Vortex Gifting And Towerbusting In Atacama & Patagonia

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New post Vortex Gifting And Towerbusting In Atacama & Patagonia 
Kelly finally arrived on Wednesday January 9, at 5:00 am, 5 days later than expected due to the disappearance of his passport. That day we worked on the final orgonite devices we were missing, as well as on the 20 wooden templates for our UCB’s.  Kelly also did some work on Ale since he was feeling extremely tired, and so he had energies to work.
On Thursday we did our first vortex, right near our house. I guess we are pretty lucky to have one so close. When it was opened, Ale said he saw like it was snowing or  the sky looked like it had bacteria (as you see it in a microscope).
On Friday we did our second vortex, over the neighborhood of Quinchamalí. This one was stronger than the previous one.

The Canopi is already active over Santiago.
3,139 km on the car’s odometer, and the trip begins.
Today we gifted two vortexes, about 150km apart. The first one was at the latitude of Papudo, a beach town, which is about 100 Km away from where the canopy ended (right at the exit of the Calavera tunnel). Ale planted an HHG between the three antennas that were keeping the vortex company, jejeje.
Huentelauquén, stopped for cheese empanadas and a vortex. We did a pretty nice walk over the dunes until we reached the beach, an hour later. Again, we set 3 TB’s on three different points where qi comes out. Ale sat on top of the strongest of these points, after they were gifted.

At night we arrived to Combarbalá, Quilitapia, and stayed in Lorenzo’s house (see post “Crystal Quest” http://www.ethericwarriors.com/ip/v...t=crystal+quest ). Kelly worked on some crystals, the same way he worked on us in Santiago. He said it was the first time that he did this work on a crystal.

The canopy has extended to this point once again.
If Kelly was impressed with the size of last night’s crystals, today’s was just amazement. The 4 ton crystal is really a spectacle (see “Crystal Quest” url). He again worked on this crystal, but this one demanded a lot more energy.
We then visited the circle of stones, an ancient sacred place for the Molle people, the original inhabitants of this zone. This place is inside Lorenzo’s property. The work that Kelly did in this spot was different. The place was special since qi flowed through it, which is probably why the Molles chose it as a place of cult. Now, however, it was blocked. Kelly spined three times inside the circle. The first two times he couldn’t make the qi to flow again. The third time he was able to acquire the sufficient speed in his spin, and In this way liberated the qi and enable it to spin again too. Then he got out of the circle of stones and followed a road of qi, like a spiral, away from the circle and to the surrounding hills. When he did that the work was completed. Apparently the qi flows not only through the circle of stones but also through the surrounding hills.
We then planted an UCB in Lorenzo’s property. We also activated a vortex in Quilitapia.
After lunch we parted, taking an interior road through the mountains towards Ovalle. Once there, we gifted an ugly HAARP array .

The next stop was Punta de Choros, the home of our dolphin friends.

We planted our second UCB in Tio Dogui’s yard and emptied a bucket of TB’s in the ocean, from a boat.


 We also gifted a vortex on the beach.
Again in the highway, about 150 km from the cross to the beach, we planted another UCB (#3). We also spotted what looked like a weather ball. A sign read: “European Space Organization Observatory”. It was the same exit as the “La Campana” Chilean observatory. This target will be done in a future occation.
Ale planted 3 earth pipes close to the highway a bit to the north of that, since he spotted a bunker in the middle of nothing and asked Kelly to take a look. Indeed, he felt a lot of DOR coming from the ground.
In Vallenar we gifted another HAARP array.
Coming out of Vallenar we planted our fourth UCB.

About 30 km before Copiapo, another vortex was spotted. We climbed a little hill. The canopy was still overhead, but overgifting is never a bad thing  Smile .

This morning the canopy felt especially strong.
In Caldera there was another HAARP array. We placed 8 TB’s in total. It took only 15 minutes to gift, and Kelly felt the positive effect almost immediately, and very strong by the way.
The highway runs along the coast now. Kelly says that when one is closer to the ocean the vortexes tend to locate in the coast line rather than in the high mountains. We gifted one of these and since it was mostly rocks, mini TB’s were used, which are excellent to hide.
About 20-30 km to the north, there was an unusually strong vortex, so we decided to gift it anyways.
In the town of Chañaral we gifted a HAARP array and planted another UCB (#5).
Further north, in an extensive dessert plain, Ale planted 3 other earth pipes.

