Thwarted nuclear 'ascension' on October 17?

Don Croft
Thwarted nuclear 'ascension' on October 17? - October 5, 2006 11:42
Our Sunday Hunting Session was very productive but only after a couple of hours of struggling to help our psychics get out from under a pall of interference and misdirects.

Generally, we consider that kind of resistance the best confirmation that we're on the track of something significant and we were looking for any new mass murder plots that the $#!+house rats at the top of the World Odor dungheap have in process.

The psychics eventually found Killer Kissinger as a sort of keystone, so he got a dodecahedron and the crystals in the vertices were not only black but misshapen, the guy is so rotten. All the psychics saw that. We were still in the dark, though, in terms of mayhem plots and finally got to the 'plan' after Andy mentioned some new satellite weapons that had apparently just been deployed, allegedly capable of wiping out entire city populations from space with a keystroke.

The reports are apparently overrated, as usual, but the psychics did find a plan to use the new weapons to detonate several very small nuke bombs in key US cities on October 17. The bombs were put there some time ago and were as small as possible, also shielded somehow, apparently in order for psychics not to discover them through characteristic nasty energy signatures.

That brought to mind how D Bradley and Carol were hit by space-based beam weapons a couple of years ago, also brought to mind the earthquake in Bar Harbor that was centered very close to Mary Anne's cloudbuster a few weeks ago. There are no faultlines around Bar Harbor and the quakes were preceded by loud booming in the atmosphere and perhaps a bright flash.

Affecting locations deep underground shouldn't be considered unfeasible. After all, HAARP was being sold by official disinformants as a way to map underground topography, so to speak.  Carol and I gifted a weatherball in a deep canyon on the side of Mt Rainier, which she could see was being used to help induce an eruption.  We neutralized that one (she saw a lot of Sasquatch applauding us, then) four years ago and of course Kelly put paid to the eruption possibility, later on, by gifting key vortices on the mountain.

Dr Stevo's blue whale friends apparently took care of (destroyed) the new satellite weapons and the psychics saw dolphins having a grand time hauling those little nukes out of our dimension.

 When Dooney gets blocked, we routinely look for and find a draconian ship over their place in Montana and, routinely, we destroy it, then she's fine again.   The dodecahedron technique is apparently not lmited by scale considerations Cool and what a phenomenal discovery that was!  The psychics first saw whales and dolphins swimming in that pattern around seabed nuke bombs in order to move them out of our world, then eventually they taught Dooney how to visualize our present creations.

At the end of the trouble period, Carol saw some sewer rat psychic predators trying to protect themselves from us in a dodecahedron of their own design but, of course, they got it wrong and in a short time they weren't a problem any more.  Apparently, the sewer rats and their offworld cohorts are incapable of conceiving how we do this.

If you still think dolphins are beasts you ought to get close to one and let him/her look into your eyes, if he/she is so inclined.  Even the caged ones want to help us all get clear of tyranny and our PJs. 

As you know, I'm not reporting this as an attempt to convince you that any of this is real; I just want it in the public record. We can sort it all out later on, when there's more evidence. We all feel a deep urgency about staying on top of the World Odor's mayhem agenda because if the various little groups like ours throughout the world who get in the way of genocide and tyranny will continue to succeed, the World Odor will go out with a sigh instead of dragging humanity into the abyss with them.

When I heard, second hand, that newagers are touting October 17 as a day of increased cosmic enlightenment and so forth I naturally assumed that the $#!+house rats are planning something evil for that day. It's the nature of irrational beliefs to be strengthened rather than weakened when their specific expectations are shattered. It's a time-honored programming technique, in fact.

If that werent' so, how can you account for the fact that every new, fake prophecy is met with enthusiastic, unquestioned acceptance by these proselytes, even though every single prediction, so far, has failed to materialize? They even get starry-eyed about doomsaying.

Note the similarity to how bornagain chumps boost the murderous [Vril] Zionists and pray for the annihilation of our planet, led by pedophile, drug-addicted, atavistic, charismatic television preachers. This has the same programming characteristic as the newagers' 'ascension' scam (in each case, the chumps are convinced that they'll be not only spared but will be somehow exalted) but the reason fundamentalists don't try to bulldoze their way into taking over the gifting network, as newagers still do, is because discernment terrifies them and gifting is all about discernment. Newager proselytes believe that they don't need to discern reality any more because they've got all the answers, so they invade and subvert/dillute/castrate every progressive movement if they're allowed access. I think Reichsfuhrer Himmler would have expired from envy if he could have got a peek at these masterpieces of mind control programming.

Did you know that the newage movement (Theosophy) was supposed to have been the official world religion by now? 'Official' implies overt, global dictatorship and genocide. The reason I encourage people to read good conspiracy literature is because it's the best way to break down the mind control that we've all been subjected to since birth.

You might know that the World Odor is so far behind schedule and people in general are waking up so fast that the sewer rats will never have their wishes granted, after all.

When the global tyranny threat is entirely gone, newagers and fundamentalists won't have any grist for their doom and escapist mills and that, for me, will be a very happy development.