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[vid] Stop Giving Fluoride Toothpaste to Children  Interviewer: If thereís a way to tell that you know X amount of fluoride causes x amount of x amount of cancer and itís linear would it be safe to assume that thereís no safe level then of water for fluoridation?  Dr. David Kennedy: I think thatís correct. As Dr. Marcus explains in the movie that as a scientist how do you develop a safe level of exposure? And he said he doesnít know how he would attack it but he thinks it would probably end up like lead. Where zero is the amount that you should be exposed to. Because the reason he brings up lead is, one, Dr Marcus was the guy that got lead out of the water in the first place and, two, Fluoride is more toxic than lead. So if everybodyís worried about lead today, well, why donít we have our children brush with something thatís worse than lead? Thatís insane! Itís a hairless toxic and arsenic if I invented an arsenic toothpaste weíd say ďYouíre protected because youíll spit it out.Ē Well, you canít spit stuff out of your mouth. If you measure blood level of fluoride and give a child a dab of toothpaste or do a topical treatment in a dental office, their blood level of fluoride goes up. Even if you supervise them and make them spit out, their blood level of fluoride goes up because your mouth absorbs whatever goes in. So the moral of that story is you should not put anything in the childís mouth that you also couldnít put in the dinner. So if itís not a food, if itís not a nutrient, it doesnít belong in the childís mouth.

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