At kilometer 1,128 (from Santiago), we planted the sixth UCB. They have all been planted about 150 km apart, from where the dessert begins.
Kilometer 1,277  UCB (#7).

Ale: Every once in a while, driving through the Atacama I spotted what looked like a small container-like bunker out in the middle of nowhere. Sometimes these “bunkers” were surrounded by large solar pannels. Everytime I spotted one I would ask Kelly how it felt below the ground. Sure enough it was always very negative. I usually planted 3 earthpipes (2’’ Alluminum) around these places.  There seems to be continual DOR throught much of Chile’s central valley from Santiago towards the Atacama, both above and bellow ground.  Another trip will be necessary just for planting earthpipes all along this stretch of highway.

Antofagasta, already in the heart of the Atacama. We set up a Torsion CB in don Rene’s house.
While leaving Antofagaste Ale spotted a HAARP array close to the beach, this one was on a military base. It got overgifted.
On this photo only 4 towers are visible since the array was quite spread out. There were about 20 towers in total.

Between Antofagasta and Tocopilla we gifted another vortex.
About 90 kilometers to t he north of Antofagasta we planted another UCB (#8).
Tocopilla. We installed the CB that Ale and I had at home. Our contact, Fernando, was a very nice man, and helped in the installation along his whole family. Everyone was happy.
We parted to Calama, direction East. On the way Kelly found a vortex, Ale had the opportunity to try his new truck off-road, Kelly and I where holding on to dear life. We decided to do an experiment: set up a UCB on the strongest point of the vortex. Kelly said he had never seen something like it. It was the strongest result we’ve had so far. As Kelly described it, in the beginning the vortex would suck in stuff from the sky directly to the center, it wasn’t moving in a spiral like the other vortexes do. Instead, directly down. It was also very irregular. I am sure Kelly will explain this much better in his post.  
Slept in Calama. Ale had a late night adventure and gifted the biggest towers in that town, which where plenty by the way.

Ale: Before planting the UCB on the vortex, thre was a dense HAARP-cloud cover over the entire area. As soon as the UCB was planted, a blue hole started to form on the white-out above.
This is no more than 5 min after planting the UCB on the vortex, blue is starting to appear.
 As we drove away, the hole kept expanding and by the time we reached the highway, the sky was a brilliant blue and the remaining crud to the edges seemed to be melting.  This is a photo of the edge of the blue hole.

We visited a small town  called Chiu Chiu.
The church was very special, two positive qi lines crossed in the altar, forming a cross.
Then we left for Caspana and planted the 10th UCB on our way.

We decided to take the interior road, through the mountains, to San Pedro de Atacama. In Caspana we were at an altitude of 3,200 meters, and we kept going up. Around 4,000 meters altitude sickness was beginning to affect us.
We decided to plant another UCB on top of a vortex.  It was raining when we got out of the truck and started walking towards it. We even got some hail.

In the northeast of Chile, as well as in Perú and Bolivia, in the area of the Altiplano, rainfall is normal during the summer, it is the wet season. We Chileans call this phenomenon the “Bolivian winter”, since in the rest of the country the dry season corresponds with the summer and the wet season with the winter. So in the north, this is the only rainfall during the whole year, so it is really important.  It only rains in or close to the Andes though, in the middle of the desert it almost never rains. This year locals said there has been plenty of rainfall, which is good news.

