constitution against domestic enemies?) that the alleged US gov't has in Iraq is everything they've got and any moment that Iraqi patriots get tired of putting up with it they'll likely drive the Americans out in a few weeks.  How many other What To Think Network charades are there which are about to go up in smoke?

The 'royals' (Bedouins who werent' loyal to the Turk) in all of those Arab states that London set up after the final fall of the Turkish empire (end of WWI) are all Scottish Rite masons, many of them 33d degree. My Jordanian friend showed me a photo of King Hussein in his 33d degree mason garb.   He was wearing all of the same trinkets, baubles  and gewgaws that can be seen in the portrait of Harry Truman in his 33d degree costume.  

It may be that if enough of the death towers hadn't been disabled in America, three years ago, London would have directed Saudi Arabia and the other wealthy ARab states to help the Iraqis kill all of the Americans, newly deployed in Iraq, in Iraq in conjunction with the occupation of America, Europe and Canada by untold millions of Chinese and Russian troops.  The Russians are already mostly here, of course, selling the CIAís dope on our streets.  China apparently owns our economy and this treasonous govít outright.  Remember that even though The What To Think Network and institutionalized academics won't even hint at any of this, it doesn't mean weíre not seeing it ;-)

When enough eyes see this symbol, even if most might think our position is a pipe dream, I'm quite sure that MOssad, Iran's clergy and all of the other London-based murder agencies will be completely unable to start WWIII. How many sets of eyes is enough? Maybe just a thousand or so.  Almost half that number read Etheric Warriors, so it's not much of a stretch. Remember that real news rarely travels fast, so if you feel itís appropriate to send this out donít expect it to start a prairie fire ;-)

We can just send the URL of this thread with a short note, including that little caveat. Donít worry, you wonít be pilloried by insinuous and/or rabid sociopaths, unless you post this on an open-membership forum. Please donít do that.

Do you realize that EW has more support than Dr Reich did during the most productive phase of his life, by the way?  That's a positive development and probably reflects on the nature of his sacrifice. He was always certain that his fundamental offerings would eventually find acceptance but I doubt he realized that it would happen this soon.  Exponentially more people are gifting now but either don't know English or aren't interested in internet forums.  As many people as there are reading posts on EW, there are probably a lot more  who would like to erase some of us because we represent integrity to them (that makes self-seekers and tyrants uncomfortable), or are a threat to their hegemony. 

As Dooney said, please do boost this image often. 


Don Croft
No Subject - July 25, 2006 08:33
El Jeffe (Jeff McKinley) was visiting us last night and I told him about Carol's experience with faxing the image to Dooney and Stevo. Jeff wasn't able to get to the chatblast on Sunday.

Carol corrected me when I told Jeff that two cop cars rushed into the parking lot as she left the store; in fact she in her car and was entering the street when they rushed into the other end of the parking lot, looking for her car in front of the store; they missed seeing her-thank God dirty cops have terminal tunnel vision!  She knew something was coming up when she was on the phone with STevo and she psychicly saw guns.  The phone call already took to long because she was trying so hard to understand STevo through all the federal buggers' interference on the line.

We had an impromptu chat session with Dooneyand STevo last night (busted up a roomful of CIA/NSA/military radionics/psionics predators and their equipment) and CArol apologized to STevo for cutting him off, explaining (last night) that she was in danger at the fax place and had to get moving, 'NOW' ;-) 

This is sometimes how I get relevant intel from CArol, folks ;-), but she did ask me to correct this report, which she hadn't read.

Just like the Palm Beach County SWAT team in our yard last Tuesday, who were there to intimidate us but said they were in a 'police training exercise,' parasites in power are artists of the long con; they have to keep track of thousands of lies. Once in awhile they do something overt, like those cops might have done to CArol on Sunday and like some have attempted to do to both of us on the really hairy gifting missions (especially Yellowstone and Shasta area) when we were either rescued by The Operators' time shifts or were displaying semi-automatic pistols on our belts. By the way, Carol said the boss SWAT cop was trying really hard not to look at my MIB Ken doll, hanging by the neck in effigy by the front door, when that battle-clad ersatz warrior was apologizing to us.

 Carol's fax experience in a good example of an instance where trusting our instincts is a survival skill.  If you've been in that situation when gifting particularly sensitive and important World Odor targets you know how exhilirating it is ;-)  I think it's impossible to have any fun with our clothes on without an element of risk but I better add the caveat, 'Don't try this at home,' unless you've acquired a 'nothing to lose; go for broke' commitment against tyranny. Look at all the newagers who started busting towers before they overcame that Theosophy programming enough to realize that the World Odor was hitting them back. Frankly, it's hard for me to feel pity for them.

