Thomas Barnett Plans Pentagon's Doomed US Empire


Thomas Barnett Plans Pentagon's Doomed US Empire PHOTO: Northcom world map (which was removed several years ago from the Pentagon's website shortly after it was posted)

Is Thomas Barnett Bush's secret architect of plans for the new doomed 21st Century American Empire?

While doing some recent research I came across Barnett's blog. He actually responds to almost every post on his website - like some kind of evangelist or a boy sticking his fingers in the proverbial dike.

For readers not familiar with Dr. Barnett, he is a political scientist who works for the Pentagon and wrote the book "The Pentagon's New Roadmap."

Naturally, [controlled] editors have given him high praise. The rest of us "peons" can readily see it for it truly is, and the title of his book says it all. In past articles I've briefly referred to the negative impact the "roadmap" is having.

Barnett's 2 hour lecture on C-Span's "American Perspectives" all but came out and stated the government itself carried out 9/11, the stock market [controlled] crash and the anthrax letters.

He graphically illustrated and verbally stated using bar charts in the wall screen video presentation that "9/11 was a vertical event, and the anthrax and stock market were horizontal events stemming from 9/11."

Doesn't that say it all? The endless evidence of a missing jumbo jet at the pentagon combined with his bold statements proves that the government has indeed declared war on the world - including the US citizen.

But these idiots constantly fail to recognize that as employees of the pentagon - that they too, are also citizens and have foolishly declared war on themselves.

Americans everywhere see our country's leadership bent on destroying America, both politically and economically. It took more than 200 years for us to reach where we are now - and in just a few years, it will all be ruined beyond repair by one administration.

When the USA ran out of money recently, the dictator just told them to print more.

How many countries in the world were in the final stages of ruin when they did this?

Hitler did the same thing, and in the end his currency was worthless, too. Perhaps the current administration (dictatorship) IS learning from the mistakes of the past - that is, to make those same mistakes again, on purpose.

And therein lies the problem - the concerted, orchestrated effort to tear America down which is underway.

Even worse, to drag all the other countries in the world screaming and kicking into an "American Empire" as is has been called. An empire of what?

The Romans had very similar goals, and that empire used their military might to stomp all across Europe to as far away as England. In the end it all fell apart.

The similarities to the Roman Empire and America today are too blatant to ignore.

e see the current dictatorship today engaging in acts of treason, lies and deceit and using every means possible to downgrade and demonize other countries.

The sad thing is that majority of Americans still believe the network news, perhaps for fearing the unthinkable that their beloved government could lie to them. It is a well known human trait to continue from day to day rejecting sudden, radical change.

After a targeted country for propaganda has been deemed by the dictatorship as a "threat to our national security" and perceived by the public as a threat, we bomb the daylights out of it and immediately send our young men and women in to eat, sleep and breath "depleted" uranium fallout.

Now experts have shown this cloud of mutation and death has swept around the globe. There is an old expression that the military cannot be controlled, and this is indeed true.

What we are seeing now is the "New Roadmap" being executed in front of our very eyes. The green area above is labeled as "the core" by Barnett.

The orange area is where core activity is strongest at this time. People that remain "patriotic" are considered dinosaurs by Barnett and must be dealt with.

Barnett will viciously attack any post on his website that disagrees with him.

Everyone must stop "wondering why things happen the way they do," and remember that in a public speech in 2001 the dictator stated that "Iran, Iraq, Syria, N. Korea and China are the axis of evil."

He also told everyone "you're either with us, or with the terrorists." Of course, he claims that he "withdrew China" from the list, but without doubt that's nothing more than another public lie to pacify the Chinese who were furious at their inclusion.


In the end this attempt at being the world's dictatorship must fail. By Barnett's own admission, the biggest problem is that once countries are brought into the core, we have problems managing them.

Indeed - if American "leadership" (such as it is) were to start another war, they will have big trouble finding enough soldiers to fight it.

Today's young people are now hearing the clarion call of truth - that by signing up, their future is damned.

The truth about depleted uranium is so terrible and widespread that even they now hear it. They will think twice before signing on the bottom line, dedicating their life to a dictatorship that could care less whether they live or die.

Is it any wonder the other European countries hate Americans - because by and large we do not stand up to the new Hitler?

If I lived in Europe, I'd probably feel the same way because of the perception of Americans. We must not forget that their news isn't as controlled as it is in America.

What Barnett fails to realize whether he likes it or not, that in the end the government MUST have the support of the people. Without it any plan is doomed to fail. The expression "money talks and BS walks" is still true, as well as the investor golden rule: "he who has the gold, rules." The latter would certainly be true, as American no longer has a gold-backed currency. Perhaps it all went where the jobs went.

It's time for people everywhere to stop "wondering" about the events they hear in the news and do a reality check.

Is this the American that hundreds of thousands of soldiers fought and died for? The founding fathers KNEW this could happen, and warned us that "no good thing will come of meddling in the affairs of other countries."

Yet we have not stopped doing this for almost a century now.

Megalomania throughout history has always failed, and it will do so again.