Understanding Those Chemtrail Whiteouts Before Rainstorms

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Post Understanding Those Chemtrail Whiteouts Before Rainstorms 
Since the vast majority of people who now see chemtrails didn't see them back when people were being sickened and killed by chemtrails (before mid-2002) and since they mainly came to notice chemtrails after visiting disinformation websites and forums, this new crop of concerned people are mostly terrified and a little hopeless about it all.

I remember pointing out the chemtrail tic-tac-toes in the sky to people who could literally not see them at all so I think the fact that so many people are now able to see the harmless long seeded clouds is a sign of progress.

Otherwise, I encourage people to see this harmless cloud seeding process as mere psychological warfare that supports the disinformation websites.  Apparently, this multi-trillion dollar effort is still being conducted, in spite of its inrcreasing failure rate, in hope that their $#!+bird skunkwork scientists will eventually find a way to overcome orgonite's powerful effects and, meanwhile, they're at least eking out a little psi advantage by terrifying the awakening but not yet self empowered people out there.  

They probably hope to effectively prevent these folks from taking a positive course of action, like busting the death towers and setting up more orgonite cloudbusters.  The folks who subscribe to the disinfo sites and want to do something about chemtrails are still building or buying orgonite cloudbusters, though, and a few of them even overcome that induced inertia enough to start busting the death towers and weather weapons right around them.  A few of those even commit to gifting their entire regions.  This has got to really discourage the clever CIA and MI6 sociopaths and terrrorists on the web Cool but of course they never will understand the higher aspects of human nature, so they'll continue to fail to manipulate people on that level.

The 'bounce' effect of poking a big blue hole in the sky above a new cloudbuster is very empowering but most of the folks who witness this for the first time feel very depressed when that effect gradually diminishes and disappears. There's always a temporary bounce in the orgone level of hte atmosphere when some new measure is added, then stasis is established again.   For the very observant, the new stasis is better than the one that existed before the new measure was taken but most people are not that observant, so are easily manipulated by clever liars on the proliferous,  rotten sites and forums.  

At this point, one will either go back to sleep (which is to say resume a hopeless, powerless attitude while continuing to suck the disinfo tit) or will extend himself and start busting the death towers and weather weaponry in order to more dramatically sweeten the sky.   After some of this gifting has been done is when teh Sylphs usually show up but people who are waking up in areas where the Sylphs have already shown up, thanks to the efforts of other gifters in his/her area, are at a little disadvantage because their efforts will produce less visual confirmations, generally.  Those are the ones I feel a little sorry for because people who start from scratch with a damaged and molested atmosphere are going to get the finest visual confirmations, right off the bat.  

The 'social gifting' confirmations are available to anyone, though these sensory confirmations are more heart-oriented than eye-oriented and we're all conditioned from birth to distrust our heart promptings, after all. People who already learned to trust their heart promptings avoid disinfo sites becausee they feel like crap when they go there.   Those are the tiny minority who usually skip the glitzy, search-engine-favored disinfo sites and find ethericwarriors.com but I mainly write for the sake of the poor chumps who get hooked on disinformation. I think that larger demographic are the psychological battlefield at the  moment, so that's where I personally engage the hiding enemy.  Even so, these people who are trying so hard to wake up are still a tiny minority of our species. The vast majority of humanity will literally kill to stay asleep and powerless and I don't even want to meet any of them.


The purpose of the websites is to keep people spinning their wheels, of course, and to persuade them to 'write to their Congressmen' or to their European or Asian equivalents of these US federal traitors.  Writing to alleged government representatives about chemtrails, under the circumstances, is like appealing to the North American Man-Boy Love Association for protection against pedophiles.

Here are the mechanics of cloudseeding in advance of rain and I'm hoping (beyond hope?) that people will stop being turned into obedient, wind-up Chicken Littles by slick disinformants and those long seeded clouds before long:

Clouds form when warm, rising columns of air that have a lot of water vapor in them cool down to 'dewpoint.'   Dewpoint is the temperature at which water vapor condenses into droplets and this is partly dependent on atmospheric pressure.  On days when atmospheric pressure is higher, clouds form lower in the atmosphere, like around tall mountaintops. These are cumulus clouds--those pretty, white puffy ones.

