Former Military Demolition Pro Now 'Blows Out' Neo Con Protest Songs; Inspired And Angry, He's Now Writing Song About WTC Hero-Janitor For Efforts To Get At 9/11 Truth

Although his songs haven't hit the charts, folk singer with political message wants to blast out truth about 9/11, illegal war in Iraq and all the Bush administration lies being told to the American people.

30 Jun 2005

By Greg Szymanski

Former Army Sgt. Mark Johnson of Philadelphia is finished blowing up buildings and bridges, finished with the ugly work of a military demolitions expert.

Instead of setting trip wires and booby traps, Johnson now "blows out" neo con protest songs with his guitar, synthesizer and raspy Bob Dylan-like voice.

Trained by Army Special Forces for jungle warfare in Panama during the 1970s, the message in Johnsonís music is every bit as hard-hitting as his "explosive past."

"I have just finished a song about people needing to work together to regain their rights, especially rights taken away by the Bush administration and the neo con movement," said Johnson about his most recent song entitled "Let the Protesting Begin."

In this song, Johnson, attacks President Bush directly for committing numerous impeachable offenses, creating a climate similar to the old Soviet Union and thrusting America into an illegal war based on improper motives.

Mixing politics and music comes natural to the road musician, who once played for brief stints with such notable bands like The Drifters, The Platter and Chicago, saying his six years of military training makes him well-qualified to comment about what he calls "the evils of the Bush military regime."


"What our court-appointed President has been saying all along is a huge lie. He's taking our rights away from us in the name of keeping us safe from terrorism. Yeah right! I cannot believe people are actually buying into this story," said Johnson.

"I was trained to implode buildings, blow out bridges as well as being trained extensively in explosive booby traps of all kinds, but now the only thing Iíll be trying to blow out is more music to expose the lies and deceit involved in the neo con message."

With his demolition training, Johnson has also taken up the cause of exposing the truth about 9/11, saying from his personal experience with explosives it appears the WTC fell from a controlled demolition, not burning jet fuel like the government contends.

"From day one on Sept. 11th, after seeing the footage of the airliner striking the WTC on CNN and seeing explosions happening on lower floors of both towers, I knew right then and there that the towers were purposely being imploded," said Johnson.

"What William Rodriguez , the janitor at the World Trade Center, recently said about explosions in the basement on 9/11 is true and indicates explosives were definitely used. Anyone with any kind of demolition training can see that!"

Johnson is referring to the recent statements made by Rodriguez, a WTC survivor and janitor on duty the morning of 9/1, statements indicating he heard a massive explosion rock the basement of the WTC just seconds prior to jetliner striking the top floors of the north tower.

Rodriguezís claims have become "big news" recently since he contends the government and the mainstream media have waged a concerted effort ever since 9/11 to keep his story from the American people, as it completely destroys government contentions that the WTC fell from only burning jet fuel.

What makes the Rodriguez story even more incredible is that it can be corroborated by at least 14 other eye witnesses, who were all huddled with him in a small basement office when a massive explosion below sub-level 1 of the north tower rocked the floors and cracked walls just prior to airliner hitting the top floors.

Adding even further credibility to Rodriguezís story is the fact that all the witnesses viewed Rodriguez even help a basement burn victim to safety immediately after the explosion.

Felipe David, severely burned on his face, arms and hands, rushed into the office were Rodriguez and the 14 others were located after his injuries occurred while standing in front of nearby freight elevator as flames shot up from the elevator shaft.

"What an incredible story and what a courageous man to still come forward with this story despite the tremendous odds against him," said Johnson who is now writing a folk song about Rodriguez.

"I'm now beginning a song about the Bush Administration ignoring William Rodriguez's true account of what he saw and heard in the basement of the north tower of the WTC. Now remember 14 other people witnessed what Mr. Rodriguez had seen that morning and I want this song to ring out the truth all across America.

"He deserves to be remembered forever as a true American hero and after reading his incredible story, it inspired me to write his song."

Johnson said once the Rodriguez song is complete he plans to send a copy to President Bush, his cabinet members and all Capital Hill lawmakers as well as making a trip to Washington himself to play his song live in front of the White House main gate.

"I want the message to ring out loud and clear throughout Washington, a message that the American people are sick and tired of being lied to about 9/11, the war in Iraq and everything else going on in Washington," said Johnson.

"However, what baffles my mind is that still after all the obvious lying, so many American citizens are still not getting it and still living with their heads in the sand. Hopefully my songs and the important song I am writing about William Rodriguez will wake them up before itís too late and before all our rights have been systematically taken away."

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Greg Szymanski