Rain at foothills of the Altiplano

 Now, hopefully after this trip the rain will not disappear completely the rest of the year. What would be even better is that the rain could get passed the Altiplano area down to the Atacama dessert.
The results we got with this UCB on top of vortex were not so strong or should I say “weird” as the first one, this one sucked DOR from above in a more regular spiral way, it behaved more like a normal vortex but enhanced, powered up.
Closer to the town of San Pedro de Atacama we did another vortex, this time gifting it in the three spots with regular TB’s.
At sunset Kelly observed the horizon towards the places of the two vortexes gifted with UCB’s, that is northwest and northeast-east. The first one, closer to Tocopilla, felt much stronger, even when it was further in millage, thought this might be because it had been working for 24 hours, whereas the other one had been gifted that same afternoon, around 4:00pm.
The networking has been already made for the 3rd CB, which will be installed in a garden full of malva flowers.
We were told on a complex of antennas that has been recently set up. It consists of 65 enormous antennas that belong to NASA and other international “investigation” centers. Even the Chineese are involved. Lamentably, this target will also be left for another trip.
Ale and I gifted all the antennas in town.

We part to Argentina. Closer to the Licancabur volcano, Kelly felt strong DOR coming from it, but got a message that we were not supposed to do anything about it. Hopefully it will erupt and burry the 65 antenna complex  Wink .
We put another UCB before crossing the border.
The border was a joke, they didn’t even check our car.
The crossing was really spectacular in landscape, the sky was vibrant. Here are some photos.

Already on the Argentinean side, a nice entity welcomed us when entering;  Kelly was very happy  Mr. Yellow .
Lots of sylphs also there to greet us too.


Excited by the welcoming, we gifted a vortex by the side of the road.
The rest of the day we drove and Ale gifted lots and lots of antennas, specially HAARP. The Argentinean facilities have a lot more budget than the Chilean.

We reached Jujuy in a lightning storm. It was precisely that rainy night that we could not find a room so we camped out.

It really poured last night, felt like the sky was going to fall, and Kelly got soaked… in the morning, when the water was entering his sleeping bag, he went to sleep to the bathrooms and had two dogs accompanying him… Kelly got a tick! that’s what happens when you buy a 5 dollar Mallasian tent  Wink . Of course we found out all this in the morning, when it was too late to invite Kelly into our tent.
We decided to take route 58 to go south, a road that goes through the middle of Argentina, to extend the canopy to the east.  As the continent gets narrower (cone), the road reaches the Atlantic coast. That is about 500 kilometers south.
Kelly and I went hunting for a vortex in the jungle. It was a fun hike sliding through the trees and weeds. Just when we gifted it (Kelly always offers me to burry the last TB) I heard birds singing energically.
When we met Ale back in the car, he said that hundreds birds were circling the top of  hill. I didn’t see them since we were immersed inside the jungle.
We had a good meal in Tucuman, met some nice Argentineans. LOADS of HAARP on the way! Ale gifted lots of them, however it was impossible to do them all. The sky was covered by a dense blanket of HAARP crud.
We stopped in the town of Recreo. The canopy had been cut a while ago, we needed to gift another vortex urgently. It had been a while since we hadn’t had the opportunity, since there weren’t any side roads, all private farms. In Recreo there was finally one that was accessible. We made an experiment, leaving the three antennas in town without gifting. We will see how they are tomorrow morning.

Ale: In the north of Argentina, exactly on the other side of the Andes from where the Atacama dessert is, there was a huge amount of HAARP arrays. These consisted of about 15-30 skinny HAARP antennas and usually a few nasty big ones too. They were placed about 5-10 km apart from each other along a 700 km stretch of highway. Javi and Kelly were mostly sleeping through all this, but I must of seen more than 100 arrays. I gifted what I could while driving, throwing TBs out the window, but I only managed to disable a handful of these things. Keep in mind that this was only through one of the 3 highways that run along the Andes on the Argentinian side. I’m sure there are more facilities on the other highways and in between.  All in all there must be around 200 or 300 HAARP facilities in about 1000 km from the north of Argentina to the center.  In case you’re not familiar with these monstrosities, that is a HUGE amount of HAARP arrays, in Chile, over 3000 km of travel, we only found about 14 HAARP arrays and gifted them all. All these arrays on the Argentinean side must contribute greatly to drought conditions on the other side of the Andes. Rain from the Amazonian regions make this area of the north of Argentina quite wet, but all the moisture doesn’t get much beyond the Andes on the Chilean side where the Atacama is. The Amazon rains must have a lot of power to require that many arrays to stop it, I’m sure that once these things are gifted rains will be plentiful in the Atacama, at least during the summer months. (If we gift everthing to the south of Santiago, the winter rains may reach the Atacama as well)  We will most definitely make another trip to the north of Argentina to get this done, since we feel it is very important.  BTW, I’ve never seen such an oppressive, dense HAARP cloud cover as in this area of Argentina, especially when we started leaving the more wet areas and entered the Pampa.  Also there was an absurdly massive HAARP array next to the Cordoba airport, I didn’t count but it had hundreds of towers and covered a few hectares.  If there are any gifters out there near the Cordoba region, please gift this monstrosity. I’m sorry we don’t have photos, I didn’t feel like taking pictures of anything we didn’t gift.

