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"We can't put these Chelation doctors out of business without your help." ----FDA administrator Dr Stuart Nightingale in a speech to the AMA House of Delegates, Honolulu, 1984.
"The thing that bugs me is that the people think the FDA is protecting them. It isn’t. What the FDA is doing and what the public thinks it’s doing are as different as night and day."—Dr Ley former Commissioner of the FDA.

[The FDA is a pharma shill.  It protects and promotes the Drug Trust products (rubberstamping vaccines and other drugs for the big players), while suppressing the competition.  If the FDA has approved a vaccine you can't sue the drug company (see).  Criminal.]

Aspartame/Nutrasweet approval
FDA vaccine committee essentially run by the vaccine industry:

FDA used to suppress non-drug medicine
Psychiatric drugs
What the FDA is really doing by Edward Griffin

[pdf 2011] The Creating of an HPV Industry  [2011] In short a vaccine called Gardasil has been created to address a cancer – when it is known that vaccines are for viruses and have never been proven to work in the case of cancer. Gardasil’s widespread distribution has been made possible by virtue of research that uses outdated and insensitive technology – with the regulator (FDA) and NCI in effect ‘in bed” with both the vaccine manufacturer and the organization that undertakes research testing. So called independent researchers and experts are conflicted and worse actively seek to deflect better testing options – despite considerable evidence that what is presently used does not work. 
    Now we have irrefutable evidence that the vaccine contains harmful contaminants (recombinant HPV DNA) that is tightly bound to the adjuvant Aluminium Hydroxyphosphate (itself widely regarded as dangerous to humans) and where the combination of the two is understood to be particularly dangerous and impactful on the immune system. Explaining the extraordinary numbers of reported adverse events post Gardasil vaccination. Meanwhile over 40 million doses (perhaps more than 50 million)) of Gardasil have been distributed globally at a cost of USD$120 per dose and following this, tens of thousands of young women have faced extreme adverse reactions due to Gardasil with over 90 associated deaths (this from a reporting system widely regarded as perhaps reporting between 1 and 10% of actual adverse events). Is anyone seeing the links? Gardasil serves no good purpose, in fact quite the opposite. It needs to be withdrawn from the market immediately and those impacted by it, need to have proper follow‐up and assistance provided to them. An independent and transparent inquiry needs to understand how this occurred, why, who was responsible and ensure that appropriate redress is sought and penalties imposed.
    Finally, the many and manifest conflicts of interest that exist between pharmaceutical companies, regulators and so called independent experts needs to be revealed and repaired so that never again can monetary or ego driven greed outweigh the health of so many young women and men worldwide. 

[2012 Feb] Conflicts of Interest in Vaccine Safety Research  "Sponsoring research that finds a link between autism and vaccines that the FDA has approved could greatly damage the Administration's reputation and reduce public trust in the FDA. If the information that the FDA is mandated to provide the public includes studies that show vaccines could be related to autism, it would be providing evidence for claims being filed within its own agency.

[2009] THE DR. STARFIELD INTERVIEW By Jon Rappoport  the findings on the relatively poor health in the US have received almost no attention. The American public appears to have been hoodwinked into believing that more interventions lead to better health, and most people that I meet are completely unaware that the US does not have the 'best health in the world'. ......Even though there will always be adverse events that cannot be anticipated, the fact is that more and more unsafe drugs are being approved for use. Many people attribute that to the fact that the pharmaceutical industry is (for the past ten years or so) required to pay the FDA for reviews---which puts the FDA into an untenable position of working for the industry it is regulating.
....They (my findings) are an indictment of the US health care industry: insurance companies, specialty and disease-oriented medical academia, the pharmaceutical and device manufacturing industries, all of which contribute heavily to re-election campaigns of members of Congress. The problem is that we do not have a government that is free of influence of vested interests. Alas, [it] is a general problem of our society-which clearly unbalances democracy......Yes, it (FDA) cannot divest itself from vested interests. (Again, [there is] a large literature about this, mostly unrecognized by the people because the industry-supported media give it no attention.
.....Please remember that the problem is not only that some drugs are dangerous but that many drugs are overused or inappropriately used.  The US public does not seem to recognize that inappropriate care is dangerous---more does not mean better.  The problem is NOT mainly with the FDA but with population expectations.
... Some drugs are downright dangerous; they may be prescribed according to regulations but they are dangerous.
...It was rejected by the first journal that I sent it to, on the grounds that 'it would not be interesting to readers'!

The EPA, unlike the FDA, has conducted research into mercury’s toxicity and health risks. While the EPA sets a limit exposure of mercury at 0.1 micrograms/kg, the FDA in its favoritism towards mercury’s use in vaccines raises the stakes to 0.4 micrograms. The FDA’s figure has no valid supporting scientific data and is arbitrary in order to continue sanctioning the use of in vaccines. The World Health Organization (WHO) sets the limit higher; this may account for the WHO’s aggressive campaigns to inoculate the world’s poorer populations with heavily laced-mercury and stockpiled vaccines from the drug makers. The Committee, however, found the EPA evaluation to be “scientifically validated.” Consequently, a person receiving a single flu shot, with 25 mcg/kg of thimerosal would need to weigh approximately 550 pounds for it to be considered a safe quantity.  Therefore it is no surprise that the series of four thimerosal-laced flu shots, or 100 mcg/kg, can lead to long-term cumulative damage for any age group, including the later onset of dementia conditions such as Alzheimer’s. [2009 Nov] Federal Health Agencies Continue to Deceive Americans: Congressional Report on a Vaccine Mercury-Autism Link Ignored for Six Years by Richard Gale and Gary Null, Ph.D

The true definition of the FDA must be known. The FDA is an organization that is only qualified to dictate what is legal and illegal with respect to the business of prescription drugs. Despite what most people erroneously believe, this does not mean that the FDA properly defines what is right and wrong with respect to health. This is an import distinction. Drug laws do not dictate what is right and wrong. [2006] Interview of Shane Ellison author of Health Myths Exposed

"The FDA serves as the pharmaceutical industry's watchdog, which can be called upon to attack and destroy a potential competitor under the guise of protecting the public." -----James P. Carter, M.D (RACKETEERING IN MEDICINE, the SUPPRESSION OF ALTERNATIVES)