Have you ever known a con artist?  I was married to one (X-2) for a year and I can tell you that they're not like the adorable ones you see in the movies; they're generally charismatic, are paranoid from having to keep track of a lot of lies, predatory (I was secretly mortified when she told me tales of her confidence scams 'in the past') and utterly fearful of losing control, otherwise; also terrified of having no money. X-2 wasn't afraid of dying but she was unable to contemplate being without money.  Being a con artist is a genuinely pathological condition by anyone's standard.   The US Government and a lot of others are long cons, which is to say 'long term' or 'long range.'  The Federal Reserve Corporation (with its subgroups, the IRS and the US Government), which is the foundation of American tyranny, is the best example.  Look at the untold billions of dollars and countless, talented man-hours are constantly thrown into the mind control apparatus, the certerpieces of which are the What To Think Network and the CIA's Monarch Program (UK has Tavistock, which preceded MOnarch and was overseen by Freud, himself, after 1936).

There are dissociative-programmed people on the fringes of this network, some of whom have attempted to take the lead, who have had to keep track of so many lies that when you meet them you can't identify  the person(s) you've been corresponding with--walking shell games.  Thankfully,  that strategy has repeatedly failed, probably because we're all on Dr Reich's coattails and orgone, our 'coin of the realm,' has its own unique and unstoppable power to uncover falsehood sooner than later.   Dissociative programming leaves an indelible mark on the personality, no matter how talented the victim is, psychicly, nor how much he/she is coached by professional fakers.

I won't dwell on this, though I was heartened to learn that Dr Reich constantly had to deal with the same subterfuge problem among his own informal network.  Note that when the fakers of this movement, in the past, reached a certain stage of vulnerability, attempts were made to manipulate us into outing them. I don't out the talented fakers because I think it's hurtful, mainly, and because I don't like to step into the World Odor's traps. We all discuss people's earned reputations privately, of course, which isn't backbiting if it's only informative and not vindictive. It's the same way we discuss which professionals in a town should or should not be trusted, based on their works.

On Sunday, when we were fully immersed in the occult, symbology aspect of the World Odor, we rather missed having  D Bradley around.   The sewer rats are trying their best to erase him from everyone's awareness but he's the one who started us down the road of occult enquiry, four years ago.   He was a good guide because he grew up in that milieu and was a world-class Theosophy/masonic guru before he turned against the dark masters in the 1990s. 

This symbol is apparently the 'sweet spot' for which there is literally no documented evidence available.  I'm really glad I spent all those years studying well-documented conspiracy histories because it's obvious to me that all of the well-mapped highways in that literature lead to this center area of the occult/corporate world order.  Excessive centralization really is their downfall.  I think William Cooper came the closest to identifying the hidden World Odor hierarchy before the feds drove him crazy, then eventually shot him.  He at least figured out that the world order subscribes to ancient (Babylon-derived, mostly) satanic doctrines, from which the watered-down, 'public consumption,' world religion con, Theosophy, was created.  The way that aggressive and clever people on the fringes of the network insidiously attempt to  trash D Bradley's reputation is a good indicator of how valuable his contributions have been to the expansion and consolidation of this network.

I think his most durable public offerings are on the '' files, archived by John Scudamore on was a smash hit until the site owner, STuart Jackson, deliberately trashed the site in May, 2004. Note that STuart Jackson dropped from sight within a year, having failed to stop this network's progress.  That pattern will likely keep repeating as the sewer rat agencies try harder and harder to undermine this unorganized movement. 

If you think the current subterfuge efforts are a little bizarre now, wait til orgonite starts to enter mainstream awareness.  Take heart in knowing that we've always had the initiative and they've always had to react, as Carol's near-miss with those stupid, bloodthirsty local cops on Sunday indicates.  Won't you be glad when centralized power is gone and we can democratically decide, locally, how genuine law will be enforced and by whom? I guarantee that these federal-fed, black-clad, bald ninjas with dark sunglasses won't be  getting away with murder any more.








Don Croft
No Subject - July 25, 2006 08:53
I don't mean to be omnipresent, but this is a really big topic. It just occured to me that Jeff was doing what police sketch artists do when he drew the symbol. He wants to do a cleaner, colored version with more direction from Carol, then we'll get it online here.

When we picked him up last night for supper there was a stack of occult books by the couch and he explained that he was researching some of the background material for that. He showed me an occult symbol for the heart chakra that is the SS emblem in a horizontal position, for instance, but I'm not going to take the wind out of his sails & he'll post about it when he's got all his ducks in a row.

