Targeting Black community
Covert vaccine agendas

Iíve talked to individuals who work in the pharmaceutical industry and theyíve told me that the most experimental and dangerous vaccines are always administered to the African American communities. Thereís a story Iíve heard numerous times, of this Black doctor who was working in a department that handled vaccines, and he noticed that vaccines that were to be sent to the Black community had code numbers on them which were different from the numbers that were on the package being sent to the White community. He couldnít understand why there was this difference. On one occasion, he accidentally mixed the two packages up. They found out what happened and immediately recalled the batches of vaccines. Now, why? What was in those vaccines that were supposed to go to the Black community that was different from the one going to the White community? Iíve heard that story many times, from several credible sources. An Interview with Curtis Cost By Susan Davis