Retired Marine Colonel Attacks "Official Story " of 911 as Impossible

A 24 page report by military and civilian experts in the hands of top Pentagon Brass and The White House documenting 911 was an "inside job." Report ignored and unreported thus far.19 Nov 2004

By Greg Szymanski

 He talks in military jargon, using words like cold coup and counter coup d’ tat like most of us ask for coffee and a sweet roll in the morning.

 He chooses words carefully, as if “yes, sir” or “no, sir” will pop out at any second.

 It’s obvious from his rhythm and cadence, he’s a military man. It’s obvious he’s the type who deals in order and details, looking for the military angle with each breadth he takes.

 It’s been more than 25 years since retired Marine Col. Donn de Grand Pre toed the military line, but since 911 a sense of duty and honor or what he calls in Marine lingo “Sempre Fi” or “Always Faithful” thrust him back into public service.

 It was that ill-fated black September morning in 2001 that put the Colonel back in Donn de Grand Pre’s name and pulled him off his favorite quarter horse on his peaceful Virginia ranch. As he sat watching the jetliner crash into the tower, it was like the morning trumpet sounded, signaling him to put on his uniform and get back to work

 “When I saw the fireball, I knew the cold coup had begun,” said the Colonel mysteriously, explaining that this is when the civilian hierarchy creates a movement to topple the government in order to advance a planned political agenda. “The neo-cons involved, like Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz, had been planning 911 for years. They needed something to justify their war plans and advance the globalists’ plan to control wealth and power by essentially controlling America.

 “They were saying, so to speak, let the games begin! I might add, though, there are those in the military, those in the Pentagon who want to stop these bastards. Surprisingly, it’s the military who will be our last resort and only savior against the globalists and their patsies in government, who want to essentially destroy this country as we know it in order to advance their wealth and power.”

 The picture the Colonel paints is chilling, almost unbelievable. Critics might even say he is just another retired “military crack pot” or one of those frustrated military fiction writers focusing on calamity, horror and death.

 However, when you look in his eyes, you see a man searching for the truth. When you look at his past, he is anything but a fiction writer, but rather a man who has spent a lifetime dealing with fact not innuendo.

 So, why now? Why did he allow the events of 911 to thrust him back into “devil’s den?” He’s already served his military time, served his country well since entering the military in 1944 as an 18-year-old radio operator. Working his way up the military ranks, his tour of duty first took him to Burma, China and then to Korea as a commissioned airborne-infantry officer where he was seriously injured. After two years recuperating stateside, duty called again, this time being tagged by then Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara to enter “the dark side of the military” as chief arms negotiator in the Middle East.

 When reminded, he quickly laughs, sounding much like a corporate CEO:

 “We were known as the super salesman in the ISA or in International Security Affairs. And over a 10-year period, we sold over a hundred billion dollars worth of military equipment to all comers, including the so-called good ones and bad ones.”

 Fast forward the time clock now to 911 and the events following, including the puppet regime installed in Afghanistan and the ongoing war in Iraq, not to mention the swift passage of a dictatorial-fashioned Patriot Act and a level of fear placed on the American population by our “color-coded” homeland security system.

 Perhaps what is needed now more than anything is an “inside military perspective” of what is really happening to America post 911? Perhaps the man to help piece the puzzle together is the “Virginia Cowboy Colonel” who likes riding quarter horses just as much as he likes delving into the dangerous world of governmental intrigue and espionage.

 “Remember, Sempre Fi,” that’s why I’m back,” quips the Colonel.

 And when it comes to the Middle East, he knows the turf, he knows the so-called good guys from the bad guys, even when they sometimes change the color of their hats for political convenience. He knows the dangerous “ins and outs” behind the secret policies of big shots like Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and Richard Perle. He especially despises Perle, calling him a “madman” who openly rants at Washington parties about the power of the “New World Order” and the coming of World War III.

 Although his disdain is evident for those he calls the neo-con civilian hierarchy, he still is probably on a first name basis with them, as the games played within the halls of the shadow government go much deeper than words.

 “They let you talk, let you go on knowing that you will be dismissed as a fanatic,” explains the Colonel. “But if you get too close, too close to exposing the real truth, all I can say is ‘watch your back.’ I still visit the Pentagon regularly, more now since 911 took place. It’s never easy to really tell who are your friends from your enemies. But that’s a part of military service, sorting out the wheat from the chaff.”

 Once a Marine, always a Marine, but when it comes to the “Official Story” about the 911 attacks, the Colonel and his Pentagon comrades come down on completely different sides of the fence. At least, publicly, emphasizes the Colonel.

