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 Re: Trip To Reunion Island 
My stuff finally got through customs in Reunion!~

Thanks for the blasts!


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 Re: Trip To Reunion Island 
Yes Andy, Reunion needs orgonite ! Cool that the package arrived Smile Smile

Also I've just received the orgonite towerbusters from Georg. This is very cool and I'll gift around the island. My main targets are in the North/North East, from Saint-Gilles-Les-Bains (and further if possible) to Saint-André. The best would be that we get a lot of fuel to gift all around the island. I've also localized a small HAARP-Like array and I wanted to gift it since months !

The package has been opend many times before it arrived at home because I know (it's written on it) that it landed on Reunion Island (Ile de la Réunion) on the
16th of october and it has been opened and closed with glue many times... Anyway it's here! And MANY THANKS GEORG !

I've made a small SP with an zapper that Don sent me and a meobius coil around a quartz crystal. I hope it works correctly. I had already made some in France and they seemed to work very effectively (I had blasted a lot some months ago when I was there, also planes, helicopters, and invisible enemies...).

My business is actually not working a lot but I feel that the arrival of orgonite at home unblocked some energies... Maybe our busines was blocked. They try to make us afraid by asking a lot of money. It's harder and harder but we are feeling well, are in good health and this is the priority Smile Smile I think that everything is going to unblock slowly. I must speed up things by blasting our enemies Smile

Well I thank you all for your reading, and I send a big boost of LOVE to you all !

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 Re: Trip To Reunion Island 
On 13th November I was with a friend and we went next to the Aéroport Gillot (Gillot Airport) in Sainte-Marie, because I wanted to see this small "haarp-like" antennas that are there and that are visible from the road next to La Mare (just at the entrance of Sainte-Marie when you come from Saint-Denis). This small haarp-like antennas are orange and white and are situated on the airport aera (to protect them from civilian I think). At 300/500m far from it there are the bureaus of Meteo France, the french organism that study meteo in France (in theory, but they are working for our "enemies").

We went between the airport and the Port of Sainte-Marie, because there is a road there where we can stay a little. Also there is a lot of wind, and as the weather is really hot actually it's good to be there to feel the wind.

As soon as we arrived there, a bomber landed off. It stayed at a low altitude and took the direction of Saint-Denis (viewed from Sainte-Marie) over the sea. It stayed at a very low altitude and that impressed me.

Then we took the car in direction of Saint-Denis and on the road around Sainte-Clotilde (just before to arrive at the level of the bridge of Sainte-Clotilde Front-de-Mer) we the the bomber cross our road from left to right at low altitude (really impressing) and then when it was at our right it turned back as if it was very light. The law of aerodynamics are really impressing, because I did not know that a bomber could drastically make a quasi-180° turn at a so low altitude ! Then it flew in our direction and then, as we arrived next to the bridge of Ste-Clotilde (when there is lesser and lesser wood on the right of the road) then it disappeared, it got away.

Then you know what is needed in this case, don't you ? Gift !

And as usually, a lot of helicopters... They waste their time and money, but they like to fly over us hehe... So let them fly, and some blasting from time to time...


Love to you all ! Let's get back our freedom !

(This topic is named "trip to..." but this is better a "LIFE IN REUNION ISLAND", because I live there for now...).

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 Re: Trip To Reunion Island 
Greetings to all,

Just for the record :

3 days ago, in Bagatelle (Highs of Sainte-Suzanne in Reunion Island) we woke up and as soon as my woman was gone for her job one bomber (big green aircraft from the army) passed over our home. Then, some minutes later another white airplane passed around our home during approximatively 2 hours. This latter was white and had 2 french military signs under it (blue/white/red circles). On one side it was written "ASECNA" in big blue letters. My woman made a search about it and it seems to be an aircraft from the french militaries that makes measures about meteorology in South Africa and Madagacascar.

Here is a pic of it I found on their website :

Also many helicopters passed over our house.

Thanks to Georg Ritschl I've been able to gift around Saint-Denis and I also gifted a small haarp-like array on the Gillot Airport. I've also gifted around Bagatelle (Postal Code 97441) in the highs of Sainte-Suzanne near our home where there are some huge antennas (and the one I saw while the astral attacks I was "victim" some weeks ago).

I think that they did not like the arrival of the towerbusters that Georg sent me. They showed themselves before the arrival of the tbs, but they show themselves more oftenly since the arrival...

For those who are curious, here's the website of ASECNA :