Please send him some healing boosts, by the way, because he got burned on his feet on his latest gifting expedition, some of which is 3d degree. No, it wasn't a firewalk--a friend threw a panful of burning grease on the floor in his own kitchen, close to where Jeff was standing barefoot. He's not able to wear shoes, in fact, and it was risky taking him into Pasquale's without them looking at his shoeless state ;-) He sat on the inside part of the booth.

Thanks to all those mafiosi (the filthy, murderous Palm Beach County cops' friends) around here we've got a lot of really good Italian restaurants. I don't think the CIA can import boatloads of dope into Florida without their subgroup, the Mafia. Remember too, that Butcher Reno was awarded the Attorney General job for facilitating the drug importation network in Florida under Governor Jeb Bush. The Bush family have been kingpins in the dope trade since the 1700s, non-stop (started out moving opium for the Brits), and when I gifted all around the CIA Headquarters compound in Langley, Virginia in November, 2002 I was kind of shocked that the entire facility had been named after BushSr. I sure wish I'd known about earthpipes, then, because the sewer rats didn't catch up to me until I was on the highway out of there.

One of the fine local restaurants, Nick's Tomato Pie, has a couple of errant wise guys from up north as a bartender and busboy. I've never been around mafiosi before and it's a little unsettling to encounter them up close, but fun, too. The fed murderers whom most of us in the front ranks encounter lack mafiosi's 'honesty,' and they're no fun at all, except when they're on the receiving end. Let's hurry up and re-establish the rule of law so we can deal with these millions of secret police effectively, okay?






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No Subject - July 25, 2006 15:09

 yes, indeed, there is a lot of tricky nwo playlist action going on. my opinion is that the current war mongering in lebanon and israel is nothing short of planned genocide. not a single military target has been hit... it's st4ictly for eliminating civilians, mostly women and children. can you believe the cold  cowardice of the petit tyrannical denizens?

 it is turning out that the hezbolla is also nothing more than an insider group sacrificing it's own  people and is actually a part of the cia, mossad, world secret police network.their plan is to of course drag the u.s. into the conflagration and then china/ russia, resulting in a very large regional or world conflict/war.

 it is also my opinion that the french may be important in their alleged alliance with our patriots in keeping the lid on  our rouge neocon warmongers.

 these times seem forboding just now out on the human plane don't they, until you realize that this final plan can never be pulled off. they are going for broke right now and the house of cards continues to fall as their plan resorts to more and more desparate sub-measures and plot spins. christ, they act like a group of bullies surrounded by the evidence of their crimes lying their asses off so fast and loud that the surrounding crowd is starting to laugh.

 the warriors here have identified the real culprits and have isolated and blasted them and their plans. i hope that all can see just how this has come about with don's brilliant historical perspective on the power structure behind the face of mid=east politics and waring agression. it is clear that the monsters behind this multigenerational plan are at their crux ' make or break' moment and that they simply intend, now that they know they will lose,  to take as many out with them as possible.

 the old  'motivator' is behind this as the psychics have clearly seen and the symbol for it's manifestation has also been uncovered, last year, by carol. i was lucky enough to be right there taking notes when she began to reveal the parts of that talisman. eric carlsen was there too. the symbol has a few more minor parts to add, which i will in the next post. 


No Subject - July 25, 2006 15:44

i believe the miserable old draconian's feet should be added in the lower two star corners perching it squarely in the ancient six point star symbol.

it is my opinion that the six pointerd star, in this instance represents reptillian physiology just the same as leonardo's five pointed star perfectly fits and represents human physiology. the bottom sixth point fitting the ever-present tail of that species.

that symbol also has pre-judaic references such as the merkaba that don mentioned. that is the counter-rotating light-field body from the egyptian occult history. i have to mention here from another thread on ew, that the egyptian culture was overtly dominated by the pharohic bloodlines which are clearly reptillian, draconian reptillian, as was shown to don, carol and i on our visit to the king tut museum show. the 'stylized' sculptures of the early and later periods are accurate artistic depictions of full-shifted draconians, including elongated skulls, tails,(usually hidden), wings and extended snouts with enormous lips and noses.

the merkaba is also important in a couple of new-age groups who have popularized it, namely, the flower of life drunvalo group and the azurite melkizedek anna hayes(dean) group. embarrasingly i admit to studying the azurite stuff before i learned discernement. our warriors have 'seen' drunvalo without his veil and he has recieved our attending ministrations in the past. as for anna, i gave 'permission' for that groups inner angels to work on my grid (in their speak) and woke up lucid and frozen to find two grey zeta types messing with my etheric boby. luckily for me higher self intelligence prevailed and i was able to move my physical arm and shoo them away. they groaned as they left.

from that experience i came into information that clearly stated that both groups (fol and az) are ostensibly pitted against each other on earth, but in reality, behind that ruse is the same authority, the omicron draconians. the in-fighting served to strengthen each groups resolve and therefoer the whole plan strengthened.this example is to show that the draconians are behing the mess and chaos of this age of man since the fall of atlantis.