This morning, not only the canopy had extended and was strong, but also the antennas had been busted. Now, the antennas were pretty close to the vortex, within 300-500 meters. Kelly said they felt like charged crystals  Laughing
About two kilometers away from town, there was another one that felt really negative, and Ale tossed a TB, Don Croft style, long-handed over the roof of the truck, Kelly taught him that tecnique, which allows you to gift and drive safely at the same time. Kelly oberved it change to positive in 10 seconds.
Gifted another vortex on a corn field and another one in Cordova . Maybe that vortex will affect the huge HAARP array near the airport.

Nuclear plant in the embalse.

Ale: In our endless chase of the river of qi we took a side road from the main highway. The landscape was very beautiful with forests, small hills and lakes, a nice break from the monotony of the pampa. We suddenly came up to a big brick facility on the shore of a resivour. I jokingly said to Kelly “that must be a nuclear facility”. I was pretty surprised when we drove up closer and read “Embalse Nuclear Power Plant”. Even stranger perhaps was that Kelly did not feel the building to be particularly negative. I gifted it anyways with a couple strong HHGs.

Yesterday Kelly mentioned he felt a river of qi flowing from south to north. Sometimes it is at the right of the highway, sometimes on the left. Apparently, the river winds around, so it is almost impossible to follow it. Kelly says we have to find the source of the river and gift it; this way the qi will turn positive. It runs less of a quarter mile above ground.
We have a recurrent question: Why are all the vortexes closed in the first place?

Kelly says that when gifting a river of qi, the canopy tends to extend towards it. As far as he knows, the river could reach up to Peru or even Colombia, who knows!
We gifted a vortex in a little town before taking route 36. It was an unusual one, according to Kelly the 3rd one of this type that he’s seen. They extend three times more than a normal one, he says you can’t point at it since it cover an extended area, about half a mile in diameter. There are no specific points where qi emanates, you can set your TB’s anywhere within. The effects are also usually stronger.
We had lunch in Santa Rosa. Did another vortex on the side of the road.
About 80 kilometers from Bahia Blanca, there was a “tower of qi”, very unusual too. It was steady, nothing was going up or down, like a steady tall block of highly positive qi. Kelly asked if we should gift it and got a positive answer. He set two TB’s, one on top of the point where the tower emerged. Kelly said it felt just as the water of a bath tub looks when you take out the plug.
After gifting this tower of qi, it looked like a vortex, coming up like a vortex, only not so wide, a much thinner column, it doesn’t spread out. It now swirls. Kelly says: if anything is going up, it seems to be getting closer together, not spreading out.
Previously, when we were on the car, close to the tower of qi, Kelly said he felt something really positive in the sky, he thought it was some sort of entity, but it was simply really positive qi.
This will probably help the canopy a lot.

We are moving to the coast, away from the extended grass land. It is very hard to gift, since it is full of private farms so we cannot take detours.

The river of qi is still very near. We have moved south and now east to the coast, so the river is to our right. Tomorrow we will start moving south again, so we are hoping to find the source.

We slept in Bahia Blanca, there was no canopy overhead. We are a bit tired, in the mornings it feels like we just turned off the light.

