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[2015 July] Nearly All Scientific Papers Controlled By Same Six Corporations

[2015 July] Almost All Psych Drug Use Is Unnecessary: Study

[2015 June] Shocking Report from Medical Insiders Horton states bluntly that major pharmaceutical companies falsify or manipulate tests on the health, safety and effectiveness of their various drugs by taking samples too small to be statistically meaningful or hiring test labs or scientists where the lab or scientist has blatant conflicts of interest such as pleasing the drug company to get further grants. At least half of all such tests are worthless or worse he claims. As the drugs have a major effect on the health of millions of consumers, the manipulation amounts to criminal dereliction and malfeasance.

[2015 May] A totalitarian society has totalitarian science by Jon Rappoport  As I’ve stated on many occasions, medical science is ideal for mounting and launching covert ops aimed at populations—because it appears to be politically neutral, without any allegiance to State interests.  Unfortunately, medical science, on many fronts, has been hijacked and taken over. The profit motive is one objective, but beyond that, there is a more embracing goal:  Totalitarian control.

[2015 Jan] Merck vaccine scientist threatened with jail time for trying to expose massive vaccine data manipulation and fraud

[2014 Dec] GMO Contamination Denial: Controlling Science  Blatant suppression of GMO research has occurred most recently with Gilles-Eric Séralini, who found that feeding Monsanto's GM corn to rats increased their development of tumors. The study appeared in Food and Chemical Toxicology, the same journal that routinely carries studies by Monsanto employees showing that GM corn is safe. The Séralini study was actually superior to those conducted by Monsanto's research teams. First, Monsanto studies examined the effect of glyphosate (the active ingredient in Roundup) while Séralini examined rats fed Roundup itself. This is a critical distinction, since glyphosate could have synergistic effects when combined with other chemicals in Roundup.
    Second, Monsanto rats were only studied for 90 days while Séralini examined rats for two years. There were several other differences between the lines of research, but none of them threatened the validity of Séralini's findings. Nevertheless, corporate researchers demeaned and hurled insults at Séralini, demanding that the journal withdraw his study....
......What is taken as the gospel truth regarding deaths resulting from the April 1986 Chernobyl meltdown is the Chernobyl Forum Report published by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2006. It estimated 4,000 deaths. In 2009, a much more thorough analysis by Yablokov and others estimated the number of Chernobyl-caused deaths at 985,000......    The WHO figure of 4,000 deaths is based on 11 studies, only two of which are peer reviewed. The Yablokov analysis cites 112 studies, 46 of which are peer-reviewed. Those disparaging the Yablokov study dismiss reports from groups such as Greenpeace as scientifically worthless while accepting reports from the nuclear industry at face value.

[2014 June] CDC's Vaccine Safety Research is Exposed as Flawed and Falsified in Peer-Reviewed Scientific Journal

[2012] Cancer Industry Exposed as Fraud “The Science is False”   Findings published in the journal Nature show that 88% of major studies on cancer that have been published in reputable journals over the years can not be reproduced to show their accuracy. This means that the research findings published are flat out false.  Author of the review and former head of cancer research at Amgen C. Glenn Begley was unable to replicate the results of 47 of the 53 studies he examined. This suggests that researchers are fabricating their findings simply to create the illusion of positive findings instead of publishing their actual results. This ensures the continuation of their steady stream of funding and grants.

[2012 Oct] Vaccine Research Conflicts of Interest: Vaxxed & Unvaxxed Kids Not Compared  Conflicts of interest are rampant in vaccine research. How and why they exist are the topic of a journal article reviewed here. This is why research that could prove that vaccines are safe hasn’t been done.

[2012] Merck MMR mumps component fraud

[2012 June] Brains Used to Study Autism are severely Damaged in Fridge Disaster by Christina England  before researchers and scientists even begin to study the brain tissue of autistic children they should all read the aforementioned papers and research. I am sure that they would learn far more reading these valuable studies and papers then they ever would studying the brain tissue of autistic children who have passed away. Perhaps they should spend less time in laboratories and more time working with autistic children who suffer from the condition on a day-to-day basis and listening to the parents who have to care for them.

