Did the Feds Kill a Challenger Expose Over Coast to Coast with Art Bell?

By Ted Twietmeyer <tedtw@frontiernet.net>
March 7, 2005

Original Title
When And Why Feds Took Control Of Coast

Excerpted from http://rense.com/general63/commnts.htm
From Ted Twietmeyer

On Feb. 23rd 1998, I was a guest on Bell's show along with Richard Hoagland. I discussed my knowledge about the events at Kennedy launch complex 39-B the morning of the Challenger launch leaving out the name of the aerospace corporation involved - information that never saw the light of day previously. The Challenger facts actually scared the daylights out of Bell. And apparently others in the government were listening, too. They already had made my life miserable over it.

The show is not available in the archive, and my name does NOT appear anywhere on the coast website. That is, if you can still find that show description (the audio archive isn't.) The description for the show that night read almost verbatim: "Guests are Richard Hoagland and man who has some things to say about the Challenger." When I noticed this program archive description a few days after the show, I inquired at the network about my anonymous listing. Of course, I was given the run-around. The network was scared silly, or the feds already had contacted them. Probably threatened a license pull, which according to other show hosts I've spoken to is one of their favorite tricks. And it's because Challenger was NO accident.

During my interview on that night's show, Bell constantly asked me to speculate (i.e, lie) about what happened that morning. My commentary refused such speculation and I stated only my own facts, and allowed the listeners to make up their minds. As a result, I was on less than an hour. No fun for the showman because I didn't speculate and BS.

Now the real fun began. Soon after my interview, Bell announced on the air he was "retiring."

To shorten the story, what I found out from a network insider, first-hand, was that government intervention was taking place. Apparently, UFO show material and ghosts were OK. Talking about real facts that might wakeup all Americans is not allowed. (No wonder he hates the 911 truth stories.)

In 1998, the feds began demanding CONTROL of his show's content and demanded guest pre-screening. Bell was fighting this, and was off the air for some time while trying to deal with it. The "problem with the family" cover story was retained. As a result of Bell knuckling under to fed pressure, his home phone number which I had used to reach him was changed and he no longer answered my emails. Apparently, I was now on the "off-limits" list according to his handlers. Does Langley, VA come to mind?

Since that show, I have been on other shows including one on shortwave, and a guest on an upcoming Whitley Strieber's Dreamland show discussing other subjects. So much for being on the "off-limits" list. The feds still don't control everything as they want to.

So now you see my point. Bell is - without a doubt - a controlled NWO asset-distraction. He supports global government as stated in his own book "The Quickening" which categorically supports global dictatorship. What Mr. Bell doesn't know, is that the NWO eats their own young.

At the time of Bell's government censorship troubles, he was broadcasting from a house trailer up in the high desert and earning a 'paltry, meager income.' It must have been tough to live on well into 7 figures a year according to a network insider. That's how he could easily afford thousands of dollars for solar panels and his own hi-tech windmill in his fenced in compound. He bragged on his show how he stood outside one day and "watched the utility company cut the cables to his home."

And Bell's guests? ALL get paid $0. Who knows what he's paid these days to do a show now and then as a hobby for the NWO. According to other broadcasters I've spoken to, a guaranteed $1 million a year income is a common offer the NWO makes to shut them up and change their philosophy. More like making a deal with the devil. I didn't know about Bell's salary at the time I was a guest for free.

But what is the cost of one's soul? I've always slept well at night knowing I won't ever sell mine as I'm sure Jeff Rense does, too.

Over the past couple years, I have written some extremely controversial articles that were posted here on rense.com. Yet Jeff has had the courage as a patriot to post them. Kudos to Jeff ! Reviewing thousands of emails 7 days a week is a very thankless job, and one that very few of us could handle.

Ted Twietmeyer