When atmospheric pressure is lower, clouds form higher up in the atmosphere--these are the flat cloud layers, including chemtrail-seeded clouds.  When clouds form much higher, they're condensed from water vapor (gaseous state) directly to ice and these are the stringy-looking stratus clouds.  Whiteout cloud layers are stratus, water clouds, quite thin.  This altitude is where many of the spewjets spew when there's enough water vapor at the altitude (between 12,000 and 20,000 feet) to create a stratus layer and/or very long, flat and enduring seeded clouds.

As I've mentioned, if you remember when chemtrails were actually dangerous, they came down to teh ground and destroyed all the lovely cumulus clouds on their way to our lungs.  that's not happening any more, though I still get very occasional reports of US Air Force planes spewing actual poison below the cumulus cloud layer.  This happens in experimental areas.  I get those reports mainly from people who don't have the experience or inclination to aim an orgonite cloudbuster or Succor Punch at these criminals in the sky, unfortunately. I think it would be kind of easy to defeat them, otherwise. Their favorite test bed has always been Southern California and my theory is that they can most easily get away with molesting the populace, there.  The fact that so few people in LA have noticed the absence of smog for the past five years probably confirms my theory Wink

So, 'depoint' is a temperature. The fact that clouds form up high is that temperature of the air drops three degrees Fahrenheit for every thousand feet of altitude.  When depoint is the same as the temperature at ground level, fog forms.  The fact that this mainly happens at night is because as soon as the air starts to warm up it carries water vapor toward the sky.  On our drive across the US North Central states in late May, when the HAARPies were generating so many tornados in that region, we saw a bizarre spectacle across part of South Dakota and Minnesota:  a dense cloud layer was formed about 300 feet off the ground and persisted for hundreds of miles.  In Minnesota, when we were camped at an RV facility (I call them, 'HokeePokee Refugee Camps for Depression Babies') the hidden geofascist $#!+birds apparently tried to hit us with a tornado but of course we travel with our little cloudbuster/Succor Punch that we made for the Zodiac in Florida a few years ago, so no tornado can touch down near us when that's deployed.  They tried it once again on our way home, in South Dakota Cool

Next time you go on an extended gifting trip, keep a little cloudbuster pointed out your back windshield at the road and watch the felonious feds scurry out of the beam of that intensely healthy energy, okay?  Very instructive if you wonder whether you're being followed Wink . The next fun thing to do is to get up behind them and aim the CB at them. If you're on  a freeway they'll often nearly crash in their haste to take the next exit or else they'll speed enough to attact the cops' attention in their anxious effort to get clear of that lovely orgone.  This is something positive you can do to the enemy without actually tossing concentrated blue or violet healing energy (love) at them from your heart, by the way.

I'm sure glad we're all on the winning team, or else we'd probably all have been suicided or accidentally dead before now.

I'm taking hang glider lessons and our instructor, Dale, has a lot of experience soaring in thermals, even with a big Cessna, one time.  A thermal is a rising column of heated air that stays pretty distinct on the way up and you can see the tops of thermals: those are individual  cumulus clouds.  During our lessons, he directs our attention to hawks who find thermal conditions very close to the ground and ride them up by circling within them. A cloud forms at the top end of a thermal because the moisture-laden warm air from the ground drops to dewpoint and the water vapor condenses into droplets, which is what we see in a cloud.  A dust devil is a thermal that spins in on itself.  Even the birds avoid those but they're mostly seen in very hot weather. Carol usually sees several elementals playing around with dust devils so I'm thinking there's a possibility of interaction with them becuase elementals generally adore orgonite.

I don't really know the mechanics of how the $#!+birds used to destroy healthy cumulus clouds with descending spew but maybe that will turn up in my current reading and observations.  They can't do it any more, though, apparently, which is yet another signal that chemtrails are harmless these days.  As I've mentioned maybe too many times, keep your eye out for the fast-diisappearing chemtrails among the white, unmarked jets that swarm your sky on occasion.  These are probably the toxic ones and you'll note that about one in ten spewplanes are still squirtiing poison overhead.  Apparently, simple ionization quickly neutralizes aerosol poisons and radioactive spew.

Sylphs apparnetly form their sculptures at varying altitudes. The very stringy ones are made of ice but even the rare ones that are formed at cumulus level are quite distinct and unmistakable.  Those are the ones I hope to visit pretty soon with my Doodlebug but Dale is building a towplane that will take a hang glider to 18,000 feet (carrrying oxygen and very, very warm clothes Cool ) and he told me he'll only charge $45 for the tow and release.  My aviation future is looking pretty bright.  Carol suggests that we approach the Sylphs in the sky the way that we approach dolphins in the water, though.