[2012 May] Soy formula just as good as breast milk for infant development, says new research in the journal Pediatrics  "Looking at the actual data, the breast fed children scored better on virtually every test of neurological function.  (Mental development index; psychomotor development index; subsets).  In many cases the differences are statistically significant:  scores;  breast fed> soy fed;  milk formula (not soy) sometimes better than soy, sometimes worse.... breast fed always higher scores... It might seem odd that it's being reported this way until you see that Badger is a member of the science advisory board of the Soy Nutrition Institute.... "

[2012 Jan] Flu vaccine investigator is suspended for four months for research fraud


[2012 Jan]  Confessions of a Frustrated Pharmacist by Stuart Lindsey, PharmD.   A vitamin article usually doesn't get the same glossy presentation. Frequently, questionable vitamin research will be published and get blown out of proportion. A prime example of this was the clamor in the press in 2008 that vitamin E somehow caused lung cancer.
    I studied this 2008 experiment [7] and found glaring errors in its execution. These errors were so obvious that the experiment shouldn't have gotten any attention, yet this article ended up virtually everywhere. Anti-vitamin spin requires this kind of research to be widely disseminated to show how "ineffectual" and even "dangerous" vitamins are. I tracked down one of the article's original authors and questioned him about the failure to define what kind of vitamin E had been studied. A simple literature hunt shows considerable difference between natural and synthetic vitamin E. This is an important distinction because most of the negative articles and subsequent treatment failures have used the synthetic form for the experiment, often because it is cheap. Natural vitamin E with mixed tocopherols and tocotrienols costs two or three times more than the synthetic form.
    Before I even got the question out of my mouth, the researcher started up, "I know, I know what you're going to say." He ended up admitting that they hadn't even considered the vitamin E type when they did the experiment. This failure to define the vitamin E type made it impossible to draw a meaningful conclusion. I asked the researcher if he realized how much damage this highly quoted article had done to vitamin credibility. If there has been anything like a retraction, I have yet to see it.

[2011 Nov] Junk Science Claim That Modern Medicine Greatly Extends Life After Cancer Based on Cheap Trick

[2011 Dec] Pro-Vaccine Immunologist Admits a Shocking Truth About Vaccines  Make sure you tell them they have to do that year shot because the first three [the 2, 4 and 6 month shots] don’t work.’ I was like, ‘Yeah, I know.’ [laughter].

[2011 Dec] Big Pharma’s Scam: U.S. Drug companies rig medication studies

[2011 Nov] Professionals are demanding vast sums of money to write reports on clients that they have never met by Christina England  This article is just about vaccination but instead it covers issues that affect the lives of vaccine damaged children and the professionals that try to protect and help them. Professionals are writing fraudulent documents on patients and clients they have never met that are being produced as evidence in courts, case conferences, and in benefit cases all over the UK. These reports are affecting the lives of valuable, respected professionals such as Lisa Blakemore-Brown and Andrew Wakefield. They are also the lives of the most vulnerable people in our society eg: the disabled, children and families.

[2011 Nov] Exposed: CDC deliberately manipulated, covered up scientific data showing link between vaccines containing mercury and autism

[2011 Oct] Misleading Danish Mobile Phones and Brain Tumour Study in BMJ  This misleading study has many flaws and serious confounders and should not give anyone reassurance that mobile phone use is not associated with an increase in brain tumours. In our opinion the paper should not have been published in this form — it should have failed peer-review. We recommend that it is disregarded as low quality science.

[2011 Oct] Astounding Wakefield Lecture to Association of American Physicians & Surgeons Implicates BMJ Editor in Research Fraud  This lecture [see full video below] tells you exactly how the British Medical Journal Editor Dr Fiona Godlee is responsible for the most extraordinary research fraud in recent medical history in trying to cover up the association between vaccines and autistic conditions in children. 

[2011 Aug] Scientists credited on ghostwritten articles 'should be charged with fraud'

[2011 Aug] Useless Studies, Real Harm  Commercially-driven biomedical research--in particular, research involving prescription drugs, vaccines, and medical devices---has corrupted the entire field of medicine, both academic research and clinical practice. Americans' health is being undermined by expensive, defective, all-too often, treatments that, at best, are useless. A worst, they kill or cause serious permanent damage.

[2011 June] Dr. Lawrence B Palevsky’s Comments on Guillain-Barré Syndrome Rates After Vaccination

[2011 June] Confidential Expert Witness Report Documents Psychiatrists' Corrupt Practices

[2011 March] Millions of surgery patients at risk in drug research fraud scandal  Joachim Boldt is at the centre of a criminal investigation amid allegations that he may have forged up to 90 crucial studies on the treatment. He has been stripped of his professorship and sacked from a German hospital following allegations about his research into drugs known as colloids.

[2011 May] How drug companies' PR tactics skew the presentation of medical research

[2011 Jan] Big Pharma Vilified Researcher for Threatening Vaccine Program By Russell L. Blaylock, M.D.

[2010 Nov] Lies, Damned Lies, and Medical Science

[2009] Is the FDA Bipolar or Complicit in Legitimizing IIlegal Marketing?  The FDA expanded approval process for toxic drugs is unaffected by evidence uncovered by  the US Justice Department showing the studies to be flawed, if not fraudulent.

[2008] Study Claims Antioxidant Danger—A Repeat of Flawed Conclusions By Alan R. Gaby, MD

[Aug 2007 Blog] Cot Deaths and Vaccines - Child Protection turned on its head by Lisa Blakemore-Brown


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