Number 6 March 16, 2002


by Gordon Thomas

North Korea has been engaged for the past twenty years in a world-wide
abduction program of young women - who are used to produce "sleeper agents."

As many as 60 girls have been kidnapped from Europe by intelligence
officers working for North Korea's repressive regime.

The staggering story of the program was revealed this week in a Japanese

A senior Japanese intelligence officer has said the program was designed
to produce "sleeper agents" - who would then be used to spy on their own
people. Or, when old enough, would be encouraged to go abroad.

America and Britain were named as two of the countries where they could
be operating.

The story emerged when one of the former North Korean agents, Megumi Yao,
gave evidence about her role in the kidnapping in 1983 from London, England,
of a twenty-three-year-old au pair girl, Keiko Arimoto.

She was abducted while a student at a language school in the city's
prestigious Marble Arch area.

"My job was to target young women. They had to be without family ties or
a boyfriend," said Yao.

The pretty young student -- who worked as an au pair looking after the
children of a marketing executive, was persuaded by Yao to come with her
to the Danish city of Copenhagen.

"Waiting there were other agents of North Korea," Yao told the court.

Using what she admitted were "brainwashing techniques" derived from

CIA's long-disgraced MK-ULTRA program, Yao said that Keiko Arimoto was
"turned" inside twenty-four hours by a combination of drugs and other
"mind control techniques."

She was then flown on a North Korean airlines flight to Pyongyang from

There she was sent, according to Yao, to a "special breeding center."

The girl was artificially impregnated and gave birth to a child in 1988.

"The child was immediately taken from her," the Korean intelligence officer
said. She is now in hiding in Japan.

If still alive, the child - his sex is not known - would now be fifteen years.

Japanese intelligence sources have told Globe-Intel that they are urgently
tracking a gang working for the North Korean who specializes in the traffic
of humans.

"Incredible though it seems, these children will have been bred to spy,"
said the source.

The details emerged in a Kobe court dealing with a passport forgery case.

"But the prospect that there are real-life Manchurian candidates out there who
may have been programmed to kill is absolutely frightening," said a Japanese
intelligence source.

Gordon Thomas is a writer on intelligence for a number of leading European
newspapers (the Sunday Express, UK; El Mundo, Spain; Welt am Sonntag, Germany).
His work is also syndicated internationally by World Wide Syndication. Any
use of the above must carry a clear attribution to both Gordon Thomas and
Globe-Intel. He is a Contributing Editor to Globe-Intel, an international
newsletter devoted to intelligence matters.


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