This Watergate syndrome is not new.  Several years ago, an FDA agent who had testified in court against a Kansas City businessman admitted under cross-examination that he had lied under oath twenty-eight times.  When asked if he regretted what he had done, he replied: “No.  I don’t have any regrets.  I wouldn’t hesitate to tell a lie if it would help the American consumer.” [Chapter 1] THE WATERGATE SYNDROME

The FDA should be banned all together. It is an example of an organization that has failed in its regulatory process......The FDA is accountable to the people yet they have failed in their sole objective of being the custodian of our health. We are the ones who have voted for their existence and they have failed to protect us...... As a reminder, their drugs kill over 100,000 people every year. This would be akin to the entire population of Buffalo, New York being wiped out every year. If a car company like Chevrolet were responsible for this death toll there would be blood in the streets. [2006] Interview of Shane Ellison author of Health Myths Exposed

Top scientists at the FDA have financial conflicts of interest with respect to the drugs that come under their scrutiny. These ties are often in the form of stock options. Such conflicts are commonly waived and hidden from the general public. Allowing these conflicts of interest is a result of lobbying by drug companies. Additionally, as reported in the Washington Times, many scientists are pressured to design and recommend approval of a new drug despite reservations about its safety, effectiveness or quality. This has been going on for years. The results have been, and will continue to be, disastrous. [2006] Interview of Shane Ellison author of Health Myths Exposed

The true definition of the FDA must be known. The FDA is an organization that is only qualified to dictate what is legal and illegal with respect to the business of prescription drugs. Despite what most people erroneously believe, this does not mean that the FDA properly defines what is right and wrong with respect to health. This is an import distinction. Drug laws do not dictate what is right and wrong. [2006] Interview of Shane Ellison author of Health Myths Exposed

To date, the gap or ignorance of FDA approved drugs has created hypochondriacs. This can be seen by the fact that people now pay exorbitant amounts of money on health insurance their entire lives to ensure they have access to prescription drugs. Or, careers with paltry wages are rationalized by having health insurance as a benefit. In this case, health insurance acts as a "Velcro package" sticking people to a false sense of security at the same time stripping them of their free will. Having health insurance to obtain prescription drugs is not a benefit, it is a liability. Simply because a poison is inexpensive via health insurance doesn't mean it is good for you.
    Health insurance is an illusion. In reality, it is a means by which medical doctors and drug companies monopolize their power. It dictates the use of prescription drugs and nothing else. When a person has "health insurance" they must, by default, choose prescription drugs. This is the only way their investment can be returned. Therefore, most will never question doctor's orders or seek alternatives; they will simply swallow the pill that makes them ill. Having health insurance eliminates choice in health care.
    Consumer choice is the solution to a flawed health care system fueled by health insurance. Having insurance based on choice would enable policyholders to use nutritional supplements, acupuncture, personal trainers, and/or massage therapy in place of prescription drugs. If done, drug companies would crumble and people would begin to see the benefits of alternatives. [2006] Interview of Shane Ellison author of Health Myths Exposed

As you know, even though we have the First Amendment in the Constitution, the FDA has negated the First Amendment when it comes to free speech in health care ever since about the ‘40s and ‘50s. That’s why if you pick up your bottle of vitamins in your local natural food store, let’s say you pick up a bottle of Vitamin E or something, all it says is “supports cardiovascular health.” Because if they were to put on there that Vitamin E has been found in this scientific study over here to cut the rate of heart attacks by this percent, even though the research is true, they could be hauled up by the FDA on the grounds of making an unapproved claim. The FDA doesn’t care whether it’s true or not, they just care whether they’ve approved it.
And so, fish oil, for example. Everybody knows, and all the major medical journals have published it in the last two years, that taking enough fish oil every day cuts your risk of sudden cardiac death by 50 percent or more, and yet if anybody put that on a label of a fish oil bottle, they would be out of business tomorrow, I guarantee it.
..........here’s another little inside truth, not secret, but truth. It gets printed every once in a while and I’ve seen it online. In the mid 1990s, at someone’s cardiology convention, the Annual Convention of the American College of Cardiologists or something, one of the speakers asked that particular audience, “How many of you recommend Vitamin E to your patients?” And approximately 25 to 30 percent of the doctors there raised their hands—remember this is conventional, that’s pretty good. And, “How many of you take Vitamin E yourself?” Better than half of the room raised their hands!
Here’s a research article from Finland, or from Scandinavia anyway, it might have been Finland. A whole bunch of kids, starting at age one, were started on 2000 units (and we’re told by the FDA that’s going to kill them if they’re one year old) of Vitamin D, and that was maintained for a few years, and there’s a control group that didn’t get any Vitamin D. And when they finally looked at all the statistics, the number of new cases of type-1 diabetes—juvenile diabetes—had been reduced by 80 percent! An exclusive interview with pioneering physician Dr. Jonathan Wright http://downloads.truthpublishing.com/DrWright.pdf

In order to try to cure ear infections in babies, which often develop after vaccination, one vaccine manufacturer is testing a deadly antibiotic on babies with the blessing of a gutless FDA. The cowboy mentality that now prevails at the FDA and CDC, the federal health agencies  responsible for the public health, is allowing drug companies to literally get away with murder as they ruthlessly test dangerous pharmaceuticals on babies and children.
    The FDA is supposed to be policing the pharmaceutical industry, not acting as its treasurer and public relations agency. Any individual in government or industry, who participates in the killing or crippling of children and adults in clinical trials of drugs and vaccines known to cause harm, should be held accountable in a court of law. The same should hold true for individuals in government, industry or medical organizations who participate in the making of national health policies involving mandatory use by citizens of drugs and vaccines which can injure and kill.
    Voluntary, informed consent to medical interventions which can injure and kill is a human right. How many of the parents, who allowed their babies to participate in a trial using an antibiotic which had already killed adults, had been fully informed about how deadly it was?  [NVIC June 8, 2006] Deadly Antibiotic Experiment on Children