In the morning the canopy was nice and strong, again it had spread. We took highway 3, south. Did one vortex on the side of the road.
We saw the first chemtrail in Argentina. It was not sticking!
Kelly is now able to feel the source of the river much better, qi spinning. We’ve come down south a long way and it’s the first time we are so close. As Kelly put it, its like chasing a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.
Finally found it! Very close to the coast. The river is not so clear at the place, according to Kelly, when you get at a distance it is easier to see the qi flowing. (
The gifting of that river should have a powerful effect, move a bunch of positive qi up north.
About 100km before reaching the town of Trelew we gifted another vortex. We slept at Trelew.


The canopy is nice and strong, has spread quite a lot, 300 kilometers now.
We passed through Comodoro Rivadavia, an oiling city on the coast, very dense air, lots of DOR. The oil pumps were visible all over. When we asked Kelly to take a look underground he jumped since it was VERY negative, this was probably due to the oil itself and not some underground facility. We did a vortex on the beach, saw some sea lions. Ale also gifted a HAARP array, the largest of the three in town. Even though it might not be enough, we hope it will work together with the vortex, at least to lighten the atmosphere.
In the afternoon we reached  Punta San Julian, and gifted a vortex a couple of kilometers before entering town. The next morning the towers were positive!

Ale: there was a big HAARP array next to the Comodoro Rivadavia airport. Dense smog could be seen right above and around the array.
We didn’t stay to see if the smog cleared, but Kelly said the array was positive a couple of minutes after gifting it.

We gifted three vortices today. The first one still on the Argentinean side, we had to go off road. Finally Kelly and I got off the truck and started walking, Ale stayed and was determined to find a way to get closer to the hill. It was a nice hike, at the top the wind was very strong, and the hill looked like what had been a volcano. Kelly said there was a guardian and that it was worried about what we were going to do, so he explained and the guardian was happy.
The second vortex was on the Chilean side, in Magellan’s strait.
We had an encounter with Patagonian burrs, took us more time to get them out of our socks and pants than to actually gift the vortex.
The third vortex of today was in Punta Arenas, the southernmost  in Chile, were we are spending the night.

It was a nice walk along the beach, lots of boats waiting to sail.
Coming into Punta Arenas we did a lot of gifting too, mainly HAARP. We also found a weather ball, the first one Ale and I had seen, so it was exciting. It was in military land, FACH o Fuerza Aérea de Chile (Chilean Air Force).  

This morning we buried a peace maker. Yesterday Kelly observed that the ground below felt very negative, under Punta Arenas as well as under the big island of Tierra del Fuego, that you can see in the horizon, across Magellan Strait. We buried it at 10:30 am and at 2:30 pm it had spread a mile. We left town after that so we won’t be able to do a follow up on the observations.
While Kelly was on the internet, Ale and I went to bust towers on top of a mountain. After a nice hike through a club (we actually paid an entrance) we reached the top and found a "nice" array.

 While Ale busted it, I talked to some technicians that were fixing the antennas, distracting them  Wink . They gave me a lot of info. For example, they told me that they actually call the panels “microwaves”. Also, that under every tower there is a bed of copper net, about two meters below ground. That supposedly serves to ground lightning that might struck in the antenna and protect the equipment. I asked about how much power they needed and was told that “not much”. The cable supposedly carried the “information”.
A little further, we found two weather balls, these on military land.

We needed to bust them, since we felt that one HHG for two weatherballs and a big array was not enough, so we decided to go back to the car, down the mountain and come back. We had a plan: once on the bottom of the hill, say that we forgot our camera and ask if we could go back up in our truck. On our way down, a military truck passed by, to which we hitchhiked, jejeje pretty funny, we got to ride with military down the mountain. We carried out our plan, and even though they were pretty upset and sent a guy to come with us to get the camera, we were able to manage to get orgonita to those weather balls (Ale faked he had to go to the bathroom, outdoors, jejeje).  That road was reserved for antena tecnitians and the FACH people, hence our little scheme.

We left town in direction to the north, starting the final stage of our trip, the south of Chile going from south to north. In Puerto Natales Ale gifted the HAARP array, and the sky opened and the whiteout was cleared. Pretty cool.

The rest of the day we saw lots of lenticular clouds, that felt very negative. Even Ale and I could feel the DOR pretty strong, it hurt our eyesight and head. The sky became artificial again.

