Typical NSA-induced modern hardship: 

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Posted: Mon Jan 03, 2005 1:41 pm    Post subject: Typical NSA-induced modern hardship:
I'm sharing Mike's email to me because it's typical of what most of us have experienced to some degree or another. In his case the interference is more extreme but it illustrates the common tactics used by the NSA, CIA, MI6 and the rest of the global alphabet soup agencies to make life as unbearable as possible for absolutely everyone whom they consider to be real or potential threats to the occult/corporate world order. Most of the people who read this site have experienced some or all of this themselves and I'm offering this as an inducement to go ahead and stop denying that this is now part of your natural life Wink

As we're showing you, the next step after getting past denial is fixing the problem and when you defeat your own attackers, you're stopping them from harming lots and lots of other potential victims down the line.

'Understanding' or hugging habitual predators doesn't stop them, of course. You can sing Kumbaya to them while holding hands all you want and even pronounce to predators in general that 'You Are Not Welcome Here!' but we haven't seen that this has much effect besides triggering an endorphin release in one's brain.

By the way, as far as we know the FBI, Interpol and related bottom-of-the-barrel lawless agencies don't have the privelege of sharing in the high end tech and psi torture agenda that the 'real' spies get to use. Eat your hearts out, slobs! At least your masters let you read our reports and you probably dream of shooting us all in our beds, dressed up in battle armor and ninja gear an hour before martial law would be declared, you beer-swilling reprobates.



Hello I have contacted you before as I am a MKUltra or worse subject loaded with implants which most I have disabled thanks to you and Carol's info.

I just want to say something about TV sets and how they can spy and attack you through them. I have 3 TV sets in my room. One is always unplugged but the other 2 are a 13 and 18 inch Samsung set. When I first was attacked 2 years ago (by the local county sherrifs at Cook county jail in Chicago who were afraid to lose their jobs because they allowed Dr. Phillip Kennedy and Dr. Roy Bakay to come in their jail and inject 2 brain implants in my right arm) the 2 plugged in sets made loud snapping sounds at the exact same time.

This continued to go on always at the exact same time and after the snap, frequency would rise in my ears and then an attack would follow. I have been attacked by psychics and that was nothing compared to frequency attack, ELF or even worse.

I don't think humans had the real evil technology they did try to me. You had said aliens had attacked you before. I had an experience where it felt like they were taking a part of me around my heart and I felt weak like a part of my soul was gone. After an hour or so it was replaced but I felt cold and it was hard to feel emotion. It was one of the most horrible feelings and I have had several others but am reluctant to talk about. It is by the grace of God I am still alive.

Well anyway there are chips in TV sets that create electromagnetic fields to get access to your brain. I do not know if they are getting access to your brain or your implants but you can get relief by unplugging them. The power is still there but it fades when unplugged. The feeling I always had was here we go again, my television just clicked, the frequency in my ears just rose, and here comes another attack.

Whats shock at first becomes normal after a few days.
Well anyway the local sherrif attacks stopped earlier this year because I did some stuff but it drew attention to a more evil, aggressive and sinister force that attacks me whenever they can.

I always have to pay attention to what they are trying to do to me. Thanks, I hope some of this info is useful. If you got
any tips please email me.



Mike, my obvious first questions is, 'Why, if you know that your TVs are being used to harm you, are you still using them?'

Also, it may be helpful to find out whether those TVs were specifically implanted and you could find this out by getting a new one.

The only way we all stay relatively tranquil is that we wear orgonite, have placed plenty around our homes, vehicles, neighborhoods and workplaces and, especially, have disabled all the new death towers in our area. Beyond that, it's essential to hit our attackers very hard each time we become even remotely aware of their interference. You can do this, too.

Please read the Blasting Compendium in the Tips and Strategies section of EW and get busy doing your share, okay? Each time we take down a lawless gov't predator we are performing a public service. YOu can certainly do your share. The only thing that stops anyone from doing this is denial, of course.

You've got a clear picture of the differene between alphabet soup agency predators and non-humans, I see. Be assured that you can take down the non-human ones easier than the humans. I think this is because the non-humans are all trespassing, so are more vulnerable under the law.

It's a lot of fun to do the blasting work and the ones who do it best seem to have the most peace of mind and happiness. Go figure Wink

"We shall no longer hang on to the tails of public opinion or to a non- existent authority on matters utterly unknown and strange. We shall gradually become experts ourselves in the mastery of the knowledge of the Future."

~Wilhelm Reich
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Posted: Mon Jan 03, 2005 11:28 pm    Post subject: Listening
Hi Mike,

Pay close attension to that ringing in your ears. All thru my life from 5 till now I have had problems with nightly visitations. Everytime THEY got near I immediately got a a distict ringing tone in my ear then they would work on me (Put it nicely). Later while paying attension to the different tones I realized people were talking about me. Example I would here a ringing tone then I would get a phone call or an email would pop up. Now I can get a good fix who is talking about be or thinking of me. Listining to the ringing in my ears has been a blessing in disguise.

When you start hearing that bad ring start visualizing protective white light around you, that so tough and dense nothing can penitrate. You are creating a thought form around you that acts like a shield. Using that stopped my abductions for the first time. Here is a technique barrowed from DB for blasting them/keeping them at bay. Only thing that saves me from being taken.

08/12/2004 12:32:48 pm by cbswork
Aura clearing and blasting

You wake up from nightmares...or, you were dogged by Feds all day, getting a clear image of their face in your mind for later. Even that is not necessary. If the windows are blacked out, your intent will deliver to target.

Feel someone poking about your aura, same thing.

1. Get centered.
2. Fill your heart with the spirit of Love, whatever that means to you. This is the single most important step. Nothing works without this step. This must be understood.
3. Go inside to YOUR HEART center and physical heart. located at the point between your shoulder blades and behind the sternum. PUt your consciousness THERE.
4. In breathe, from on high, the SPIRIT OF LOVE, filling your body first, then your etheric web, then your auric egg until you've filled your lungs with all the air you can handle.
5. At this moment you are a radiant vessel of cobalt fire, filled with the Spirit of Love.
6. Blast outward like a cone, or a sphere, everything in your body and aura and eject all violaters, WITH YOUR OUTBREATH, UTTERING THE SACRED WORD - YAHWEH (YAAAAAAWAYYYYYY.) If you can get a tuner, get it in the key of C. G works to, for first ray bodies (tall people.)

You'll sleep like a baby.

ALso, if you do this with your eyes closed and as you out-breathe, say mentally, "show me the eyes or face of my assailant." Almost always, an inner image of some nasty, scaly visage will appear (the true Soul Nature of your attacker.) Results GURUANTEED.

Now you can pitch to proper key MENTALLY. If you are in a store or other place, where using the phsycial sound is not viable. Once you hear the right pitch, you can reproduce it mentally and you'll always be spot on.