Other than the FDA staff, nobody is independently checking the integrity of vaccine safety data provided to the FDA by drug companies when they seek licensure of a new vaccine. The public is asked to "trust" that the drug companies are telling the truth about vaccine safety. Sure they are. [NVIC May 2006] Drug Companies Manipulate Study Data

Internal memos and a secret government report about the negative effects of antidepressants in children—suppressed by the US Food and Drug Administration—have surfaced publicly [ 7 aug 2004] Secret US report surfaces on antidepressants in children

VITAL research into the potential dangers of taking Vioxx, the arthritis drug withdrawn because it can cause heart attacks and strokes, was kept under wraps by US government regulators, according to a whistleblower.  It has also emerged that senior officials at the US Food and Drug Administration, which regulates the sale of medicines, sought to work with Merck, the US manufacturer of Vioxx, to minimise and sort out the damage that the research would inevitably cause. [Media Oct 2004] US officials 'knew of Vioxx threat'

So, here is a bureau of the Federal Government which, a short time before, had said that the reason Laetrile did not work was because it did not release hydrogen cyanide in the presence of cancer cells. Now, when they find that it does, they say that it is toxic. When offered an opportunity to present evidence of Laetrile's toxicity in Federal Court, they admitted that they had none. Laetrile and the Life Saving Substance Called Cyanide by Philip Binzel, Jr., M.D.

The era immediately following WWII saw a veritable explosion of new drugs and bio-active chemicals.  Many resulting from war related R&D efforts instigated in the late 1930s and early 1940s.  Insecticides such as DDT, and antibiotics such as penicillin revolutionized human civilization, resulting in changed expectations that are still influencing society today.  In this environment of sweeping societal transformations, it was a relatively simple matter for the NSA to covertly promote new and novel uses for drugs and other chemicals that would result in creation of children with the required cluster of teratogen induced birth defects.  One of the most widely prescribed and thoroughly documented (teratogenic) synthetic hormone analogs of that period was DES (diethylstilbestrol).  First synthesized in 1938 at the university of Oxford, and approved by the FDA for prevention of miscarriages in 1947, DES was manufactured and sold by pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly until 1997.  Even though the teratogenic properties of DES were (publicly) documented in 1971.  It is estimated that between 1941 to 1971, five to ten million pregnant (American) women had taken DES, thereby exposing their unborn children to this teratogenic drug.  All of this, in spite of the fact that a 1953 (double blind) study found pregnant women who were given DES had just as many miscarriages and premature deliveries as the control group.  Are we to believe the FDA allowed the continued use of an ineffective drug (on pregnant woman) for eighteen years?  Or was there a hidden agenda behind their apparent lapse of oversight?
    If we assume that only one in every hundred of these (DES exposed) children developed enhanced psychic abilities, and of those, only one in ten were of sufficient strength to be useful in psychic warfare, then this single teratogenic drug added five to ten thousand potential soldiers to the NSA psychic slave army.  All without any public awareness of the real motivation behind introduction and aggressive DES promotion.  Truly, subterfuge and collateral damage on a massive scale.
    DES is typical of first generation teratogenic inducers of psychic abilities.  Besides wide spread (covert) promotion of drugs like DES, the NSA exploited other avenues in their quest to create children with enhanced psychic capabilities.  For instance, medical staff at facilities for unwed teen mothers were infiltrated (subverted), thereby enabling the covert use of experimental teratogenic drugs on naive underage girls.  It is a safe assumption that in the intervening decades since WWII, NSA funded pharmaceutical research has developed a number of more potent (and narrowly targeted) teratogenic drugs for use on an unsuspecting population.
    Along with synthetic hormone analogs (such as DES), certain organic chemicals used in the production of plastics, also exhibit a similar ability to disrupt normal gender specific fetal development.  A good example is BPA (bisphenol A).  Known to mimic natural hormones since the 1930s, it remains in wide spread use today (including the manufacture of baby bottles and other food containers).  
National Security Agency (NSA) - Part 3. Collateral damage by Steven J. Smith

In 1987, Dr. Hans Neiper, an ozone using doctor in Hanover, FRG, in an interview by NHF videographer Jeff Harsh, talked about his colon cancer work. Although he says he can't divulge the name of his patients; "President Reagan is a very nice man." And, "You wouldn't believe how many FDA officials or relatives or acquaintances of FDA officials come to see me as patients in Hanover. You wouldn't believe this, or directors of the American Medical Association (AMA), or American Cancer Association, or the presidents of orthodox cancer institutes. That's the fact." Odd that it's good enough for, and sought after by the bigshots with enough money, but not allowed for the common people.  OZONE HAS CURED AIDS IN OVER 300 CASES--Ed McCabe

I learned on my way to Washington to testify before the expert panel of the FDA, while reviewing the secret company documents supplied to me by the FDA, that the company clearly knew as far back as 1976 that silicone spread, caused local inflammation, and in some animals resulted in autoimmune diseases. I appeared before the panel a shaken man. The people who had hired me as a consultant had deceived me. How naive I had been.  But multiple  investigations were conducted on the basis on anonymous complaints to the Texas Board of Medical Examiners. Seven so far have been dismissed after years of investigation and reinvestigation. Every slide I ever showed in any scientific meeting was seized and investigated as possible evidence against me. Criminals broke into my office and stole research data related to implants. The biopsy laboratory was broken into and slides and reports on implanted patients looked into. A man posing as my fellow copied the brain scans and charts of over 200 patients, a theft of medical records never solved. Death threats arrived in the mail. People phoned in threats. One plastic surgeon said I was part of a communist conspiracy to deprive American women of their implants. And, yes, a dead decapitated animal, a rabbit not a horse, arrived at the doorstep, just like in the movies.  MEMOIR OF A JUNK SCIENTIST by Bernard M. Patten , MD, FACP, FRSM

"The thing that bugs me is that the people think the FDA is protecting them. It isn’t. What the FDA is doing and what the public thinks it’s doing are as different as night and day."—Dr Ley former Commissioner of the FDA.