One lenticular in particular was pretty bad, our heads hurt alot when we looked at it. Kelly growled when trying to see what was inside.
Later he said that there was bad qi around it, but the qi wasn´t coming from below or from above it, sort of like a vortex of bad qi in suspension.
We gifted another vortex on our way to Calafate. Slept in Calafate, the most expensive town of Argentina (yes, we had to cross the border once again).

Ale: In the area around Puerto Natales, the sky had a thick HAARP-crud whiteout. When we arrived at the town, I dropped Javi at the public telephone and went with Kelly to bust the only array in town, on top of a hill. 5 minutes later, the white-out started to clear and reveal a beautiful blue sky. The receading crud also exposed a few lenticulars hiding inside, jeje.

  Pretty soon more ugly lenticulars appeared and the white out started to be re-established. I had the distinct impression that this new whiteout was being generated from these lenticulars, which I took as a very good sign that all of the HAARPies ground support had been evicerated in the area.

Soon a very, very nasty lenticular mass of crap apeared in the sky, same one Javi mentions above. Javi and I would get an intense pain in our foreheads and behind the eyes just by looking at it, it was that bad.

 I decided to boost it. Javi noticed my boosting and said “you sure like trouble, don’t you” , she didn’t think it was a very good idea. Soon enough, we got some trouble as we started to feel weak and sickly. I realized this was no game, and that I couldn’t back off what I had started. I intensified my boosting and urged Javi to do the same. When I boosted I felt much better, but if I stopped for a minute, I would get a headache and nausea. About 20 minutes later we both got the clear impresion that whatever nasty thing that was inside the lenticular was gone, even though the cloud was still there. We both thought this at the same time. We woke Kelly up and asked him for his opinion, indeed he said that the “entity” was gone, as well as the negative qi vortex, success! It no longer hurt your eyes while looking at the lenticular. Very soon after thi the cloud started melting away with the wind. By the time we got to Calafate, it was a irrecognizable mass, no longer resembling a lenticular.

Today was a tedious day. We travelled most of the day on very bad roads, it was a bit frustrating, at least for me. About 100 lilometers from our destination for the night, Kelly went up a hill to do a vortex. I stayed on the bottom, looking at the guanacos.

Ale tried to find a road that lead to the bottom of the hill.
We slept in Perito Moreno. The canopy is still strong above us.

In the morning we headed to the border once again, this time to the Chile Chico crossing point. The canopy extends over the mountains, to the Chilean side.
We gifted a vortex close to the lake General Carrera.
Today again we spent most of the day in the car, dirt roads mostly. In the afternoon, we climbed a mountain to gift a vortex that was accompanied by a bunch of brand new antennas. It was truly a nice walk, I was in a very bad mood since I was tired and wanted to get to town, but the walk really gave me my humor and strength back. The towers were busted with the gifting of the vortex.
Finally in town, Ale busted all the towers.

We did the Carretera Austral (or Southern Highway). Didn’t open any vortices today, since the mountains were so high. We reached the town of Esquel, once again in Argentina. The reason we keep crossing over is because these countries are cut in several places, specially on the Chilean side. The ferries are way too expensive.

Heading to El Bolson, Kelly went up a hill in bright day light, at about 12:00. It was heroic/foolish since the heat was unbearable and the sun burned your skin. A vulture followed him.  We took refuge under the truck.
We crossed over once again, travelled a lot of millage. In the afternoon we reached the town of Entre Lagos, in Chile, and had the opportunity to swim in Puyehue lake.

Heading north, Kelly noticed that qi was entering the tip of the trees, which meant that the canopy had been there for a while now. It could have extended from Argentina (on the east) or from Santiago (on the north).  677 kilometres south of Santiago, qi had penetrated 3 inches into the trees.
580 km from Santiago, 1 foot.
500 km from Santiago, 2 feet.
400 km from Santiago, 3 feet.