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No Subject - July 25, 2006 16:08

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more eyes on the symbol of evil - July 25, 2006 16:10
Happily printed out 10 copies of the image to spread around town. Why not? Beneath it wrote "This is the Symbol of Evil. Bless this image and destroy the evil on Earth." I guess that sums it up but if anyone has a better phrase to accompany the image let's hear it (use it!)

Really happy to see the image online, I think I remember hearing talk of it last year. It will be even better when Jeff gets the new colored version up. Then we can all print it out and show it off.

No Subject - July 25, 2006 16:32

 this same draconian group, the azurites have symbology that additionally appears and should appear on the symbol under discussion. accordingly, if it is to be draconian the six-pointed star should be pale silver colored. the energy of this particular color does not appeal to me but, see, they have people running energy forms that the folks running them don't really understand. 

 the double lightening bolts are dipicted in this same lexicon as sideways to the nazi ss symbol but the feeling is the same. for them it is located over the heart chakra usually or may be combined with other geomantic marks and run at other bodily locations. this stuff is done by these groups with  deception, to support draconian  energy forms.

 i personally think it means to kill, like lightening strikes once... accident. lightening strikes twice.. kill on purpose. and over the heart? yow!

 the all-seeing eye is self explanatory and the warriors found recently that to blast through the eye of this symbol disables its power and purpose pretty quickly. i will go ahead and say what carol told me when she looked through the eye of this thing. she said it was a long string of human warring, death, suffering, sacrifice, murder and all things horrible and painful., the length of which was this entire millenia. this friggin' symbol apparently is the expression of the dominance and sacrifice of a slave mankind to some low-level spiritually ignorant draconian war lord., apparently named jehova or jovi or elo-jovi or some such. i think it is the angry god depicted in the  old testament, personally.

 the draconians are apparently a very old reptillian and fallen race. that species relies on conquest and domination for their sustenance as they have no connection to the source. how sad and depraved an existence don't you think?

 their earth counterparts are the draco-motivated one world odor types including illuminists and top masons, khazarian zionist bolsheveks,  old money royal lines, etc.

 these guys are going down, and soon. this symbol is probably very important to them so as was suggested i will spread this around and also blast regularly through the eye of this abomination. 

Don Croft
No Subject - July 26, 2006 01:03
I think it's very good to speculate on the World Odor's occult symbolism, since it apparently leads us to new strategies. 

I notice that this summer has a lot less doomsaying disinfo than previous summers.  They do seem to bunch up in late spring and summer, generally.  That might be a signal that people are generally feeling more optimistic, now that the skies are blue, again, Sylphs are showing up in huge numbers and countless thousands of death towers and HAARP facilities have been turned into orgone generators by generous gifters.  We shouldn't unerestimate the benefits and achievement of our own efforts, of course.

Another source of optimism is that the World Odor is so weak that ordinary people like ourselves can have a rather deep effect on their worst agendae.  The sturm and drang of the What to Think Network, as they test the waters for potential public paranoia, seems no more threatening than the flapping cards in a kid's bicycle spokes and the televangelists who have a vested interest in WWIII just look sillier and sillier as Israel continues to stink up the region in the name of self defense.

Obviously, there are other grassroot groups working along similar lines to our efforts. Jeff mentioned the FRench and American affiliation of  insider patriots, for instance. I wonder if they're responsible for preventing mayhem for the nine months after 9/11 until our psychics started exposing (and we began interfering with) mass murder plots to be committed by the US Gov't on our own cities. 

Saving George W Bush from being shot by those CIA snipers (directed by BushSr) who were laying a trail of victims toward him through Baltimore and DC, in December, 03 has resulted in the White House looking pretty foolish with that witless bully  continuing on as the figurehead.  CArol had clearly seen him marked for assassination by the CIA after the Supreme Court unlawfully appointed him President in the fall of 2000.  That would have been the short road to martial law, enforced by the Chinese/Russian occupation of North America, we believe.

