Re: Tactical Orgonite Sales UK
Unless one owns a factory in Southern China, it's really hard to make a profit on tactical orgonite, so whoever does that ought to be considered a saint, in my opinion.

Patrick Timpone, the talk show host who lately interviewed Carol and I, lives iin Austin and tried to contact Marcus for some tactical orgonite but CIA hackers interfered.  Hopefully, I've helped repair that interruption Cool

John, apparently the chemtrails that seed clouds, like the first one you photographed, are innocuous material but the chemtrails that disappear instantly, like the second chemtrail along that flight path, are apparently the really poisonous, DOR-laden stuff. Cloudbusters disappear the latter quite fast but since the former are not DOR-laden, a cloudbuster doesn't actually interact with it, much. It seems obvious, at least to me, that the incessant spewing of harmless chemtrails is part of a psiops campaign, which might be why most of the chemtrails are like those and only a few are actually poisonous, any more.  It's possible that they keep trying the deadly chemtrails to constantly test whether orgonite will lose its effectiveness.   'Hope springs eternal,' even for fascist geoparasites, after all.

Even the innocuous, seeded clouds disappear faster when all of the HaARP weaponry and death towers in a region have been turned into life force generators with orgonite but if you've seen Sylphs in your sky it means that the balance of the atmosphere is decisively positive, so no worries. Since Sylphs have even been photographed in the sky over London (thanks largely to you and Rich, no doubt) I'm pretty sure that they visit your skies even more often.

The disinfo sites incessantly and noisily direct people's attention to the harmless seeded clouds, of course, and it's been a struggle for me to convince any of these frantic disinfo subscribers who email me that, before the middle of 2002, when chemtrails were still sickening and killing people internationally, chemtrails looked and behaved much differently.

In those dark days, chemtrails destroyed all of the rain-bearing clouds within a few minutes, for instance, and they spread out  to meet each otther and white out the sky on their way down to the level of hte rain clouds.

I try to convince people to notice that teh seeded clouds, rather, remain pretty coherent, instead of spreading out as before, and they even gradually disappear, as any other clouds will do.

I think that the HaARPies created their present characteristic whiteouts after the middle of 2002 in order to scam the newly awakening PJ folks into assuming that chemtrails caused the whiteout but the difference with a HaARP whiteout (a very thick layer of cloud at around 20,000 ft altitude) is that rain clouds below that altitude remain unaffected.  The reason I said '20,000 ft' is because in 2003, when I flew across the country, I could see a whiteout layer being formed some distance below the jet I was riding in and we were about 25,000ft high at the time and climbing, according to what the pilot announced.  On that trip, I also saw a chemtrail jet, far below us, and the spew was sort of  brown when seen from above, not white Wink

The easy way to tell the difference between a chemtrail and a contrail is to compare the observed relative sizes of the planes:  chemtrails are spewed from 12,000 to 20,000 ft altitude, so you can see the planes easily with the naked eye; contrails are generally much higher and the planes are much harder to see--pretty simple, convincing distinction but good luck getting the frenetic Chicken Litttle chumps to settle down and think rationally about this stuff Cool

Many have noticed the 'war' between the Sylphs and the chemtrail-clouds/whiteouts, though of course there's no contest.   The Sylphs seem to consume that stuff and spin it into their own lovely garments. It's fun to watch and it happens fast enough that we can see it happening.

Another new, positive feature to watch for are singluar clouds that have colored edges.  Green and pink seem to predominate but I've seen all the rainbow colors in some cases.  Also, one cloud might have that feature but the one right next to it might not.

This is obviously not a 'chemtrail effect' because I usually see this on days when there are no chemtrail jets in the sky overhead.    Lately, I've seen ordinary, healthy little cumulus clouds with these borders; before we only saw it in localized, higher stratus clouds and in some cases these clouds, though fairly 'dense,' didn't cast shadows.

I think it will be great when more and more people will post their observations of unique, new sky phenomena as our atmosphere continues to move to the positive end of the energy spectrum, worldwide.

This may be a case in which we can appreciate Kelly's observations: he's been seeing the positive shift in remote areas of the planet where there are apparently no gifters at all.

I think it would be nice for all of us to have the certainty that none of our tossed tactical orgonite goes to waste, unless the CIA and MI6 freaks who manage to find token amounts of our gifts are tossing it into the furnace, of course Cool