Tom Hanks

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Freemasonry  Hand on Heart
Rosette Delacroix  More from Luke Aspen:
While still in the process of researching & connecting, I came across by accident, the name Tom Hanks…..Freemason. Never thought he could be one???
By digging around further, I came across an article by your good friend Isaac Weishaupt (whom I really admire) & he wrote that Hanks is an “Orthodox Christian & a nice guy too”. So Isaac says no, Hanks can’t be a Mason.
    Well funny thing, when I went to a real Masonic website, the Gladstone Masonic Lodge #396 F&AM, it shows Hanks’ photo & verifies him as a member! They actually use him as a celebrity Mason for their own bragging rights. Further, that photo shows him making the Masonic hand gesture over the heart. And he is wearing a white suit coat with black pants. I do remember that attire. He wore that years ago to the Golden Globes when he won his 2nd Globe for Forrest Gump. I recall that since he was the ONLY man there that night wearing a white jacket. All the other men wore matching dark suits. Even film critic Gene Siskel commented on Hanks standing out in the crowd with the white coat.
    So I found another website, Masons Live Better, and they too list Hanks. They said that several years ago Hanks bought the rights to the book 12 Mighty Orphans. It’s tells the story of a Texas Masonic Home & School football program. And Hanks wants to play the coach in the film. And yet another film project he wants to do is based on the 60’s Mattel toy action figure Major Matt Mason. (pretty obvious!)
    He also has the movie Sully currently in theaters about Air Captain Chesley Sullenberger & the flight crash over the Hudson River. Directed by Clint Eastwood. The movie poster has Hanks holding his left hand up to his throat.
    Also Hanks just finished his 3rd Dan Brown book-to-movie Dante’s Inferno. The other 2 films were The DaVinci Code and Angels & Demons. All 3 films were directed by Hanks’ good pal Ron Howard. And I said before Howard most certainly is a 33rd Mason. Do you remember that Hanks got his acting start on tv in Bosom Buddies? He & Peter Scolari were always dressed in female drag. And in Philadelphia he played the dying homosexual. Now Hanks is the A-list actor with his 2 Oscars. With that in mind he could now easily qualify to become Sir Tom Hanks!
So what is your take?