Mind-Controlled Sex Slaves and the CIA

E-BOOK by Tracy R. Twyman


According to the testimony of experts and survivors, the CIA utilized all of these elements and more for their Top Secret Project MONARCH, part of the MK-ULTRA mind control program. For Reasons of National Security, dozens if not hundreds of people, many of them children, were allegedly subjected to unimaginable rape, torture, and bloody Satanic rituals, with the aim of fracturing the human mind through trauma. This created multiple personalities that could then be programmed to perform specific tasks. Many of the purported victims say they were used to satisfy the sexual urges of the rich and powerful, even U.S. presidents. For these purposes, the CIA is said to have sought help from intergenerational Satanic cults, as well as child pornography and snuff film networks. As thousands of people were bought and sold on the underground sex slave market, our government supposedly looked the other way, seeing it not as an atrocity but an opportunity. It may sound too horrific to be true, but:

According to the testimonies:

The CIA recruited Nazi scientists as part of Projectb PAPERCLIP and MK-ULTRA to develop a form of brainwashing known as Marionette Programming

Agents of the US government turned innocent women and children into sex slaves for the rich and powerful

The CIA was involved in the production of child pornography and snuff films

People have been used as prostitutes, drug mules, messengers, couriers, assassins and spies without even being consciously aware of it

There is a secret cure for AIDS known only to the elite

Some of the world most powerful people participate in Satanic Ritual Abuse and blood sacrifice

Satanists have infiltrated the highest ranks of our military and intelligence community

There is a global conspiracy of occultists called the Illuminati plotting to create a New World Order police state

The world’s leaders meet at the Bohemian Grove resort every year to sacrifice babies to a demonic idol

These people are making plans for mass genocide and a global dictatorship

Learn about Project MONARCH and:

The failed Savings and Loan scandal of the 1980s and the Franklin Cover-Up in Nebraska

The McMartin Pre-school child molestation trials

Satanic Ritual Abuse cases at the Presidio army base and West Point academy

The disappearance of paper boy Johnny Gosch in Des Moines, Iowa in 1982

The murder of Jon-Benet Ramsey

The murder of Chandra Levy and the case against Congressman Gary Condit

The White House Press Room scandal with conservative blogger Jeff Gannon

The suicide of gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson

Michael Jackson’s child molestation scandal

Multiple child rapist and murderer Marc Dutroux, whose child porno and snuff film ring was covered up by the Belgian police

The Haut de la Garenne, where children were prostituted to powerful people on the Isle of Jersey

The case of the Beast of Jersey, serial child rapist Edward Paisnel