Tales From Texas

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Post Tales From Texas 
Hello relatives,

After busting all of the towers in my city some years ago, it's a
great pleasure to see spewplanes lay ct's that don't stick at all.
That's what happens usually but every now and again I'll see some
that stick. I'm sure that various factors in the equation contribute
to this and I've wondered what I can do to even the odds.

I remember reading once or twice Don that if we want to see drastic
and permanent clearing of our skies you suggest busting every haarp
array in a 100 mile radius, so I've set my sights on this as my next
orgonite goal.

To that end last Thursday my son, Nathan (16), and I loaded up the
car with orgonite and heading up into the beautiful Texas hill
country. This was the first major gifting run for both of us since
last summer when we gridded downtown Austin. This run was funded by
my orgonite biz so here's a hearty Texas thank you to all of my

We drove up IH-10 busting haarp arrays and deathray towers alike
until we were about a 100 miles from the downtown of my city. On the
way back we ate lunch in Kerrville and then busted towers there. We
also busted all of the towers in Boerne. Also on the way up we
gifted a TP roller near Cascade Caverns where we have reason to
suspect satanic ritual activity. I had gifted around there
previously but we wanted to get at least one TP roller in the area
to give the sewer rats fits underground.

At one point the clouds opened up and it looked like about a dozen
ct's were laid in a row, but since we saw no planes I think that may
have been some kind of haarp molestation. We also got to bust one
array that was just being put up.


70 TB's, 1 TP roller, and 1 10 oz HHG cone were gifted.

We got a confirmation the next day when we got hit by some predatory

We blasted back so it didn't last long.

health, help, happiness


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Thx, Marcus--the advantage of taking on wide ranging gifting missions, as you're demonstrating, is that confirmations in the atmosphere are immediate and satisfying.

Let me know if you haven't got the best of those sewer rats (your federal terrorists/assailants) in the next couple of days, okay?  Help is always available for front-row gifters who get smacked in reprisals, though the majority of these assaults can be handled by individuals who are  competent at applying the techniques reviewed on donebydooney.com  and/or by learning directly, online,  from Dooney. The more people who get proficient at this public service effort, the quicker the world odor  will go away.

The relative scarcity of tornadoes and floods in recent years tells us that more and more people are getting out and disabling the HaARP arrays along the highways.  Fortunately for all of us, the world odor puts these arrays on major highways, mostly, so we don't have to hunt too hard for them.

The big lakes in our region were gifted largely with  Marcus' towerbusters last fall.  Our new obligations made it advisable for us to start making  our own orgonite, again, but lots of folks who just get started can get boxes of TBs and other goodies from Marcus and other vendors.

By the way, TP rolls are orgonite inserts for pipes that are open and in the ground. This turns ordinary fence posts or sign posts into Earth Pipes.  It's a whole lot easier to use these than to pound pipes into the ground, especially in Texas in the summer Cool.  Also, when the CIA, FBI or other sewer rats are trying their best to keep up with Americans on gifting missions (to see where we've put our gifts) it's helpful for us not to have to stop and laboriously pound something in the ground, though we seem to always manage to keep the EPs, too, hidden somehow.

One of my favorite aspects of gifting, as Dan in Bali also observed, is that the world odor apparently turns up their death towers after they've been gifted.  That way, they're increasing the net orgone output in an area. If they just turned the damn things off the atmosphere wouldn't be as vibrant as it is. I wonder if these bureaucratic fools think they can wear orgonite out Wink.   Maybe that's why they keep squirting their  cumulus-cloud-generating sky spew from untold thousands of of chemtrail jets in the face of evident, constant defeat.  I can't imagine that they're getting as much psychological advantage from this as they apparently hope to achieve.












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Post Re: Texas Hill Country Gifting Run 
Hello relatives,

Yesterday Bearcat and I headed up US281 North for round two of our
100 mile radius campaign.

Targets included several major vortexes where there were towers
grouped on hillsides, the Blanco masonic lodge, the cities of
Blanco, Johnson City and Marble Falls, and several lakes, rivers and

We would have done more in Marble Falls but were forced to turn back
due to time constraints.

Our efforts were rewarded with an immediate confirmation: the ct's
were saw being sprayed on the way back were not sticking!

 Mr. Yellow

52 tb's, 2 tp rollers, 2 hhg's and 4epb's were gifted.

health, help, happiness


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Post Re: Texas Hill Country Gifting Run 
Hello everyone,

I don't post reports when I just toss a few tb's or gift just a little
bit of orgonite but this one felt special so here it goes.

Last Saturday night Bearcat and I went to a Stone people lodge ceremony
(sweat lodge) and we also took a friend of mine from work and his younger
brother. After dropping them off Bearcat and I both realized that we had
left our shorts over by the lodge so we drove back and got them.

When we got back in the car I mentioned that I still had the box of tp
rollers in the car and we decided to gift a few.