The disarray of this treasonous American administration is more evident than ever in other ways, too.  They no doubt wish to silence their detractors by half-heartedly engaging us in a MidEast conflagration, now, but that time-honored political ploy is already failing because they have no momentum.  The momentum is lacking because they've failed to carry out every single terrorist event since the feds blew up the World Trade Center and a bit of the Pentagon.  By the way, the What To Think Networks says that two American soldiers per day lose their lives in Iraq and a hundred Iraqi civilians per day lose their lives, there, also that American troops are being withdrawn from teh countryside to Baghdad, whcih is probably a fancy way to say that they're in retreat from Iraqi patriots.  I'm hoping this is a step toward evacuation and I doubt Israel will allow US troops to be stationed there, nor will Syria allow them in Lebanon in significant numbers, grid willing.

CNN just featured  the American Bar Association's current attempt to prosecute George W Bush for going against the US Constitution and this was literally in the next breath after they mentioned 'the road to Armaggedon.'  Unintentionally mixed signals?   Sure, the ABA calling the fake president a lawbreaker is like the pot calling the kettle black but the timing is exquisite, now that the Israel/US corporate consortium is rattling sabers again.  Even the What To Think Network's talking heads are pointing out that selling smart bombs to Israel while flying aid to the bombs' numerous, innocent civilian victims in Lebanon is schizoid.  They're also openly saying that the civil war in Iraq shouldn't be called 'insurgency' any more, by the way.   Sunni and Shiih Muslims have been at peace in Iraq for a thousand years.  They worked out their differences when Europe was still in the dark age, in fact.  Any terrorism in the MidEast is ultimately London-derived through their stooges, Mossad and the new Iranian clergy.

I'm not hearing anyone state the obvious about the lack of a draft in the US.  If we were to go to war on a grand scale in the next few years, the US armed forces would need to be several times bigger than they are (notice that most of the National Guard and Reserve units have been in Iraq for a couple of years) and that would require massive industrial infrastructure, nearly  all of which has gone to China in the last twenty years ;-).  Most of your patriotic US car was made in China, by the way. 

When Roosevelt finally managed to scam Japan into attacking the US we were already 're-armed' and  industry was already geared up for a global conflict. All that was needed was an attack by Germany or Japan and then the draft.  Eustace Mullins claims that Roosevelt was ordering the murder of German sailors in New York City in the late 1930s in an attempt to aggravate Hitler enough to attack our Lend-Lease shipping to UK, which would have given FDR the excuse to declare war a lot earlier.  Americans just didn't want a war, then, but National Socialism had turned most Americans into National-Socialist fascists--just like Hitler's Germans and Mussolini's Italians--within ten years, so war was inevitable.

Now, fascist ideology is pretty much a dead letter in America, except for the shouting, and the only voting blocs that still  enthusiastically favor National-Socialism are the Depression BAbies (pensioners, mostly dying by now), their ex-hippie, middle-aged stoner children who work in the 'public sector,', and welfare recipients.  Not very proactive people, after all, unlike the vigorous fascists and other socialists of the late 1930s, the beneficiaries of the Raw Deal who were easily manipulated into fighting in  another foreign conflagration.

The X Generation, largely peopled by dissociative-programmed Monarch Program assets (the ones who didn't suicide on cue) probably can't be easily shanghaied by the US Army because they never received the religious and fascist programming that my generation angsted over in the 60s.   Even the hippies had received full-bore, 'duck and cover' drills and propaganda when they were younger and they never actually disabled that programming; only rebelled against it for a little while before they inevitably fell in lockstep and got re-institutionalized as neo-Marxist social workers, college instructors, corporate  drones, psychologists, Rockefeller-funded environmentalists, ad nauseum, living to get stoned at home on Saturday night.

See, Marxism was held in front of the noses of the hippie generation like a carrot on a stick and sold as 'the solution' to our parents' fascism.  Anyone knows that National-Socialism and international socialism are the same  thing:  excessively centralized political/economic power.  Russia flipflopped from international socialism to corporate fascism, for instance.  Mussolini was a communist at first, then simply called all of that 'fascism' and made it a capital offense to point it out in public ;-)

As Jeff mentioned, we're going to keep working on and through this symbol becuase it seems to be the soft underbelly of the occult/corporate world order.  Todd's got a terrific idea for getting that exposed to many people's eyeballs. It really doesn't matter, in Carol's reckoning, whether anyone who sees it  even thinks about it. Critical mass might be as few as a thousand people and half that many will have seen Dooney's posted image, after all.

