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Vanishing Tsunami

 Vanishing Tsunami 
 March 2010
I’m going to post a chat update, since there hasn’t been one in a little while, and a lot of amazing things have been happening in chat over the last month. 

Many of this may be a little hard to believe, but boosting and using positive POR energy over time, especially when combined in group efforts in the chats, can do things most people would consider impossible. But then again, I’m sure most people would think the same way about a simple tower buster – a mere 3oz of resin, metal shavings, and a crystal as a means to transmute energy. I had doubts about more than a few things when I joined EW and the chats, but all have gradually faded, given my experiences and confirmations. These are things you really have to experience for yourself to truly believe, and my only aim here is putting the information out there for the general public to have access to and to ponder over. 

On Sunday, we experienced some of the best confirmations imaginable that the boosting and the energy work we do in chat are highly effective means of preventing mass slaughter attempts by the world order. 
Starting with Haiti, the corporate world order has been trying  a “ring around the earth” tactic as a bang for the new year by setting off a series of seabed nukes around fault lines, especially in the ring of fire region. 

We got started in last Sunday’s chat right after earthquake in Chili and first worked on getting rid of any other nukes on the seabed and on frying a few submarines who were responsible for causing the quakes.  We found four other nukes at all four corners of the ring of fire and disabled them all. We also boosted some CV energy to the bankers, who were behind a scheme to crash Japan Air and Toyota and buy their stocks up cheap. The bankers were on their way via underground transit to a secret G20 meeting, and we trapped them and gave them a good etheric spanking. 

After checking out the Creator Vortex, where some parasitic organization had attached a cord to attempt to hurt it, the only thing left to do that day was to try to minimize the tsunami headed for Hawaii and the rest of the Pacific. We only had twenty minutes until it was supposed to touchdown in Hawaii, and I had a nagging feeling that we should try to do something about it. I mentioned to the other energy sensitives that we should try to do something quick about the tsunami. So we blasted a Creator Vortex orgone-nuke over the tsunami to cancel it out, with the whales helping out too. 

The media was really playing the tsunami up as an inevitable disaster and that it would cause massive damage and death, but when the time came for the tsunami to appear, nothing happened. The water level raised a little – about a meter, and that was it. The other energy sensitives and I were laughing at all the corporate meteorologists and media personalities scratching their heads and wondering what the hell happened, except to say: “We really missed the mark on this one.” Several reports described the “off-color,” and “glow” in the water and on the horizon – a nice golden color, just like the Creator Vortex that we used to counter the wave. One witness even said that they saw a bunch of whales swimming in the Tsunami. This is the biggest confirmation I’ve seen so far in the chats. Being able to dissipate a tsunami in its tracks is certainly a feat, and one I will never forget. 

Other equally empowering experiences happened in the chats preceding the Tsunami. 

Three weeks ago, the $#*!bird agencies  confused us for a little while with reality distortion machines, so that what we were seeing in our minds’ eyes were mere illusions, keeping us off track of three nukes hidden on the seabed near Yemen. We got rid of the distortion machine and cracked the puzzle in time during the next chat by going with our feelings, instead of just visuals, going to higher dimensions to see past the illusions, and with a few guided visuals from the operators. The dolphins disabled the nukes off of Yemen, and we blasted and sicked the cetas on those responsible - a fleet of Draco and dark master ships and a Draco ship disguised as an asteroid, which had its own wheel, pyramid, and well of souls under the pyramid with “grateful dead” trapped inside. We made a divergence to the dark master’s home world and boosted a POR love virus to transmit all that DOR into POR and for the POR to multiply on its own until the whole planet became a POR haven. We started hearing The Beatles “All you need is love” after that. Then, we went back to the large Draco ship disguised as an asteroid, and Mary Magdalene made an appearance and took the lid off of the well of souls and guided the souls away from there. We had a very strong sensation of smelling roses too, myself included, which is both a characteristic of her presence and also a big personal confirmation. Many of us suspect that the true story of Mary Magdalene and Jesus is about to come out into the open, and that it will change the face of Christianity for the better, at least compared to the born-again chumpism or evangelical parasitism that plagues it today. 

About a month ago, we freed a well of souls in Hiroshima to help T. in Japan and took down a major Gobi goon (dark master) base in the Himalayas with big help from the Wingmakers. After blasting the base with POR, the souls came flying out, escaping as bats, something that Don mentioned seeing once before in his gifting trip to the Nile. 

We spend a lot of time defending fellow gifters and energy sensitives in chat, and often it leads to much bigger targets.  A couple of weeks back, we blasted the NSA headquarters and the Dracos running it, for intefering with Stevo’s business, while last Wednesday, the other energy sensitives (I was not present for that chat) found the attacks against Dooney to be orchestrated by a large African in an underground base, and from there to a planet of giants.  The giants are the guys who apparently pull the strings behind the dark masters. 

Well, that’s all for now. It’s been an amazing month in chat, and I hope some of you who are reading this, if you haven’t already, will get some training from Dooney and start experiencing life-changing energy experiences, as I have been having for the last couple of months, both in and out of chat. 

Many boosts,