Possibly because there is less hassle medicating troops if no informed consent is required. When President Bush refused to waive informed consent, the FDA approved pyridostigmine using the "Animal Rule" which allows the approval of drugs for human use based on animal data. It was employed because it was unethical to dose humans with the nerve agent Soman to see if pyridostigmine would actually prevent death. However, the way the drugs were used in the animal studies didn't reflect how they would be used in humans and resulted in misleading conclusions.
    Yes. I was assigned to re-review his conclusions regarding pyridostigmine and even before I began my review I was pressured to approve it and this pressure continued through nearly two dozen meetings with FDA management. After it became clear that I would not be pressured into an approval and it became apparent that it would be approved according to the animal rule in spite of the science, I raised an even stronger objection: not only did it not work against nerve agents other than Soman, but pyridostigmine actually increased lethality in the presence of other nerve agents and we knew that Saddam Hussein was not using Soman and was instead using these other nerve agents.
This information was not secret - both FDA and DoD public documents acknowledge increased lethality with other nerve agents such as Sarin, and DoD and other government documents that are public also document that Saddam Hussein was not using Soman and was instead using these other nerve agents exclusively. Yet because I raised this as an objection, I was immediately replaced as the primary reviewer so that I could not document my concerns and so that pyridostigmine could be approved. It's since been proposed that if we ever face the prospect of nerve agents in the future, that this approval will be used as a justification to convince the President at that time to waive informed consent without presenting a full picture. Even though using pyridostigmine would likely only invite the use of nerve agents
    I don't know and don't want to speculate. However senior managers made statements indicating knowledge that the approval was illegal. In any case, it was clear and known that use of pyridostigmine would interfere with the operation of our troops. [2012] Former FDA Reviewer Speaks Out About Intimidation, Retaliation and Marginalizing of Safety

Pediatric approvals are based on the assumption that children will respond similarly to similar exposures. Yet dosages that are used for studies in children are often based on approved adult dosages rather than a scientific determination of whether children achieve the same or higher exposures than adults. This is because companies don't want to develop lower dosages for children if they don't have to. Thus exposure studies in children are done after the efficacy studies have been begun instead of before when it's needed. The exposure studies then may also use overweight children as well as too few children. Since no allowance is made for race, age, puberty, or actual weight and since there are differences in children's clearance of drugs, there are often higher exposures to active and toxic metabolites in children compared to adults. Thus there are often unnecessary risks with the doses that are approved. [2012] Former FDA Reviewer Speaks Out About Intimidation, Retaliation and Marginalizing of Safety

There are racial differences in drug metabolism that are not taken into consideration. For example, one anticancer drug breaks down faster in African Americans, so patients don't get sufficient exposure to the drug to kill tumors. Yet African Americans were not included in the safety and efficacy studies. When drugs break down faster by one particular pathway, the patients will also sustain greater toxicity and even death from the toxic metabolite that is formed. This is especially true when the company subsequently recommends higher doses to overcome the lower exposure due to faster metabolism. In one case, this occurred with a drug used in pregnant women, where hormonal changes during pregnancy cause a greater breakdown to a metabolite that is suspected to cause mental retardation in children exposed during the pregnancy. Not only does the labeling suggest possible use during pregnancy, the labeling recommends a higher dose during pregnancy. All the while, it appears that the company was aware of the formation of a metabolite that likely affects brain development from well before the drug was ever submitted to the FDA. [2012] Former FDA Reviewer Speaks Out About Intimidation, Retaliation and Marginalizing of Safety


MR: You have also spoken about the dangers of certain ADHD drugs and presented some damning data about Cephalon's stimulant Provigil.

RK: In 2006, a medical reviewer found several cases of what he thought might be Stevens Johnson Syndrome (SJS) in children who took Provigil or modafinil. SJS and the related conditions erythema multiforme and toxic epidermal necrolysis (TEN) are life-threatening skin conditions where huge swathes of skin covering large sections of the body die and slough off and the mucus membranes are also affected. The diseases are incredibly painful and kill 10 and 40 percent respectively of the people who develop them. The reviewer believed he was going to be overruled and asked me for help. We were able to get an advisory committee meeting in which I was allowed to present slides of the data that supported a diagnosis of SJS in a child in the study. I also showed that a metabolite of modafinil was 16 times higher in children than in adults and similar to the worst drug that exists for causing SJS, Blephamide. The drug company doctors were unprepared for my presentation and claimed they had no information on the child, including no photos and that they had lost contact.


MR: One of the pharma doctors actually tried to downplay SJS with modafinil, saying a child was hospitalized, but was not in the "burn unit," according to the transcript.

RK: Yes. Largely because of my presentation, the advisory committee voted 12-1 against approval, but Cephalon claimed in the press that the rash was viral and was not from the drug. The next year, armodafinil, a related drug, was approved with a contraindication for children with a contraindication following three months later for modafinil. Contemporaneously, Cephalon agreed to pay $425 million for off-label marketing of modafinil. That means that for 18 months, the FDA kept quiet about the issue of SJS in children, while Cephalon continued off-label marketing at full steam. Later, I found that the FDA had internal documents that had the same conclusion as my analysis but they had been withheld from the advisory committee.



The FDA, in essence, was kneecapped in the early 1990s, and we really saw it with the psychiatric drugs. The FDA became a lapdog for the pharmaceutical industry, not a watchdog. It's only now that this has become common knowledge. Psychiatric Drugs: An Assault on the Human Condition Street Spirit Interview with Robert Whitaker

Almost one-fifth of the Food and Drug Administration scientists surveyed two years ago as part of an official review said they had been pressured to recommend approval of a new drug despite reservations about its safety, effectiveness or quality.

In 1948, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) charged Dr. Earp-Thomas with providing medical advice. Earp-Thomas won the resulting court case but before he could leave the building, the deputy director of the FDA warned him he would be back in court again next year if he didn't stop distributing his material. The FDA man asked Earp-Thomas if he wanted to spend $100,000 each year defending himself. Shortly after his laboratory mysteriously burned to the ground destroying his equipment and priceless research data.   His work was lost except for the memories of a lab assistant, Jerry Olarsch. Earp-Thomas, George

"The field of U.S. cancer care is organized around a medical monopoly that ensures a continuous flow of money to the pharmaceutical companies, medical technology firms, research institutes, and government agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and quasi-public organizations such as the American Cancer Society (ACS)."--John Diamond, M.D., & Lee Cowden, M.D.

