Vaccine reaction and treatment

Rosemary Persi

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Posted - 10/30/2007 :  15:29:47  
Thanks for your help Seonaid & John,

With your son Seonaid-could be pancreatic problems or inflammation,

My son was normal until age 5-shortly after his school boosters he developed vision problems & his health declined rapidly.
By age 7 he was epileptic & legally blind, he is 19 now however no longer speaks & is unable to walk.

We have been through all the medical tests & were told that he has an autosomal recessive [ both my husband & I must carry a defective gene ] neurodegenerative condition.

While we were waiting for these medical results to come through we took our son to see many alternative practioners [in Australia ]-some started saying he was vaccine damaged.
The question was "How could he be vaccine damaged if it was a genetic condition?"
So I started to do my own research & found out that viruses can & do cause genetic mutations!

The problem was not many people knew how to treat vaccine damage.
Through constant prayers we met an ex-nurse [anti-vaccines due to witnessing many damaged children] whose husband is a biochemist who used a vega macine.
Finally we met someone who had the expertise to look at what was happening to our son on a cellular level.
We found out that each & every vaccine that Fabian had, had suppressed his immune system till finally when he had his school boosters his body [immune system ] could not handle it any longer

Fortunately we used the nosodes to remove toxicity from each & every vaccine and my son actually improved-his vision improved, his overall health improved so much so that his paediatric neurologist had asked me what we had done to cause such an improvement. So much so that his new medical notes had a question mark which read presumed neuro-degenerative condition?

In the meantime all the doctors who I approached to ask for help-the same docters who tell you you must vaccinate could not help me.
I was treated like a leper, no-one wanted to talk to me or acknowlege that Fabian was vaccine damaged.
My son's medical records read
'Mother asks to many questions-Mother needs help-don't have time to answer all her questions-'
They treated me like a psychiatric case- only because I dared to tell them that Fabian was vaccine damaged.

After many years of searching I now know that Fabian got polio from the vaccine and that he has simian viruses in his body.
I was told that one more vaccine would have killed him.

With the help of another biochemist I now know that it was the vaccine viruses that caused my son to develop a genetic mutation.
I have spent the last 14 years researching this & I am now trying to involve some researchers who can help me to prove this.

The problem is that you need to get the foreign viruses out of the body as well as all the toxicity-heavy metals etc.
From personal experience the best way to do this is homeopathically!
On a genetic level yes I do agree that there must be a weakness for this to happen however I really think that by vaccinating we have damaged our immune systems therefore creating genetic susceptibility/weakness.
I still insist that my son would have been fine if he wasn't vaccinated-the doctors however insist that I am wrong!
I know that cytomegalovirus causes blindness& immune system suppression so what then does simian cytomegalovirus cause?
How can the doctors explain the prescence of SCMV & SV40 in a child with a neuro-degenerative condition? & not see a connection
How do they think those viruses got into his body?
I will never ever give up on finding out the truth!

I need to find some Researchers who are not afraid to speak up, who can help me.
Problem is we live in such a brainwashed society!