'They're Afraid!' (crowd cheers in background)

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New post 'They're Afraid!' (crowd cheers in background) 
Apparently there was a watershed development in Dooney's international chatroom on Saturday.  We were 'doing' the top US predators (in and under the White House) again because they were apparently lining up (with  the Mossadomites) another nuke-attack  attempt on Persia, when Carol noted that this was the first time that Cheney and crew showed apprehension and fear of failure.

Remember Robert Heinlein's book,  STARSHIP TROOPERS?  It was about a race of bugs that were attacking earth from their distant planet and it was made into a movie about ten years ago.

The protagonists from Buenos Aires had been in the invading army occupying one of the outlying bug worlds and had managed to capture one of the 'brain bugs.'  When the psychic military guy got next to the captured bug, he proudly announced, 'It's afraid!' and all the soldiers cheered because they knew that this was a turning point in the war, which had been going very badly for the humans until then.

Lots of people email  me to say that they, too, have sensed that the world order is falling, now.  The last to 'get it' might be the fear junkies who think they're awake but are stuck in the Chicken Little (CIA) disinfo sites but they'll probably put down their addictions before long, too.

That said, I asked Carol if the Mossadomites are also considering their own demise and she said, 'No, those guys are going to have to be stopped--they're committed to the death.'  I understand that physically stopping these baby-killers is an option but I bet that pulling the money plug on Israel's fascist regime  will be a cleaner solution. If the Mossadomites, who are apparently failing to incite World War Three,  are eventually forced to rely on slingstones and clubs to kill innocents it will be much easier to deal with them Wink

The Triads and Vryal, even the Jesuits, are apparently more pragmatic and I bet they're already stealing gold and hiding it for themselves in caves so that they won't eventually be arrested or starve.  Maybe they'll live on mushrooms in darkness, which would be more expeditious than housing them in prisons at public expense, I think Cool

It's just not a great time in history to be a professional  predator.