    The FDA censors health information. It does so to protect drugs and its drug approval process from competition.
    Between 1992 and 1996, FDA prohibited companies that sell folic acid from telling women of childbearing age that .4 mg of folic acid daily before pregnancy could reduce the incidence of neural tube defects (including spina bifida and encephaly) by 40%. FDA’s censorship contributed to a preventable 10,000 neural tube defect births.
    Between 1994 to 2000, FDA prohibited companies that sell omega-3 fatty acids from telling Americans that those fatty acids found in fish oil could reduce the risk of coronary heart disease by as much as 50%. FDA’s censorship contributed to a preventable 1.8 million sudden death heart attacks.
Between 2000 and the present, FDA prohibits companies that sell saw palmetto extract (the fruit of the dwarf American palm tree) from telling Americans that saw palmetto reduces enlarged prostates and relieves related symptoms. Approximately 50% of all men age 50 and older suffer from enlarged prostates and are denied access to this information.
Between 2000 and the present, FDA prohibits companies that sell glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate from telling Americans that those dietary ingredients treat osteoarthritis and relieve osteoarthritic pain and stiffness. Approximately 20 million Americans suffer needlessly from osteoarthritis. StopFDACensorship.org - FDA and Health Freedom Protection Act

FDA censors every claim that a dietary ingredient treats disease, regardless of the proof in support of the claim. FDA only allows drug companies to make claims of treatment. It protects a monopoly for those companies at the expense of the health and freedom of the American people. The FDA’s unconstitutional system of speech censorship and monopoly protection has got to come to an end. StopFDACensorship.org - FDA and Health Freedom Protection Act

Nearly 40 years ago that old warhorse for the protection of the American Public from spoiled and poisonous food and drugs (the late Dr. Harvey W. Wiley) had a fine law enacted for this purpose. But the Drug Trust got its hooks into the government bureau which was charged with enforcing the law soon after Dr. Wiley's death.
    This Bureau — now known as the Food & Drug Administration — is used primarily for the perversion of justice by "cracking down" on all who endanger the profits of the Drug Trust. The Bureau occasionally prosecutes, on its own initiative, smalltime opportunists who should be prosecuted. Thus in a few small cases the Bureau does good work.
    Its principal activities, however, are as servants of the Drug Trust. Not only does the F&DA wink at violations by the Drug Trust (such as the mass murders in the ginger jake and sulfathiozole cases) but it is very assiduous in putting out of business any and all vendors of therapeutic devices which increase the health incidence of the public and thus decrease the profit incidence of the Drug Trust.
    When the F&DA, whose officials all have to be acceptable to Rockefeller Center before they are appointed, receive orders to destroy an independent operator it goes all out to carry out these orders. The orders do not come from Standard Oil or a drug house director.
    The American Medical Association is the front for the Drug Trust. The AMA furnishes the quack doctors to "testify" that, while they often know nothing of the product involved, it is their opinion that it has no therapeutic value.
    Financed by the taxpayers, these Drug Trust persecutions leave no stone unturned to destroy the victim. If he is a small operator, the resulting attorney's fees and court costs put him out of business, which is just what the Drug Trust wants.
The Drug Story by Morris Bealle

Many believe that our Food and Drug Administration, FDA, represents the American people and that the FDA acts to insure that our food and drugs are safe and effective. Nothing could be further from the truth. The FDA acts entirely to restrain and manage competition between and among those that manufacture our food and drugs. They do this only for the purpose of minimizing competition in business. Rockefeller is famous for proclaiming the only sin is competition. GANGSTERS IN MEDICINE By Thomas Smith

 A Food and Drug Administration medical officer was told by top agency officials to delete material on the risks of antidepressant drugs from records he was submitting to Congress and then to conceal the deletions, according to documents released yesterday at a hearing on Capitol Hill.  [Media 24 Sep 2004] FDA Told Its Analyst to Censor Data on Antidepressants

Like our FDA today they are nothing more than the handmaiden of the pharmaceutical industry.  No matter how much evidence you give them they do nothing. GLOBAL RELEASE   - ASPARTAME TOXICITY Forwarded by Diana Buckland by request of Dr. Betty Martini

"The major open functions of Mystical Tsarism now are the Drug Enforcement Administration [DEA] and the Food and Drug Administration [FDA.] You all know about the DEA and its vast army of snoops and informers -- a vision to gladden the heart of Pobedonostsev himself. The FDA operates similarly but with less publicity; it was described in these terms by Saul Kent of the Life Extension Foundation: "The FDA's strong-arm tactics are used to intimidate and terrorize Americans into toeing their police-state line on health care and medicine." In 1957, the FDA burned all the books of dissident physician Wilhelm Reich, M.D., smashed his laboratory equipment with axes, and threw him in jail, where he died."--Robert Anton Wilson (T.S.O.G. The Creature That Ate the Constitution, High Times, March 2001)

"The 'revolving door' at the FDA, is very much a reality. Former corporate officials, who began working for the Food and Drug Administration (and vice versa), were very cavalier about issues uncovered at Searle surrounding their drug processing and issues involved with aspartame. Some, with a hidden agenda of promised secret money or better jobs, actively hindered the investigation into G. D. Searle's laboratory practices. It is obvious when you see the records and numbers and where those jobs were. These are a matter of public and Congressional Record. Subsequently, many former FDA officials, due to their 'favorable influences' with regulatory enforcement and rulings, were in fact, rewarded with corporate positions and lucrative incomes, including former FDA Commissioner Arthur Hull Hayes, who was about to be brought up on ethics and misconduct charges!"----Former FDA Investigator Exposes Aspartame As Deadly Neurotoxin

