Tagar/Betar group

In Europe the most important Zionist terrorist group is Tagar, the youth (or "student") branch of the radical Zionist movement Betar. The Tagar/Betar group has carried out numerous criminal attacks against "enemies," including Holocaust revisionists. Headquartered in Paris, Tagar/Betar has close ties with the Israeli government, and particularly with the political party of Begin and Shamir. Tagar is reportedly controlled by Israel's covert operations agency, the Mossad.
    Tagar activists have often boasted of their determination to "strike" against anyone who "denies the Holocaust." Tagar admitted responsibility for a physical assault against French revisionist historian Olivier Mathieu during a television interview in February 1990. Three months later, Tagar thugs sacked the "Ogmios" bookstore in Paris (which carried revisionist titles).
    Tagar/Betar activists receive combat training along military lines from Israeli army officers. Tagar members wear paramilitary blue uniforms with white ties (the Zionist colors). Tagar/Betar has operated in Europe with the knowledge and approval of high French officials such as Prime Minister Laurent Fabius (who is Jewish). In more than one Tagar/Betar attack against opponents, French police have passively stood by.
    Tagar activists have operated in France under other names, including "Jewish Defense Organization" and "Jewish Combat Organization." Private para-military groups are strictly forbidden in France, except Jewish ones. Between June 1976 and April 1991, such Jewish "militias" have carried out 50 attacks. In effect, Jewish terrorists in Europe can attack their "enemies" with impunity.
    Tagar has also been active in the United States. In February 1992, the "Tagar Student Zionist Organization at the Ohio State University" in Columbus organized a protest meeting against Holocaust revisionism. The group distributed a leaflet -- which, typically, contained factual falsehoods -- specifically attacking revisionist activist Bradley Smith. [1993] The Zionist Terror Network Background and Operation of the Jewish Defense League and other Criminal Zionist Groups