First up we gifted a small mall just west of downtown and one sign on the
pole said "police car only." It doesn't get any more perfect than that.

We then were going through downtown and I said let's go regift the
Masonic temple (Scottish rite) and he quickly agreed.

We parked the car and walked right up to it. In the front are 2 lamps on
posts and at the bottom of the posts are carvings facing the 4 directions
which at first glance looked like goat skulls. On closer inspection they
could be cows, but actually they are really ambiguous. This temple is
fairly large building standing 3-4 stories with Egyptian symbols and others such
as a double headed eagle.

Bearcat then walked down the alley next to it but I did not feel that was
prudent. He tossed a tb over the fence. I'm not going to report what we
heard because we aren't really sure what we did hear (it could have come
from the club around the corner), but it sounded creepy to me.

Across from the alley was a strange structure. The first floor was
basically a parking lot enclosed with barbed wire, the second floor looked like an
old warehouse. Although the building looked old and run down there were two
keypads near the door and one of them had a card reader. On the fence
next to the door was a sign with a symbol of a bat.

BTW, outside the front of the temple there was a sign saying that there
is a library and a museum inside and that the public is welcome. We will go
back for that and see if we can get some orgonite inside.

We then walked around the corner and gifted 2 tp rollers then Bearcat
threw a tb on the roof.

all my relations


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Post Re: Texas Hill Country Gifting Run 
Those occult experiences/impressions we often get when gifting juicy world-odor targets like that satanic temple are priceless, Marcus, and thanks for sharing them because many are getting these experiences and impressions in the field but are hasty to assign them to an overactive imagination.   The bat symbol and entryway security on a decrepid building were solid signals, by the way.

It's great to go gifting after a spiritual ceremony, I think---sharpens and refines our senses and helps us line up with  The Operators.

Taking  on such a large area is admirable and shows deep commitment but you found out, years ago, that the work is its own reward, of course.  A thousand 'orgone-generating'  towers, some defunct underground bases and a whole lot of now-healthy vortices in San Antonio can bear witness to your earlier success and I'm sure the HAARPies' panties are in a twist now that you've committed to removing their baleful influence throughout such a huge area.

You had mentioned occasionally persistent chemtrails in another post and I'd like to remind our readers in gifted areas that these are likely just skywriting material or some other harmless substance that doesn't have any DOR content. I think they're done for psych effect, which  is kind  of flattering. Note that they, too,  either disappear pretty soon and/or or just seed very long clouds.

I've been pleased to be able to send people to Marcus (Orgonite4U in the vendors link on the forum's home page) for discount towerbusters because some folks just don't have the confidence to start making their own orgonite in the beginning.  It's been a tremendous service and thanks for providing it, Marcus!

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Post Re: Tales From Texas 
Hello relatives,

Yesterday my son Nathan(16) and I went on the 3rd leg of our 100 mile radius tower busting campaign.

We headed out 100 miles on IH-10E towards Houston. We gifted Seguin, Luling, Flatonia, and Schulenburg.

After returning home in the late afternoon we were treated to a drizzle and light rain.

We gifted 73 TB's, 1 HHG and 2 EPB's.

health, help, happiness


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Post Tales From The Texas Coast 
Hello relatives,

Last Sunday my daughter, my son, my grandson and I went to the coast.
It was my grandson's first time to the beach. He is 5.

As I'm sure most of you know Huricane Dolly (harrpicane?) just hit land
yesterday at the Texas/Mexico border, so maybe our gifting run was more
timely than we knew.

We headed out 37 south towards Corpus Christi and started busting
towers. My son was throwing the tb's out the window. When I told him to
toss one he would look up from the book he was reading and let it rip.

Corpus (and the coast) is about 2 and 1/2 hours from our city.
Corpus has a rather large industrial sector, but unfortunately we were
not able to gift that at this time. I'm not sure when I'll be in that
area next so hopefully there are some gifters there on the job.

One thing that I noticed right away was all of the rather large, low
and fast moving clouds that we saw all of the way from our door to the
coast. I also saw a few CT's above the clouds on the way.

Once we got to Corpus Christi, we went over the bridge and headed
northeast. We rode the ferry and ended up at Port Aransas on Mustang

We put up an umbrella, ate a small lunch and got about playing in the
ocean. My grandson and I gifted the ocean with 10 tb's. It seemed to me
that the ocean liked the orgonite.

The area is known for the large number of species of birds that are
either native to the region or that migrate through there. We saw quite
a few very large pelicans. I didn't see any dolphins.

We are on the beach about 5 hours then headed back out. We tossed a few more tb's
and had a stimulating discussion on the drive back that broached a multitude of topics.
I noticed a few CT's that broke up fast on the way back.

We gifted 61 tbs.

I hope to have another report to give soon.

All my relations.


BTW, Orognite4U will be raising it's prices very soon. IMHO I have some of the
lowest prices on orgonite around, but rising material costs will be forcing me to
raise my prices in the next week or two.