Aspartame/Nutrasweet approval:
Rumsfeld was president of Serle corporation in 1977, maker of aspartame, then, part of Reagan transition team, and got aspartame 'legalized' by appointing a defense department contractor [??] (Hayes) as head of FDA!
    In January 1981 Rumsfeld told a sales meeting, according to one attendee, that he would call in his chips and get aspartame approved by the end of the year. On January 25th, the day the new president took office, the previous FDA commissioner's authority was suspended, and the next month, the commissioner's job went to Dr. Arthur Hull Hayes.
    Transition records do not show why the administration chose ***Hayes, a professor and Defense Department contract researcher.*** In July Hayes, defying FDA advisors, approved aspartame for dry foods -- his first major decision. In November 1983 the FDA approved aspartame for soft drinks -- Hayes' last decision. In November 1983 Hayes, under fire for accepting corporate gifts, left the agency and went to Searle's public-relations firm as senior medical advisor. Later Searle lawyer Robert Shapiro named aspartame NutraSweet. Monsanto purchased Searle. Rumsfeld received a $12 million bonus. Shapiro is now Monsanto president. .....Former White House Chief of Staff Rumsfeld owed a debt of gratitude to former White House confidante and Rumsfeld friend Donald Kendal, Pepsi's chairman. The Pepsi announcement and aggressive marketing (millions of gumballs, a red and white swirl, tough contracts) made NutraSweet known in every home. ....From 1985 to 1995, researchers did about 400 aspartame studies. They were divided almost evenly between those that gave assurances and those that raised questions about the sweetener. Most instructively, Searle paid for 100% of those finding no problem. All studies paid for by non-industry sources raised questions."---James S. Turner

Aspartame is a toxin, and is unique in this hazardous respect. This in NOT an allergic reaction, but rather a true toxin. No other food can be provided as a comparison to the toxic nature of NutraSweet. Upon closer examination, the available research revealed that the manufacturer (Monsanto) and the FDA are manipulating the public (via the media) into thinking that aspartame is safe. It is not. As an American who trusted the system we all created, as an American who worked for the system, it made me angry that public health has taken a backseat to greed. This is the "engine" that perpetuated this epidemic: the collusion of our government with multi-national conglomerate influence. Arthur M. Evangelista Former FDA Investigator. Aspartame: The History Of A Killer - The Whole Story By Arthur M. Evangelista

FDA vaccine committee essentially run by the vaccine industry:
We have no faith in the integrity of the CDC and the FDA. They are doing all they can to protect themselves and Big Pharma from the truth; that the autism epidemic is caused by Big Pharma's greed and the failure of the CDC and the FDA to do their jobs.  Big Pharma must not be allowed to evade its financial liability for the damage their vaccines have caused. Like the tobacco companies in the last century, which kept denying the cigarette-lung cancer link, the drug companies are lying, with the help of the CDC and FDA, about the role of vaccines in causing the autism's epidemic. When the lung cancer cases finally got to court, the truth came out. We parents insist on our right to hold the drug companies liable, in court, for the harm they have caused. The matter must be decided fairly in the legal system, and not by loophole riders exonerating the drug companies that have been added to appropriation bills in the dark of night. The drug companies caused the autism epidemic and they, not the parents nor the public, must pay the costs. They are guilty, they are very profitable and can and should be held accountable.[3/2006] A message from Bernard Rimland, Ph.D.

"The Committee’s investigation has determined that conflict of interest rules employed by the FDA and the CDC have been weak, enforcement has been lax, and committee members with substantial ties to pharmaceutical companies have been given waivers to participate in committee proceedings."--Committee staff report 

"You have a situation in which scientists working on vaccine research are also Government regulators."--Dr J Morris (former FDA)

"I have minutes from a CDC Study Group Meeting on the Hepatitis B vaccine held in March, 1997. ....It should be noted that the afternoon session of this meeting was chaired by Dr. Robert Sharrar of Merck."--Betty D. Fluck

"Wyeth Lederle had paid Dr. Edwards $255,023 per year from 1996 to 1998 for the study of pneumococcal vaccines (i.e. Prevnar). Edwards is also one of fifteen full-time members of FDA’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee, the committee that advises the FDA on the licensing of new vaccines......Rennels was instrumental in getting RotaShield to market and is now involved in Prevnar. Her university receives a total of over $2.5 million from various drug and vaccine companies including Wyeth Lederle, Prevnar’s manufacturer. She is also one of the twelve members of the Committee on Infectious Diseases, the committee that makes vaccine recommendations as part of the American Academy of Pediatrics.....This doctor (Dr. Jerome Klein) has been employed by the major vaccine manufacturers to testify against vaccine injured children. He is also chief editor of pneumo.com the website paid for by Wyeth Lederle to sponsor Prevnar. Furthermore, Klein holds a position on the National Vaccine Advisory Committee, the committee that recommends products for universal vaccination."--Michael Horwin, MA"

"In the United States there are two main vaccine policy-making groups, the Advisory Committee of Immunization Practices (ACIP) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) under HHS. ACIP makes recommendations for vaccine policy. Fisher says these recommendations turn into mandates "because state health officials automatically turn them into state law. In most states," she says, "[when it comes to public health] you no longer even have a vote by the legislature. All the state health departments have to do is issue a regulation, and it automatically becomes a law."
        Fisher says: "For 16 years I have sat in rooms with these officials, both at scientific conferences and government meetings. I was appointed to the Vaccine Advisory Committee for four years under HHS. I was the token consumer representative." What she observed was lack of oversight of this huge enterprise. "You have the highly funded HHS. You have the federal health infrastructure that funds the state public-health infrastructure. Together they have decided they are going to use vaccines to eradicate disease-causing microorganisms from Earth. Then there are the drug companies that manufacture the vaccines; they have a very profitable relationship with FDA and CDC. Everyone is committed to the same premise. What we are trying to make the public realize is that no money whatsoever has been portioned to independent researchers who work outside this very profitable, self-reinforcing loop."---Franklin Cameron

"Some of the ties to the pharmaceutical companies were revealed. The government reform committee has requested all records indicating travel expenses, honorariums paid, speaker fees paid, etc. to any FDA, CDC officials by pharmaceutical companies. The Advisory Committee on Childhood Vaccines, which makes recommendations regarding vaccine compensation, is made up of 9 voting members. Three are lawyers, three are doctors and three members of the general public. One of the lawyers is REQUIRED under the Compensation Act of 1986 to be a lawyer representing the PHARMACEUTICAL companies. Another Committee called the Immunization Practice Committee, which recommends which vaccines and when they should be given, is made up of 24 people. Eleven (11) of the 24 receive money from the pharmaceutical companies!"--Dawn Richardson http://www.planetchiropractic.com/vaccine.htm

