Former Auxiliary NY Fireman Is 'A One-Man Investigative Team' When It Comes To Finding The Truth About 9/11

New Yorker Paul Isaac was a block away when the Twin Towers collapsed, watching helplessly as many of his friends perished. Today the former auxiliary fireman and communication specialist is 'a man on a mission' who says after years of researching 9/11, he is positive a massive cover-up exists to protect an inside government job.

21 Jul 2005

By Greg Szymanski

 Paul Isaac doesn’t know the meaning of the word quit. From day one, the former auxiliary New York fireman and now self-proclaimed “auxiliary pain in the rear end,” knew the Twin Towers was a controlled demolition.

 And since day one, he has never quit trying to prove it.

 Stack up all the major newspapers on a desk, city by city, across the entire country and there wouldn’t be enough information about “what really happened on 9/11” to fill up a thimble.

 But take all the information stacked up in Isaac’s apartment and there would be enough to fill up a New York City library or enough to make the New York Times investigative reporters look Mutt and Jeff chasing after their tales.

 When Isaac first watched the towers collapse from a block away, he said they “strangely came down like a house of cards, in their own footprints” and in what he called “a perfect demolition job.”

 Although Isaac isn’t a scientist, engineer or explosives expert, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that someone invest the time and energy to investigate 9/11 in the wake of hasty conclusions arrived at by both government and the media.

 It’s really all the American people have left. All that’s left are the efforts of people like Isaac who are not taking no for answer when it comes to further investigating the many unanswered questions about 9/11.

 Some may wonder why Isaac’s story is important? Why is a story about a man who is neither an eye-witness or an expert important? Other may say why does a humble auxiliary fireman’s research merit coverage? Others may even selfishly say “if him, why not me?”

 And the answer to all these questions is that Isaac’s isn’t just the “average Joe” on the street corner shooting off his mouth. He isn’t just somebody with a hunch, trying to make a name for himself.

 Instead, Isaac is a diligent researcher, a man on a personal mission who has dedicated almost every waking hour of his life to get justice for the hundreds of friends, both fireman and civilians, who perished in the towering 9/11 inferno.

 The truth is Isaac has a giant hole left in his heart after 9/11, a hole he is trying to fill with information leading to the truth leading to the real culprits responsible for the mass murder of over 3,000 Americans.

 In fact, if there were a 10 million other Isaac’s in America, maybe the government literally  wouldn’t have been able to get away with murder and maybe the truth about 9/11 would be learned.

  “If the 9/11 Commission and the media aren’t going after the truth, then I am,” said Isaac this week in a telephone conversation from his New York apartment.

 “There are a couple of interesting facts, along with numerous other inconsistencies,  which have led me to seriously question how the government claims the tower’s fell by jet fuel alone.

 “First, many people may not recall that on February 15, 1975, there was a blaze at the World trade Center that took out six floors. In fact, the fire was much hotter than the one on 9/11 but it still didn’t take down the entire building.”

 And like a true investigator who likes to answer critics with questions, Isaac added:

 “Why did the same demolition company, Controlled Demolition Inc., the company that helped clean up at Oklahoma City and the WTC, also on July 15, 2001, bring down and demolish two 400 foot tanks not far from the twin towers? Was it a dry run?”

Trying to put the 9/11 puzzle together on a daily basis, Isaac also has spent countless hours trying to track down data and original building schematics in an effort to show, once and for all, the WTC was built to withstand much more impact than a jetliner crash at the top floors.

 He said to his astonishment a complete set of structural floor plans was never released by the government supporting its conclusions. Instead, what he found were conclusions based without “the slightest bit of documented evidence.”

  “So I went on a personal search all over the city, a search to every government and private office imaginable to get accurate data about the WTC building plans,” said Isaac. “Finally, in the old archives of the New York Fire Department, I hit the jack pot and now I think hold the trump card.

 “I want to bring these documents to the public and I want to bring the culprits who caused this mass murder to justice. These blueprints have never been made public and it shows without question that the WTC is a whole lot stronger than the government would like us to believe. These blueprints show a very strong truss system and not a cardboard box like the government claims.”

 The data, floor plans and schematics found by Isaac not only reveal the WTC structural design but give an inside look at every nook and cranny of the building, including designs of the 99 elevators in the two buildings as well as giving an impression of the building’s strengths and weaknesses from a fire department’s point of view.

 Besides being a man on a 9/11 information quest, finding out the truth has become personal mission, not only because Isaac lost many friends, but since he considered the Twin Towers his home away from home when he worked for Engine Company 10 located right across the street from the WTC.

 When he worked as an auxiliary fireman specializing in emergency and disaster communications response, Isaac said d after 9/11 he began monitoring all emergency units to see if any patterns or information about the perpetrators could be learned.

 “I heard some crazy things over my radio in those days, things I can’t repeat on the phone,” said Isaac.

 Isaac said over the last four years he’s compiled information and names of civilians and firefighters, whose identities he keeps anonymous for their safety, who all claim to have either witnessed explosions in the towers or have information that a controlled demolition took place.

 “It’s just amazing how many people are afraid to talk for fear of retaliation or losing their jobs,” said Isaac, regarding the FBI gag order placed on law enforcement and fire department officials, preventing them from openly talking about any inside knowledge of 9/11.

 Although Isaac wasn’t an eye-witness inside the towers n 9/11, he was about as close as anybody could get without actually being inside the building.

 “When the first plane hit the tower, I was on my way to work on a train below the WTC,” said Isaac. “The train made a quick stop and I saw all the people screaming and running. It then sped off, missing stops along the way until we got a couple of miles away. I knew something was terribly wrong so I ran back and was stopped by the police barricades about a block away.

 “As I looked up, I saw the first tower come down. I couldn’t believe it. From that moment on, I kept saying this is a war but against who is the real question. The Bush administration needed something to set in motion there global agenda for conquest and power sand 9/11 was it.”

 Two books recommended by Isaac for anyone wanting to get up to speed on the neo con movement and its imperialistic strategies are “Behold The Pale Horse,” a 1988 release by William Cooper and “Divided We Stand” by Eric Darton.

 Regarding the Bush administration, Isaac said: “It’s really worse than a dictatorship!”

 And like a true researcher with an eye for detail, he added: “Why don’t you give Karl Rove a call and ask him what he thinks? His number is 202-456-5578. I’m sure he won’t mind if you give him a call!”

 Editor’s Note: A story like Paul Isaac’s is especially inspirational at a time when the government and media are leading Americans down a one way street to hell with no way back.

 All signals point to another government orchestrated terrorist attack on American soil, this one larger and more deadly than 9/11. It’s a helpless feeling to know the traitors are within and there are so few in Americans aware of the truth. It’s like walking into church, knowing the devil is standing on the altar and everyone keeps on praying anyway.

 And at this late date, with America’s future spinning in the balance and so little time left, any person who has a story like Isaac’s, any person who has compiled research about 9/11 or any other information about the neo-con agenda, is asked to write so your story can be told before it’s too late.

 Perhaps, if more Paul Isaac’s come forward, we can uncover the one piece of information that may turn the tide back in the direction of democracy, freedom and peace. Remember, it’s up to you and nobody else.

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Greg Szymanski