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This letter has been kindly compiled by Dr Trower for submission by community groups to public inquiries and local planning authorities to help their cases against TETRA phone mast applications. All may use the letter in its unaltered form, Dr Trower will if challenged confirm the use of the letter for that purpose.
CfPS recommend that both the letter and his full report be submitted to the decision-maker.

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With regard to the above planning application for a TETRA mast, may I please make the following observations. These are based on the Governments N.R.P.B. document (all relevant pages enclosed).

This analogue/pulsed confusion may also invalidate the planning application.

16Hz is known scientifically to interfere with the BETA rhythm of your brains. This section suggests that there may be a risk of cancer to adults; children; pets; farm animals, in years to come.

I believe that this TETRA mast should be refused planning permission until further research can be produced on its safety.

Yours faithfully

 B. Trower

Independent research physicist

(Author of the TETRA report for Police Federation)