Too 'Conspiratorial' For Strieber! Shunned by Dreamland

By Richard Sauder, Ph.D.



"Why is Kundalini Tales all of a sudden "too conspiratorial" to talk about?...I broach the topic of highly secretive, covert mind control programs run by United States intelligence agencies..."

-- Richard Sauder, Ph.D.

In a stunning turnabout, my latest book Kundalini Tales has been rejected for discussion on Whitley Strieber's prime-time Dreamland radio show. The spine tingling reason? It's too conspiratorial! Strieber's scheduler (his wife Anne) delivered the shocking news to me this past week: "It's just not for us, it's not for's too, it's just to conspiratorial for us."

Mind you, we are talking about a radio show here that is completely awash in conspiracy! We are talking about a radio host who owes a large part of his career to peddling conspiracy, specifically UFO conspiracy and cover-up. We are talking about a radio host and author who is all but joined at the hip professionally with the late night radio "King of Conspiracy." We won't directly mention the other host here -- let's just say if I mentioned his name that it would ring a bell. And yet, my work is "too conspiratorial" for Whitley Strieber's radio show. Go figure.

This is all the more extraordinary, because Whitley Strieber himself wrote the cover blurb for Kundalini Tales! Quoting Strieber directly from the cover of the book he now refuses to discuss on the air: "Kundalini Tales is a profound and fascinating journey into the deep of the mind, the soul and the hidden realities that have formed our world. Richard Sauder has a way of getting under the skin, of adventuring into places that most of us hardly notice and would never dare go. Thus, this is a compelling journey, must reading for anyone who wants to explore the secrets behind and beneath human life and the human world."

Ahem. Curiouser and curiouser.

Rejected from Whitley Strieber's radio show for writing a book that is "to conspiratorial"? This from a man who wrote an entire novel dealing with the decades-long Pentagon cover-up and conspiracy of silence and disinformation surrounding the events at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947? "Too conspiratorial" for the man who, check it out, personally wrote wonderful cover blurbs for both of my first two books?! "Too conspiratorial" for the prime-time radio show that has become an American cultural icon over the past decade for drenching the airwaves, with - you guessed it - conspiracy!!

(And, I like Whitley Strieber! He's been nice to me in the past, so this turn of events completely flummoxes me.)

But, I smell a conspiracy here. I really do. I suspect the real reason that Kundalini Tales has been deemed "too conspiratorial" for Strieber's taste (as well as the taste of my most recent, anonymous reviewer at who just shredded me and my book up one side and down the other, making me wonder about what "company" ties the anonymous "reviewer" my have) is that I directly address some sacred cows:

1) I provide hard, documented evidence of the direct involvement of ex-Nazis at the very highest levels of NASA.

2) I provide documented evidence of the direct ties between military intelligence personnel, the Army Intelligence agency, and the Monroe Institute, a New Age sacred cow for many people.

3) I provide documented evidence of the sort of electronic mind control technologies that are now available -- like a patent that permits the direct, electronic transmission of voices into the human auditory cortex via pulsed microwaves.

4) I talk about the kundalini -- the natural, cosmic, supremely powerful spiritual power that is in all human beings.

5) And, I talk about the out-of-body phenomenon.

Of course, these are very similar to many topics that have been discussed for years on Dreamland. So why is Kundalini Tales all of a sudden "too conspiratorial" to talk about? I think it's obvious: I bring in the United States military intelligence connection. I provide hard evidence of the patents that have been granted, on the open, public literature, that have potential nuts-and-bolts mind control applications. I broach the topic of highly secretive, covert mind control programs run by United States intelligence agencies. I talk about the documented, years-long connection between Robert Monroe, the Monroe Institute and United States military intelligence. I briefly allude to the possibility of using mind control technologies to influence human spirituality. And, don't forget those ex-Nazis at NASA.

These are the big no-nos that UFOlogy, Strieber and Dreamland don't want to touch. Not because they are "too conspiratorial," but because they hit too close to the truth! The truth is out there, but you might not hear it on Dreamland!

Read all about it in Kundalini Tales and judge for yourself! Don't let the small minded puppet masters who control the big media outlet known as Dreamland keep you from hearing about and reading this important information.

By Richard Sauder, Ph.D. 2000