Transforming a Crime-Ridden London Neighborhood 

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 Transforming a Crime-Ridden London Neighborhood
I got the following from the same anonymous gifter in London whom I reported in another thread.  This is the sort of gifting I regularly cajole people to try their hand at instead of just busting the death towers, underground bases, ,  masonic temples, etc., and then to witness and report the social transformations.   I invited her to start posting reports here and you'll see why:

    Hi Don i don't know if this counts as a gifting story you're welcome to post it anon if you think it is ok.
    I don't live in an attractive part of london, theres poverty and crime here, its a bit of a story how i ended up here so i wont go into that now.  

When i moved here a few years ago opposite where i live was a crack house and there were regular dramas going on in there, women being beaten up, windows being smashed the police being called out etc also the grumpy old men who i had the misfortune of sharing hallways with started a bullying crusade against me, trashing my bike kicking out the catflap etc.  

At the time i was flat broke and physically ill so i was kind of stuck here.  About a mile up the road there was a run down social housing block which was a notorious crime spot - and i'm talking grissley crimes.  The following year by accident i discovered orgonite and about dangerous orgone  (i was aware of the towers and never liked them because they felt sinister) around the same time that i was reading about chem trails etc.  I felt joyous finding out this information and i thought that where i lived would be a good experiment.  

I started making orgonite and tossing it all around where i live and also having alot of it in my flat.  Two weeks later the police turned up and blocked the road whilst they 'shut down the crack houses ' and boarded up the house.  A few weeks after that the council turned up and did the place up, replacing the boards with windows and the garden was trimmed and tidied, and even bushes were planted ! ( this is unusual, normally the place would stay empty and derelict) Coincidence ? i don't believe in coincidence - that was a couple of years ago and it remains quiet and fine.  

Also over a period of approx 6 months after making a ton of orgonite my neighbours who seemed hell bent on causing me as much grief as possible seemed to just lose interest and one of them actually started to be more friendly towards me.  

The appalling run down social housing block up the road from me which i gifted, a friend of mine has a brother who is a copper and he has said that call outs to that place have dramatically reduced  so .............. i also read that there was a 4% drop in crime committed in this area.  

The shops around the corner on the main road used to attract bored angry teenagers who hung around sometimes creating mischief - they have all gone ....... in general these days this area is quiet and uneventful a vast improvement.  Also next door there was a case of domestic violence going on, the police called out numerous times, that all stopped to, the people moved away.

    As for noticing any difference in the quality of the skies this is difficult to determine.  I discovered orgonite the same time i discovered about the chem trails and sylphs.  I noticed more and more the presence of sylphs chomping haarpy clouds and chem trails, they may have been doing that all along i'm not sure.  

The weather is so changable here its hard to tell what is natural and what is man made.  I do know though that the sylphs are very active here and chem trails mostly don't stick.  I hope my orgonite is helping them in some way.
    Now a few years on i make ornamental orgonite to sell to people to fund my gifting program, people always like them and they seem to sell by word of mouth. I've had reports back from people saying that the orgonite improved sleep, reduced arthritic pain, enhanced crop yeald ( my mum buried orgonite in the soil in her greenhouse and her yeild was about 40% more, her cucumbers were massive !! ) also some people can feel a tingly sensation when they hold a piece.

    This area of london where i live is absolutely saturated with towers everywhere, and even disguised ones now ... macdonald signs church clocks etc so there can never be too much orgonite deployed. I want to do as much as possible because i wont be living here for ever !

    Finally the most profound thing since making orgonite is that i am no longer afflicted with night time psychic attack... i wake up paralysed and there is usually something hideous and terrifying going on, and i am unable to move and i end up losing consciousness.  After making orgonite over the next year i had 2 more, but they were different.  

    best wishes,