Dr Reich taught that scientific enquiry is a function of enthusiasm; it's never been the realm of cynics or pedants (the 'You Can't Do That!' crowd). What we're doing in this thread might not look scientific at the moment  but it seems to be getting positive results.  As with any pursuit which involves intelligence data acquired by psychics and by others' intuitive promptings, we'll continue to refine and define this approach.  The PJ folks can catch up later on, when it's safe ;-)











Don Croft
No Subject - July 26, 2006 01:15
Those draconian-influenced cults that Jeff mentioned aren't making it up, by the way. I might have thought so until one of Anna Hayes' European proselytes came to our home last year in Idaho to try to recruit Carol and I. We were kind of curious and here's what happened:

He had us feel the new bone ridge that runs from front to back at the top of his skull, of which he was quite proud, and Carol allowed him to guide her through the recommended daily meditation so that she could see who/what was involved with the ritual. AT the end of it, she stopped when she saw the home planet of the Draconians through the blue light beam that the ritual caused her to access. That's the point in the ritual when the draconians can influence the devotee. Like our own efforts, that one is experiential, not intellectual, but the similarities ends there, of course.

Around that time, several intimidating people showed up with those bone ridges, including a black guy who took off his hat in Carol's presence and had three parallel bone ridges. These are physical features of draconians, as are sixth digits on hands and feet. The visitor whom I mentioned told us that he had been feeling a sixth finger on each hand and Carol clearly saw the emerging aura of those sixth fingers on both of his hands, so if he keeps meditating he'll probably get to have six fingers before long. I wonder where the scam ends up--a tail, green skin and slitted irises?

Ken Adachi asked us what we thought of Anna Hayes sometime after that and we told him about the experience. He immediately deleted her material from his site, then ;-)

I've always felt a little guarded about discussing aliens and  non-human sentient locals because the PJ folks are so well-conditioned to stamp 'LOONEY' on anyone who does that. Dr Reich, of course, was adamant about aliens' predatory/parasitic activity throughout human history, though. He even claimed that aliens cause desertification by simply stealing energy from the planet.  

It's absolutely safe to say anything that one's heart inspires, here. If we were to discuss any of this on any open-membership board the omnipresent  sociopaths--vigilant purveyors of 'emotional plague'-- would have us for breakfast.  Let's not take this genuinely friendly, sabotage-exempt web space for granted!  Jacques Lasselle and before him, Steeve Debellefuille have spent their first efforts to keep Etheric Warriors on line in the face of sometimes-overwhelming NSA hacker onslaughts for the past two years and I'm profoundly grateful to them and to our Montreal server's generous and considerate owner.


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Don Croft
No Subject - July 27, 2006 09:33
I see that the symbol has disappeared from the thread, at least for me and for now. If the NSA hackers manage to keep it off, we'll find other ways to get it back, maybe after Jeff and Carol refine it some more. For instance, the dragon's feet are missing from this preliminary sketch.

Last night, during the MASH chat session (we generally reserve Wednesday night chats for healing each other on account of all the reprisals we get from the World Odor's operatives and from nasty, parasitic aliens like the draconians) we came back around to the symbol in a curious way.

Jacques Lasselle, who administers this board, works closely with Alexandre Emarde, who administers the French-language forum and owns These two have been under considerable assault, including interference with their families and especially interference with Alex's livlihood so we've been taking time during the chat sessions to lend a hand. It's not surprising that the World Odor spends so much time, manpower and energy trying to stop these two and these guys raised the stakes, lately, by introducing Dooney's Dodecahedron technique in the FRench chatblast sessions.

When we went to work on them last night our three psychics spotted the World Odor symbol, which means that the top sewer rats are trying to take these guys down, now. Carol spotted dragon claws at first, then Dooney or Stevo found the two guys constrained within the All-Seeing Eye somehow. We all blasted the crap out of the eye segment of the symbol and all three of the psychics were feeling the 'fakeout' response, which is what happens when psychic predators and/or parasitic aliens send false imagery into their minds. Confirmation of the false image came to STeve when he asked the blue whales to get involved and they declined.

Dooney broke through the facade by putting her awareness into 4D when looking at the eye, then the psychics saw a dragon (exaggerated draconian) eye behind the symbol's eye. The thing was focused on Alex and Jacques, constraining them. After that, the whales and dolphins showed up in large numbers and took the intitiative. They seem to require us to be on track in order to be able to help us, which also helps them since we have common enemies: the World Odor and its non-human, parasitic affiliates.

Carol got that after Sunday the massive Israeli assault on Lebanese civilians (did you know that most Lebanese are Christians, by the way?) was being carried out without the benefit of the symbol's power, which might explain why even the What To Think Network is essentially condemning Israel's actions since then. The few mlitant Muslim fundamenatlists whom the World Odor props up as a fake global menace are no more guleless or lovable than the Israeli mass murderers are, I hasten to add. Most of the sources who condemn Israel's actions unwittingly or even intentionally paint those few Muslim predators as victims, unfortunately, and that just discredits the journalists and muddies the water. Most Muslims in the world are as repulsed by fanatics as you and I are, but they also still tend to take the What To Think Network's bait, too, just like Westerners do.