Progress report:  on Monday I jumped off the hundred foot training hill three times and landed on my feet once.  Dale says I'm going back to the lower 'bench' next weekend to get more proficient at landing.  The training glider has wheels on the cross tube so when the student fails to get his feet under him on the way down he slides on his (my) belly ungracefully.  My training harness has some skidmarks but I think they're signs of progress.  I figure that a few clumsy landings steepen the learning curve a bit.  I'm starting to visualize graceful landings and watching Dale's demo flights has been helpful.  A fellow student is making more rapid progress, though he also landed on his belly a couple of times.  On one flight, he caught three successive thermals and ended up a quarter mile away from the base of the hill.  Dale said he may have set a cross country record for the training glider Wink

Another progress report:  Stevo and Dooney were visiting, this weekend and our neighbor, Roger, kindly took Stevo up in his lovely Piper taildragger for an hour and a half.  He said, 'I want one of THOSE!' when he landed so maybe the Unorganized Etheric Air Force armada de cielo will expand in coming months.

I think that when just a few gifters start seeing those pre-storm chemtrails and whiteouts in perspective and tell others about it, the $#!+birds will have lost their current, internet-spawned psi terror advantage.  The key is 'tell others about it,' I think.  There's a curious, transformative power that emanates from one's throat chakra in that situation and words then become courageous deeds.  If this weren't so, the $#!+bird agencies wouldn't have fielded so many of their eloquent and sometimes subtly abusive sociopaths and behavior modification technicians in all of the open membership forums for the past eight years that this network has been in existence.

It only takes a few people to turn the entire species in a new direction, after all.  We're like the trim tab on the gargantuan rudder of a steamship, in other words.  This happens in a positive or negative way, depending on the condition of the speaker's heart.   The $#!+bird agencies understand this dynamic very well, which is why they field their vociferous, clever, parasitic liars in all the open-membership forums on the internet to constantly steer 'the host' toward confusion and disempowerment.  They're finally losing ground on their What To Think Network and in their global 'Ministry of Truth' by now so they're putting more and more of their eggs in the internet basket. You might have noticed this. Their default tactic in the face of positive examples, for millenia, has been to slander the characters of genuine activists but it's not working as well for them, any more.

Of course, more and more of us are seeing Sylphs 'eat chemtrails' and this can probably be seen as a positive sort of opportunism on the Sylphs' part.  Clouds need particulate matter in order for the droplets and ice crystals to form. The sky is usually chock full of particles of harmless dust, salt, pollen, etc., because air around the planet constantly circulates from the botttom up. The bottom is where the partiiculate matter usually comes from but the kerosene droplets that are the matrix of chemtrails are also sufficient to form clouds and Sylph sculptures, of course.  The sky doesn't really care where the stuff comes from.

In case you haven't yet noticed, the new disinfo ploy, in the face of the new constant appearance of Sylphs, are statements, like, 'I asked the Sylphs to appear and eat the chemtrails, And They Did!'  The reason I'm saying this is probably disinfo is because a lot of people on the discredited forums are suddenly saying it--typical Greek Chorus tactic and I think it's designed to take attention away from orgonite's role in this happy eventuality.

If you're one of the folks who believe that Slyphs show up because you invited them but you've done the legwork that made their appearance possible in the first place, please try this:  Next time the water content of the atmosphere makes it possible for a large scale, harmless  chemtrail assault, restrain yourself from 'inviting the Sylphs' and see whether or not they show up on schedule, as usual.  I never ask them to show up because I don't think I need to ask them. Since I busted all those mountain top arrays around our valley in May, they've been showing up nearly every day and they show up in force whenever the chemtrail planes invade our skies.   The chemtrail clouds are all laid out for a couple of hours, then the Sylphs start weaving the stuff into lovely garments without fail.

It's curious the way gifing and energy tossing helps us integrate science and magic, I think. That's yet another feature that many of us are consistently seeing and playing with which the professional, funded disinformants haven't even touched, yet.  I suppose it takes them a couple of years for them to weave a new level of disinfo, though. They're not as bright or proactive as we are, after all.