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New post Threats?
08 June 2008
To the anonymous sender of this "business" email I'd like to say I don't appreciate threats like this.
Especially if you don't have the guts to sign with your name.



Hi, you got this message too?
Isnt time to make steps, to defend our European technology?
Im tired of american clowns who act as they OWN orgonite.

---------------------------- Original Message ----------------------------
Subject: a reminder about orgonite
From:    "karl hans welz" <>
Date:    Thu, June 5, 2008 3:26 pm
To:      "" <>

actually - the web site is, where I have w3ritten more about my
and more.

for your information, I invented orgonite after inventing the orgone
generator in 1991.

Do Croft ripped off (stole) my technology some 8 years after my invention -


plus, orgonite is my registered trademark (in the USA) and I will crack down
on everybody using this trademark very soon - mostly using international law
concerning trademarks on the internet (closing down their web sites) -
unless I get credit for the invention in the web sites.

orgonite - reg. No. 3,033,236
orgone generator - reg. no. 2,950,720
chi generator - reg. no. 2,950,719

My contact who speaks Romanian - partner in bio energy corporation Budapest,
Mr. Sandor Dezsi

Start gifting or making your own orgonite, at
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New post Re: Threats? 
Thx for getting this in the open, Carolien, and don't worry about getting sued.  This has been a standing threat for about six years from Karl Welz, whom I've always given credit for being the source of my information about the combination of resin and metal particles.  I"ve been careful to give him credit for the term 'orgonite' too, which he apparently attempted to copyright after others had been using it publicly, so has been unable to successfuly sue anyone for using it.  I don't know who among us started using the term but it's so economical that Carol and I adopted it, too.

Five years ago I visited him at his home in ATlanta in order to clear the air and he acknowledged that I did not, indeed, rip him off but he has apparently changed his mind about that.

Others have combined resin and metal, by the way, and called it something else.   I've been happy to give credit to all the people who have contributed to the work we're all doing.  I think that an overly-proprietary approach to new technology just muddies the water and slows down dissemination of empowering information