It may be that the WTTN is simply afraid of losing credibility right now, so they're playing both sides against the middle instead of just bending over for Mossad disinformants. We've seen that before, as when the networks showed one of the brand new, ready-to-use federal concentration camps and mass-execution facilities designed to handle the 'mlitia problem,' right after the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms blew up the Murrah Federal Building in '94.

I think very few of us have contemplated what a phenomenal and unique bounty we have in these three psychics, who seem to be able to penetrate even the densest veils, fakeouts and misdirects of this predatory world order and its parasitic offworld sponsors. As can be seen with D Bradley's abilities, the extremely talented and bred psychics who work for the World Odor are not only the most adept but also the most highly trained psychics on the planet. Another modern miracle is that the World Odor have been unable to erase DB after he turned against them about ten years ago.

Our psychics' relative lack of exposure to the deep, ancient and arcane techniques that characterize DB's high psychism has been more than made up for by their ability to work closely with each other and, not least, by the active, constant assistance of The Operators, among whom we can include many cetaceans. The Great White Brotherhood (the dark masters) can't hold a candle to The Operators, naturally.

Religious tradition states that God loves everryone intimately, equally and unreservedly and that hell is simply one's unawareness of that perpetual bounty. To me, that's reflected in the way dolphins accept and heal everyone. We've seen them greet and attempt to heal predators, surveilling cops, mass murderers and internet sociopaths just as eagerly and lovingly as they greet and heal us and now that many thinking people have come to feel disgust when the word, 'God,' is mentioned (thanks to cynical, rotten clergy, I guess) it's nice that the dolphins are around to at least demonstrate some high standards, including selflessness, enthusiasm, humor, compassion, humility, proper aggression, etc., and when one refers to The Operators, the dolphins and whales can perhaps be seen as their 3D representatives whom anyone can interface with. We're very big on 3D confirmations in this network, of course.

The 4D approach appeared to be getting substantive results when the psychics saw Jacques and Alex get turned loose by the draconians who were constraining them with the symbol but when we encounter offworld parasites we don't stop until we've done all we can to erase them. In this case, aftetr the dragon eye showed up, we charged through it and found thirteen of them, offworld, assembled around a large crystal. By now, blue whales and dolphins were in the mix and they apparently caused the crystal to explode, using sound.

Occult tradition has an awful lot of info about the significance of the eye and much of that has come into play since we started boosting through the symbol's eye on Sunday.

One of Dr Reich's main concerns, in the last decade of his life, was the assault of predatory aliens on our atmosphere. We're quite sure that many of the bright ships that he disabled and destroyed with his cloudbusters were draconian vessels and the psychics are clearly seeing the draconians' ancient interface with hte sewer rat agencies of the World Odor. I only saw a draconian's face once, over five years ago, but I was struck by how similar it looked to the Baphoment image which masons worship, for instance, though the one I saws didn't have horns; if you stretch Richard Gephardt's face vertically, about a hundred fifty percent, you'll see what I saw. That one was the least non-human image, I think. Others have seen draconians who have a lot of horns and even wings--kind of dragon like, altogether. All of that makes the reptilians seem kind of tame by comparison.

DB told us, during a visit, that you can actually watch a full reptilian kill a human in the movie, THE X FILES. I've watched that scene and it's pretty unsettling. It's in the first part of the movie, when a scientist at the site in Texas is attacked at the bottom of the ladder. The lighting's just good enough to see what's happening. Just how bizarre do you think Hollywood is under the glitzy surface? I think there are horrific aspect of the World Odor that would shatter just about any mind. For instance, I doubt any of us are able to fully contemplate what they do to millions of children everry year in the Monarch Programs and teh affiliated satanic cults. All of that is animated and enabled by offworld and non-human predators, including draconians and reptilians. I mention this so you'll know that we're not just having a fun time in our sessions, though of course we enjoy the work.

Another striking parallel of this network's to Dr Reich's own approach is that he attracted a lot of professionals, at least until the FDA frightened nearly all of them away in the late 1940s. Most of the professionals in this network are natural physicians; before the advent of National-Socialism and the parallel hegemony of the harmaceutical cartel, many MDs were still knowledgeable about healing and those were the ones who were attracted to Dr Reich's pioneering discoveries. The doctors in this network are reputable naturopaths, homeopaths, osteopaths, chiropractors and several MDs, including Drs Kayiwa nad Babiibwe in East Africa, also Dr Dirk in Amsterdam, are applying alternative healing methods in their careers and in the environment.  Doc Kayiwa's doing it on a grand scale, in fact, and is pretty far out in front of the rest of us now.

