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[Keeping the lid on Vaccine autism.]

[2010 Dec] The Professional Assassination Of Autism Expert Lisa Blakemore-Brown by Christina England  The launch of the book was at a CHADD conference in Anaheim California in October 2001. Eli Lilly were on the next stand and bought a copy of the book. On my return to the UK, there was no contact from the publisher. Within weeks of my book being published, parents were being told by Amazon that it was a ‘rare book’ and that it would take a year to get and would cost $79 plus post and packing!!! There were none in the shops. There were none in the warehouses of the retailers. There were none in the distributors. The UK National Autistic Society carry all the books on Autism – except mine. 

The National Autistic Society by Vernon Coleman  I see that a drug company which makes MMR vaccine is one of your financial supporters (and has been since 2003). I understand that the company has, for example, paid for mailing to over 4,000 GP surgeries with information about autism. Since there is a huge debate ongoing about whether or not autism is caused by the MMR vaccine I would be interested to hear the society's explanation for accepting this funding. Do you not feel that by accepting money from GlaxoSmithKline you are abandoning your independence, your reputation and your value to autistic patients and their carers?