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Post Re: Tales From Texas 
Good work, Marcus, and thx for the sky report between San Antonio and Corpus!  That speaks volumes to the health of the atmosphere in Southern Texas. Chemtrails, before the timely proliferation of orgonite cloudbusters, typiically destroyed all the rain-bearing clouds within minutes of being spewed.  On my first extended towerbusting expedition, six years ago, I watched a Boeing 747 chemtrail jet arrive and weave in and out of a huge, isolated thunderhead that had quickly grown up over an area that I'd just gifted and within minutes that storm cloud literally disappeared.  The nearest cloudbuster, at that time, was about 250 miles away.  If there was a closer CB, that jet would have failed to destroy that raincloud.

It's fun to watch them try to destroy Sylphs, these days.  YOu get the impression that the Sylphs are playing with the stuff and turning it into more Sylph gowns Cool

The fact that chemtrails never destroy rain clouds, any more, is solid evidence that the stuff is neutralized much higher in the atmosphere, before it falls to the level of cumulus clouds.  I hope more and more gifters will post their observations of the sky, before and after gifting expeditions and simply how it looks where they live most of the time.

Corpus got one of the first orgonite cloudbusters but I only heard from the fellow there a few times, years ago.  I don't know if he busted any death towers or HAARP arrays.

Carol and I spent time in Port Aransas in the fall of 2000 and the Gulf water in those days was so toxic that we got quite sick one evening while camping at the beach.  Fortunately, the zappers stopped the incessant coughing and we got some sleep after that. The ground electrodes on our zappers were stained black the next morning (it was impossible to remove the stain, even with metal polish),  which only ever happened to the electrodes in the presence of intense chemtrail bioweaponry.  That was several months before we made our first orgonite cloudbuster, so the chemtrails were doing their worst in those days.  The black-electrode phenomenon seemed like evidence that the red tide at the beach was created by the same folks who brought us chemtrails Cool

I'd love to see how the seawater looks (and smells) there, now, but the return of the pelicans is surely a sign of improvement and that area no doubt needed your orgonite and it's a fun place, otherwise. I prepared for my first ocean crossing in a small boat there in the fall of 1995, so it's special for me that way, too.  It wasn't nasty there, then, but it sure was when we went there, five years later. I think that by then HAARP and the rest of the global poison agenda was in full swing and threatened to succeed.

I'm going to look up HAARPicane Dolly.   I know that the Hurricane Direction Center, under Miami, routinely lies about this stuff, calling tropical storms 'hurricanes' and telling mistruths about wind strength and storm damage.  I suppose they're getting desperate on account of HAARP losing the weather war to orgonite.  I think that Corpus Cristi is close enough to the Mexican border that you would have seen evident damage if that storm was actually a hurricane.

I hope our readers will recognize that a fellow whom we don't know but who posts prominently as 'starseed' on another forum is not Marcus, who also uses that ID in his email address.  

Marcus is one of those individuals who gifted an entire metropolitan area alone, by the way: San  Antonio is around a million people, which means the suburbs are another million. Figure an average of one new death tower per every 2000 inhabitants and you can see how many were turned into life force generators with his ministrations Wink so if you're the only gifter in a big city, take heart!  He's done a lot more than just that city, of course.

When Carol and I got back to Idaho from Florida a couple of years ago we bought several hundred towerbusters from Marcus for our big lake gifting project until we could get set up to make our own, again.  orgonite4u is his link in the right margin of EW's homepage and it's good stuff.



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Post Re: Tales From Texas 
Great going Marcus !

Just for the record I've shipped over 400 orgonite tower busters in the past 3 months to gifters in El Paso and to a couple of gifters in New Mexico ! They're not posters, but deserve some credit for buying tb's and disabling the death towers in their towns.

Good people stepping up to the nwo, you all are AWEWSOME !

Eric  Mr. Yellow


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New post Re: Tales From Texas 
Eric, for the longest time there were no gifters in West Texas and New Mexico and there were only a handful of orgonite cloudbusters, which can't really cancel HAARP weaponry on their own but a couple of years ago a guy in El Paso did so much gifting in his area, which was apparently a key HAARP stronghold, that the Rio Grande, which long-term HAARP droughts in New Mexico had turned into a mere brook, came back to life and then  flooded the areas where people had foolishly moved onto the old floodplain.

I'm very happy to know that you've been supporting efforts in that important region and I hope you'll follow my lead and start posting their reports, here, assuming they will allow it. I usually leave out the names to protect the innocent or 'not guilty' Wink as the case may be.

We need more and more empirical reports from busy gifters for the record because if the $#!tbird agencies' army of chest-pounding poseurs actually try to steal our thunder in the media and/or discredit EW that body of useful reports will blow them out of the water.

 Otherwise, good reports simply inspire more and more of our readers to get busy with gifting, of course, and it's just not feasible to have an open membership policy, these days, I'm sorry to say.