 “I’ve personally talked with the Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff, General Myers, and he is total agreement, at least privately, that 911 was an inside job,” said the Colonel. “He agrees with my assessment and the assessment of other experts who all say that the “Official Story” is way off base. Of course, he will deny it publicly as will the other higher-ups in both the military and civilian sectors. They will, in fact, publicly deny ever talking to me. That’s the way the game is played.

 “But they can’t deny, if someone would just dig deep enough to push the issue, that I along with a group of civilian and military expert-pilots presented a 24- page report to Gen. Myers after 911, detailing our theory of what really happened. He agrees with our assessment that it was an inside job. He just won’t admit it publicly and, you see, the games continue!”

 The 24-page report given to Gen. Myers was compiled by a group of distinguished commercial, civilian and military pilots after a 72-hour marathon symposium organized by the Colonel just days after 911.

 The results were shocking, but only to those not privy to how the neo-cons and their wealthy supporters operate.

  The report basically warns the American public that the government’s official version does not hold up to scrutiny. It concludes military defense systems were suspended and standard operating procedures ignored, allowing for the airplanes on 911 to strike their targets without interruption.

 Furthermore, the report concludes that flight crews on all four passenger jets involved in 911 had no control over their aircraft and were either remote-controlled into their targets or substituted by military drone look- a-likes.  The report ads that Flight 93, flying over Somerset County, Pa., was the only plane that should not have been shot down, but most probably was brought down on specific orders with missiles fired from a fighter squadron called The Happy Hooligans.

 “Our written report ultimately got into the hands of the Vice Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff, Gen, Peter Pace, on Jan. 23, 2002,” said the Colonel. “I then got a call on March 5 from one of the General’s horse holders that there would be no official comment at this time.

 “Now, the situation surrounding my report remains as follows: The mainstream American media has failed to publish or broadcast any details regarding the independent inquiry. I have solid evidence that 500 copies of the report were immediately distributed to the higher-ups, including General Myers, Rumsfeld and the White House. Not surprisingly, I have not been officially approached regarding our findings and there has been no official word mentioned whatsoever by any of the parties mentioned above.

 “In fact, the only people to give it any mention at all has been a very long and detailed report in the Portugal press as well as an interview that aired earlier this year with alternative radio broadcaster, Alex Jones.

 “At present, I have put 911 behind me, as I am now able to ride my favorite quarter horse again after being hit with a heart attack which I think was the result of stress related to the whole 911 affair. Don’t get me wrong, I have not forgotten or given up hope. I just want to move forward and perhaps circumvent what these neo-cons have planned next. However, I don’t want to speculate as I prefer staying on a straight forward factual course.”

 It’s been said that a military man awaits retirement so his first amendment rights can finally kick-in. And that’s exactly what the Colonel has done, writing an extensive three-volume trilogy entitled The Barbarians Inside the Gates.

 His books, on sale in limited bookstores and by mail order, essentially document the rise of the globalist and neo-con movement that seeks to establish a “New World Order” through militarizing and federalizing in perpetuation of a classic takeover of the United States government.

 A quote from his second book, entitled the Rattler’s Revenge released in October 2002, puts 911 into perspective in relation to the globalist movement:

 “The trigger for the 911 activity was the imminent and unstoppable world wide financial collapse, which can only be temporarily prevented by a major war, perhaps known as World War III. To pull this off, I eventually see that they are planning to impose martial law in the United States.”

 The only way to stop them, concludes the Colonel, is for our military to react with a counter coup. In his first book, called The Serpent’s Sting, written in 2000 before 911, the Colonel talks of this counter coup brought against the neo-con movement.

 “This is our only salvation now after 911,” he warns. “I figure about 70% of the military at the Pentagon are with us on this, but it’s hard to tell since they have placed so many minions loyal to the civilian hierarchy within the ranks. However, the signs are all there: first the attack to create fear, then the Patriot Act to control the masses, then martial law and then the takeover. They can be stopped, but it is not going to be easy.”

 The Colonel emphasizes the neo-conservative movement is personified by Assistant Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz.

 “Wolfowitz has been in this game since 1974,” said the Colonel. “I was still on active duty when I met him in 1974 and he was coming on strong even then, as was Richard Perle and a couple of others.

 “From watching the globalists, it obvious they had a well thought out plan of attack on 911. However, I also know from the evidence that a lot of things post 911 haven’t gone according to schedule and, so I think, they don’t really know what to do now.”

 And if the Colonel has his way, he’d like to stay one-step ahead, stopping the neo-conservative movement in its tracks before more innocent lives are lost at home and abroad.

 “I have faith justice will prevail in the end, but it’s going to be a long, hard fight with our salvation basically resting in the hands of the faithful fighting those barbarians already inside the gates.

 “Remember, Sempre Fi, Sempre Fi.”