"FDA virologist Peter Reeve........ acknowledged that the FDA suspended its own independent tests of vaccine purity 15 years ago, leaving it entirely up to the manufacturers to ensure the vaccine is contaminant free."--'The Virus and the Vaccine': Atlantic Monthly 

"Since the 1920s, virtually all continuing medical and public health education is funded by pharmaceutical companies. In fact, today, the FDA can't even tell health scientists the truth about vaccine contaminants and their likely effects. The agency is bound and gagged by proprietary laws and non-disclosure agreements forced upon them by the pharmaceutical industry. Let us not forget that the pharmaceutical industry, as a special interest group, is the number one contributor to politicians on Capital Hill."--Leonard Horowitz

FDA used to suppress non-drug medicine:
"We can't put these chelation doctors out of business without your help."---FDA administrator Dr Stuart Nightingale in a speech to the AMA House of Delagates, Honolulu, 1984.

In 1976, the U.S. FDA (Food & Drug Administration) published the following: "Ozone is a toxic gas with no known medical uses."  Printing this statement in a publication paid for with our taxes is either a blatant attempt at suppression of truth from the highest levels, or one of the poorest research jobs ever done. It obviously favours competitive therapies, and ignores well over 50 years of safe and effective medical use of ozone on hundreds of thousands of humans backed up with thousands of medical references and clinical studies in Switzerland, Italy, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and the U.S.
Let's compare medical ozone therapy with prescription drugs. In 1978 the FDA reported 1.5 million were hospitalised in the USA due to the side effects of medication. On the other hand, medical ozone has been legally used in clinics worldwide on a daily basis since the forties, and in Germany 644 ozone therapists were surveyed, and they reported 384,775 patients had received 5,579,238 ozone treatments. The side effect rate was only 0.0007% during 5.5 million dosages! Yet, each year approximately 140,000 people in the U.S die from prescription drug usage.
    Despite 50 years of use on humans and existing flawless and effective animal studies, the FDA still won't allow human testing, claiming ozone is "On clinical hold." What a great example of "newspeak." Sounds real officious, doesn't it? Like there's a problem, and our kindly government father will take care of everything, but it's a lie. No testing is being done while you might be next to die. Clinical hold just means "blackballed." Why would such a documented beneficial therapy be prevented from being looked at at all, while millions of innocents suffer - unless foul play is involved? OZONE HAS CURED AIDS IN OVER 300 CASES--Ed McCabe

"Today, 47 years later, orthomolecular vitamin treatment is still relatively unknown. The use of drugs is world wide and sanctioned by powerful drug interests, the professional associations and governments. It seems not to matter that huge numbers of patients are being denied their chance for full recovery...... niacin has not been fenced in and the treatment has indeed been trampled on for the past 40 years by the galloping hordes of professional establishments, the American Psychiatric Association, governments, the FDA , the National Institutes of Mental Health, and by nearly every health-professional organization. It is a wonder that there are any orthomolecular doctors at all. ---Abram Hoffer, M.D., Ph.D.

"I used L-Tryptophan while it was still available.  This was before its use was completely banned after one (yes one) batch of it was contaminated in a Japanese factory.  People died because of the contamination but the FDA blamed the Tryptophan and banned it.  Very very odd how this natural amino acid, a natural anti-depressant and sleep aid, was banned exactly one week before Prozac hit the market."--Bob's story

Between 1992 and 1996, FDA prohibited companies that sell folic acid from telling women of childbearing age that .4 mg of folic acid daily before pregnancy could reduce the incidence of neural tube defects (including spina bifida and encephaly) by 40%. FDA’s censorship contributed to a preventable 10,000 neural tube defect births.
    Between 1994 to 2000, FDA prohibited companies that sell omega-3 fatty acids from telling Americans that those fatty acids found in fish oil could reduce the risk of coronary heart disease by as much as 50%. FDA’s censorship contributed to a preventable 1.8 million sudden death heart attacks.
Between 2000 and the present, FDA prohibits companies that sell saw palmetto extract (the fruit of the dwarf American palm tree) from telling Americans that saw palmetto reduces enlarged prostates and relieves related symptoms. Approximately 50% of all men age 50 and older suffer from enlarged prostates and are denied access to this information.
Between 2000 and the present, FDA prohibits companies that sell glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate from telling Americans that those dietary ingredients treat osteoarthritis and relieve osteoarthritic pain and stiffness. Approximately 20 million Americans suffer needlessly from osteoarthritis. StopFDACensorship.org - FDA and Health Freedom Protection Act

"In truth, as time has gone on, I have found much evidence to make me believe that the FDA had, indeed, done a great many studies on Laetrile. The problem was they apparently had found that — when properly used with other vitamins, minerals, enzymes and diet — Laetrile could be very beneficial to many cancer patients. There was no way the FDA was going to admit this! For more than fifteen years they had been saying that Laetrile was of no value. To come out now and say that they had been wrong was unthinkable. The fuss and furor that would have come from the people of this country would have been tremendous. Congress, rapidly, would have been forced to do away with the FDA. To the government, this would have been a terrible loss. After all, the "most important" function of any government bureaucracy is to perpetuate itself. It is my opinion, and only an opinion, that it was easier for the FDA to say that they had done no studies than to reveal what their studies had actually shown. It was far less dangerous to go through Administrative Hearings than to admit that they were wrong."----ALIVE AND WELL by Philip E. Binzel, Jr., M.D.

