Public transport conspiracy
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[No money in public transport but plenty in cars and road building, hence the dire state of public transport (the Conservative Chairman for many years was a road builder, McAlpine).  The poor state of the train system in the UK is one example, another is the tram system is Los Angeles which was ripped up and thrown away.]

See: The Electric Car  Maglev trains

[DVD] Taken for a Ride

The Street Car Conspiracy. How General Motors Deliberately Destroyed Public Transit by Bradford Snell

Great American streetcar scandal

What's good for General Motors is, supposedly, good for America. Now is that The continent and its people or is that the growth of US GNP???

The tyranny of the car... public transport in the UK has been deliberately run off the rails. Beeching and the tearing up of the tracks

Ken Livingstone! Back in the early eighties Ken and his deputy at the GLC, Dave Wetzel attempted to rid London of the plague of the motor car, it was not to be.

Standard Oil made one family a heap of money, never mind that as a necessity democracy fell by the wayside, just what did Standard get up to?

Public transport in the United States subjected to the selfish arbitrary will of the super-greedy. Everybody looses out so why is it allowed to happen??

How consumption has been turned into an obsession, it's incredible what we will become used to if nobody comes along to tell us it is rubbish and that we are being used... critique of consumerism