Was Timothy McVeigh Really Executed?

Rixon Stewart

No really, that’s a serious question. For throughout the whole OKC bombing saga the mainstream media has ignored some serious inconsistencies.

For example: some of those killed in the Oklahoma City bombing were not killed in the blast itself but died later in highly suspicious circumstances. One such was Mike Loudenslager who was responsible for saving the lives of many children in the Murrah Building’s day care centre.

In the weeks prior to the actual bombing, Loudenslager, a GSA employee, had been complaining about the large amounts of ordinance and explosives being brought into the building by the B.A.T.F. and D.E.A, who had offices there. Others had been complaining too, including the building’s security director who filed a formal compliant and promptly lost his job. Thereafter fire marshals were denied access to the building when they arrived to inspect some remodelling that had been done to the day care centre.

Fearing the worst, Loudenslager and the day care operator began warning the children’s parents not to bring their children into the building. Had they not done so, the death toll probably would have been far higher.

Shortly after the actual bombing, Loudenslager was seen by many witnesses, including police officers and rescue workers, involved in a very “heated” confrontation. Much of his anger being due to the fact that he felt that the B.A.T.F. and D.E.A. were responsible for the extent of the blast damage.

However to the astonishment of those who had seen him in the immediate aftermath of the bombing, it was later reported that Loudenslager was found at his desk, a victim of the 9:02 A.M. bombing. This was reported only AFTER he had been seen alive and well by numerous rescue workers. Despite this he is now on the official list of victims claimed by the blast.

His death was to play a part in the demise of two others, Dr. Don Chumley and Terry Yeakey, both of who were at the Murrah Building that fateful morning. They had something else in common too; at the time of their deaths each had been trying to deliver evidence that Loudenslager was alive AFTER the bombing which is said to have killed him.

Terry Yeakey met his demise whilst delivering evidence to a multi-county task force that, he thought, would establish the truth about the Oklahoma City bombing. Whilst Dr. Chumley was killed some months earlier, when his personal jet “crashed”, attempting to do the same. Meanwhile the mainstream media has ignored compelling evidence contrary to the official line that McVeigh acted alone in delivering a truck carrying a fertilizer bomb to the Murrah Building. Yet literally hundreds have attested otherwise.

One such is retired Air Force Brigadier General Benton K. Partin, former head of the U.S. Air Force Armament Technology Laboratory. His request that the bombsite be preserved for further investigation was completely ignored by the U.S. Government; instead the site was covered over three weeks ahead of schedule, effectively burying the remaining forensic evidence.

Moreover many eyewitnesses reported not one, but two explosions, and this is a certifiable fact. Investigations at the Oklahoma Geological Survey at the University of Oklahoma revealed seismographic records indicating two explosions, ten seconds apart. The first occurred at 9: 02 and 13 seconds with another following at 9:02 and 23 seconds. According to General Partin and many explosive experts that investigator Ted Gunderson has spoken to, this rules out the explanation of a truck bomb.

A more plausible explanation, they say, is a barometric bomb. This works via a process that involves not one but two explosions; the first uses an explosive known as PETN which releases a lethal cloud of chemicals, ammonium nitrate and aluminium silicate. This cloud is energised with what is described as a “high potential electrostatic field.” A few seconds later there follows another blast using an explosive called PDTN that ignites the cloud created with a much greater force than TNT.

This would account for the two blasts heard by witnesses and it would also explain the extensive damage caused by the explosion. However such a bomb would be beyond the scope of a supposed ‘lone nut’ like Timothy McVeigh. In fact knowledge of how to construct such a device is available to only a few with the highest level of security clearance because the barometric bomb is still highly classified. In other words only those with a high level of security clearance in the U.S. Government and security services would have access to the know how to construct such a device.

Not only did McVeigh not have such clearance but he didn’t have the necessary know how to make such a device himself. All of which suggests that McVeigh was not the bomber but a patsy, a fall guy who was lined up to take the rap for the bombing. And his reward? A place in the history books with a new life and a clean bill of health after his “execution” maybe? Significantly, by court order there was no autopsy and no cremation of his body after execution, this despite the fact that both are standard practise for executed prisoners. Moreover according to reporters covering the execution, McVeigh seemed remarkably calm. So there were no last minute nerves, no clinical autopsy, no cremation and maybe no body too?



McVeigh during his trial.

And in a final ironic twist McVeigh’s death certificate – if authentic - lists him a “soldier” and his employer as the US Army. Yet he supposedly left the US Army back in 1993.

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Sgt. McVeigh was an outstanding soldier. He did what he was told, anticipated what had to be done (and) took pride in his work," - Capt. Jesus Angel Rodriguez, McVeigh's commanding officer during the Gulf War, testifying at his sentencing hearing

“The shallow breathing continued... or what appeared to be shallow breathing... even after they pronounced him dead.” - Susan Carlson reporting on McVeigh’s execution for WLS Chicago, broadcast minutes after the sentence was carried out.

Postscript. The above was first posted on rumormillnews, a forum often used by dissident US government insiders. One anonymous respondent wrote that he had personally heard McVeigh being told that: “they wouldn’t let him die inside.”