STevo is a talented, successful physician who is also a gifted and trained psychic, a very rare combination of talents. William von Peters has developed pioneering approaches, combining herbal tinctures with homeopathic remedies and he's developed the only specific remedy to chemtrail-induced sicknesses. He told me that Rudy Verspoor, who has a hoemopathy school in Ottawa, is the best homeopath on the continent and Dr Rudy is also active in this network, as is his wife, Dr Patty, who posts here. The participation of all these good folks indicates the serious nature of our enquiries.

We havent' yet attracted any research physicists or biologists to contribute to the advance of the movement but maybe they're just afraid of reprisals for now. Unlike healers, though, other scientists' work generally requires a lot of capital and it may be awhile before a constant flow of big bucks is committed to research around orgonite. Carol and I hope to attract investors by showing grand-scale results from ocean gifting and it may be that Georg will attract capital investors when it's become obvious that the Kalahari Desert has been reversed. Tetsuzi Moriwake, an enterpreneur and, tireless experimentor in Hiroshima,  was approved for a huge grant to heal a dying forest in Japan with orgonite but that fell through due to sabotage within the high-profile private organization that was to provide the funding.  The initial approval can be counted as an achievement, of course.

Dooney, who is married to Stevo, has been quitely training scores of people to toss energy effectively at targets. This is the basic skill we apply in the chat sessions, under the direction of the psyhcics. It's an essential skill for any spiritual warrior who wishes to keep his/her initiative in the face of sometimes overhwelming interference by the sewer rat agencies after a solid personal strategy has been initiated. Her previous career was software engineer for Apple Computers and they lived in Silicon Valley before moving to Montana, several years ago.

Yesterday, Carol knew something was up when she started experiencing heart pain in the morning. I knew when I felt a stabbing pain in my neck, a half hour before the start of the chat session. We're both fine, today. Apparently, those old rats knew, even if we didn't, that we were going to come after them in last night's session.

The draconians have always had an easy ability to cause this sort of pain in people. The Chinese military paychics are the best human (I assume) assailants--a whole lot more talented than the KGB, CIA or MI6 psi skunks are--and the African traditionalists who choose to be predators are the most subtle and invasive but none of them hold a candle to the draconians when it comes to inflicting a little pain. I think the Russian Brit and American psychic skunks rely too much on electronics and vapid European satanism these days; they lack vitality and so they try in vain to make up for it in numbers--the human wave effect. That's why the saccharine stench of Alice Bailey Theosophy usually accompanies their efforts.

Have you ever smelled a decaying human corpse? That's what typifies newage sewage and other irrational mysticism to me. It may be that you can still smell that in Pluto's Cave if you pass through the Mt Shasta area sometime soon. Carol and I will be back there this fall, I think, and we'll go back to Count Ste Germaine's ritual killing chamber to see (smell) whether the I AM Fellowship are still performing human sacrifice rituals there. I doubt they are.

It's a tough call whether telling about this stuff will help the reader to have a broader worldview or will induce him/her to retreat further into The What To Think Network's sad paradigm but I just can't resist reporting our experiences and observations. I have a feeling that putting these reports in the public record will pay off, sooner or later, in widening people's perceptions and sparking them to engage the big world more enthusiastically.

My book will be out in a few days, by the way, and that will be a good bellweather for how ready and willing people are to develop a more open and active intellect.


Post Update to the symbol image 
Here's an updated version of the symbol including a new spelling for the word Vril. Carol had a dream that it should be spelled either Vryl or Vryal. Jeff, Stevo and I are at Don and Carol's this weekend, so we all tuned into the different spellings of the word to see which one had the power. Vryal won the contest. Let's hope this kicks the NWO in the cajones - we found their power word and married it to their power symbol. We believe it is pronounced Vree-ul, kind of like the word veal with an R.

Go boosters!!!


Vryal Vryal Vryal Vryal Vryal Vryal Vryal Vryal Vryal Vryal Vryal Vryal (for the search engines) 



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don't forget this one, boost it!

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 Re: The Symbol Of The Enemy 
That's a narly symbol. Hits me right in the second chakra then becomes a cold feeling afterward. Just remember to clear your aura after blasting that symbol. You don't want that entity the symbol is attached too begin to manipulate you because it has become a thought form lodged in your aura.