"You may have difficulty in obtaining some of these (non-drug) therapies..because the FDA has literally pressured Congress, under the guise of protecting the public, to keep time-honoured cultural and natural therapies out of the hands of the general public.  If you look at the record of the FDA, it becomes obvious they are serving interests other than yours and mine."---Dr Willner

"James Kimball is currently serving a 13-year sentence for distributing a nontoxic botanical supplement found to provide significant relief for Parkinson's disease patients. The FDA managed to confuse the facts and the jury."-Daniel Haley

"The FDA won’t spend a dime on ozone research, but they spent over $1 million intimidating, harassing, and persecuting me alone." Dr Jonathen Wright http://www.seattle.net/~drwright/

"Richard Horton of The Lancet said the FDA, which safeguards the health of 274 million people and regulates over $1 trillion worth of products, was compromised by funding from the drugs industry and pressure from Congress."--Medical Editor Rips Into FDA

"E-mails among high-ranking Pentagon supervisors amid a 1999 congressional inquiry of the anthrax vaccination program indicate the Department of Defense was exerting improper pressure on the manufacturer and the federal agency regulating the vaccine, says U.S. Rep. Christopher Shays, R-Conn."--E-mails Suggest Pentagon Pressured FDA On Anthrax Vaccine

"During the last 10 years of my practice I utilised many therapies that were not in the mainstream of medicine.  They were safe, non-toxic and very effective.   When I retired I travelled and researched other therapies...I spoke with many doctors and patients who were getting excellent results from these alternative therapies and witnessed their success first hand.  It is time to seriously question and reject the standard orthodox cancer treatments of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, except in a very few instances.
       You may have difficulty in obtaining some of these therapies..because the FDA has literally pressured Congress, under the guise of protecting the public, to keep time-honoured cultural and natural therapies out of the hands of the general public.  If you look at the record of the FDA, it becomes obvious they are serving interessts other than yours and mine
        The 'cancer establishment' is a network of extremely powerful and wealthy companies whose members sit on the boards of many non-profit organisations.  They literally control and direct all cancer research within the USA and throughout the world......Although these centres are non-profit they serve their masters by suppressing most, if not all, non-patentable treatments in favour of the expensive treatments therapies that have wrought havoc with patients while losing the war against cancer."---Dr Willner

"For many years there have been treatments available which are successful and usually NOT harmful for diseases, such as AIDS, cancer, cystic fibrosis, diabetes, organ regeneration and other diseases. One by one these treatments and their creators or proponents have been targeted by the FDA, which I call the "office of orthodoxy enforcement," illegally using just powers derived from the consent of governed. These forms of tyranny are always accompanied by multi agency intrusions or harassment, confiscation of private medical files, censorship of written materials and threats or prosecution."---Charles Pixley

"There had been a head of the FDA (who later turned out to be a fraud) his name was Fishbein and he was rampantly opposed to any alternative therapy. He went after Hoxsey, the Hoxsey therapy back in the 1940's and 50's, and destroyed Hoxsey. But not before Hoxsey sued the AMA and Fishbein and [proved] that the therapy actually worked. But it didn't help him because they closed him down anyhow"----Gary Null      

"You wouldn’t believe how many FDA officials or relatives or acquaintances of FDA officials come to see me as patients in Hanover. You wouldn’t believe this, or directors of the AMA, or ACA, or the presidents of orthodox cancer institutes. That’s the fact."---Hans Nieper.

"The FDA, NCI and ACS, and the large treatment centres work to eliminate choice of cancer therapies, particulary better ones. They openly attack breakthroughs made by "mavericks", which they define as anyone outside their ranks. Folks, any serious study of how these entities work together to destroy hopeful approaches to cancer reveals a trail of corruption, conspiracy, dishonesty, and inhumanity that warrants desigantion of evil……..We continue to use them not because they work, but because those who perform them have so vigorously eliminated any other choice."---JULIAN WHITAKER, M.D.

Psychiatric drugs
Whitaker exposes the massive lies and cover-ups that have corrupted the Food and Drug Administration's drug review process, and co-opted research trials in order to spin the results of drug tests and conceal the serious hazards and even deadly side-effects of brand-name drugs like Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil and Zyprexa.
hitaker starts by debunking the effectiveness of these massively hyped wonder drugs -- antidepressants like Prozac, Zoloft and Paxil, and the new atypical antipsychotic drugs like Zyprexa. His research shows how they often are barely more effective than placebos in treating mental disorder and depression, despite the glowing adulation they have received in the mainstream media.
    But he goes on to make the startling claim that these new psychiatric drugs have directly contributed to an alarming new epidemic of drug-induced mental illness. The very drugs prescribed by physicians to stabilize mental disorders in fact are inducing pathological changes in brain chemistry and triggering suicide, manic and psychotic episodes, convulsions, violence, diabetes, pancreatic failure, metabolic diseases, and premature death.
    Whitaker's research into the tragic cases of disease, suffering and early deaths caused by these drugs shows that millions of consumers have been misled by a massive campaign of lies, distortions, and bought-and-paid-for drug trials. Eminent medical researchers who have tried to warn us of the perils of these drugs have been silenced, intimidated and defamed. In the process, the Food and Drug Administration has become the lapdog of the giant pharmaceutical industry, not its watchdog.Psychiatric Drugs: An Assault on the Human Condition Street Spirit Interview with Robert Whitaker

As well as finding that the negative results were not published, when Professor Kirsch combined the results from the published and unpublished trials, all brands of SSRIs showed up as little better than a placebo.  Even worse, Kirsch says that both the drugs companies and the U.S. regulators knew this, but chose to keep it from doctors and their patients.  He quotes an internal Federal Drug Administration memo saying it was 'of no practical value to patient or physician' to reveal that SSRIs are no better than placebos.  [2010] Lives destroyed by happy pills: As our use of antidepressants DOUBLES in a decade, experts say thousands are being given dangerous drugs they don't need

What the FDA is really doing:
"1.)    It is providing a means whereby key individuals on its payroll are able to obtain both power and wealth through granting special favours to certain politically influential groups that are subject to its regulations. This activity is similar to the "protection racket" of organised crime: for a price, one can induce FDA administrators to provide "protection" from the FDA itself.
2).    As a result of this political favouritism, the FDA has become a primary factor in that formula whereby cartel-orientated companies in the food and drug industry are able to use the police powers of government to harass or destroy their free-market competiton. Eg
3).    And thirdly, the FDA occasionally does some genuine publ ic good with whatever energies it has left over after serving the vested political and commercial interest of its first two activities."------- Edward Griffin, World Without Cancer. http://www.realityzone.com/