200 km from Santiago, 6 feet.
Yesterday we gifted a vortex in the city of Concepcion, it was rather hard to get there, but we succeed in the end.
Today we travelled the last 400 km of the trip, back to Santiago.
15,345 km on the truck's odometer.
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Post Re: Vortex Gifting And Towerbusting In Atacama & Patagon 
This is a monumental expedition, phantastic Photos! Surely the beginning of "Continent Busting" in South America. We have seen a lot of these angry lenticulars after busting some alleged underground bases. Looks like you guys definitely stirred something up.

Doing it all over Africa and sending it out to the world
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Post Re: Vortex Gifting And Towerbusting In Atacama & Patagon 
Thanks Georg, it surely is our intention to bust up as much nefarious infrastructure as we can in this continent. We still have to finish the job of gifting Santiago, which remains a mess, albiet a little more pleasant than before. We've done more gifting outside of the city, but that will change soon. There are also TONS of underground stuff all along Chile and Argentina, this area is supposed to be prime refuge for the world odor rats, which is evident by the amount of infrastructure mounted around here and by all the billionare "environmentalists" buying up huge areas of pristine land for "conservation". Unfortunately for them, they are running out of hidding places Laughing

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Post Re: Vortex Gifting And Towerbusting In Atacama & Patagon 
Yes, these massive arrays are definitely out of line with any legitimate communication needs in these relatively thinly populated areas.  Georg

Doing it all over Africa and sending it out to the world
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New post Re: Vortex Gifting And Towerbusting In Atacama & Patagon 
This was a very good beginning for Patagonia and I think it's auspicious that  Kelly was along to do some surgical gifting; a sort of kick start for that part of the continent and probably well-guided by the unseen cohorts.

Naturally, HAARP is concentrated on the eastern slopes of the cordillera because this is how water in the atmosphere can  be most efficiently blocked.  I doubt any deserts are 'naturally formed,' and Dr Reich seemed to be sure  of this.

Photos of the Sinai Peninsula, taken in the 1920s, show a lot of vegitation, similar to  what one sees in rural Southern California now.  Photos taken in the present show complete desolation, rather, which indicates an ongoing process of desertification.

The success that Georg is achieving, now, in Southern Africa and which  you three have started to achieve in Patagonia clearly indicates that deserts can be reversed with  orgonite.  This healing process is happening in the American Southwest and perhaps the Mexican  deserts but it's most evident from Georg's exgtensive, impressive efforts in the Kalahari and Namib Deserts.  That's something the rest of us can measure ourselves against, I think, though orgonite gets a lot more bang for the buck in Africa than in some other areas, of course  Cool

When  Carol and I first started gifting in the American deserts it looked pretty hopeless becuse entire regions were literally dead, then. It was some years and after many other people's gifting efforts, that we finally saw some solid results from our  collective efforts, including the re-greening of Death Valley.

My feeling is that your next trip to  Patagonia will produce some  rain in the western deserts.  It's possible that this will happen based on what you did on this trip,  plus whatever you're able to do on the next one, perhaps by focusing largely on disabling the HAARP arrays in Argentina, as you say.   From  reports I've gotten from a gifter in rural  ARgentina there has been a persistent drought,  so I assume there are also coastal HAARP arrays to disable, too.

Georg got his first big rain results in the Kalahari right  after he disabled the coastal arrays along the Indian Ocean  coast, four years ago, then got even longer-lasting rainfall after he gifted the Zambezi to the north, which helped prove that water gifting produces the most dramatic results, assuming that the HAARP arrays are finished.  For that matter, nobody has yet  tried extensively gifting the sea before busting the coastal HAARP fortifications so it's actually an open question for now

Seeing Sylphs in some of those photos is a clear indication,  to many seasoned gifters, that the balance is already shifting toward the positive side where you three have gifted--very encouraging and it's a distinct honor for us all to have those photos in the public record.

Busting all the death towers, underground bases and HAARP arrays in, under and around Santiago,  especially the mountaintop arrays,  will produce astonishing, lasting results that can be photographed, especially when  comparing those photos with past photos of the same areas.   This progressive  atmospheric  healing process is seen in films made in Los Angeles and Toronto over the past seven years, for instance. Those two cities had been  thoroughly gifted by the middle of 2004: mostly by Don Bradley in LA and Steve  Baron in Toronto..

Maybe that's what it will take to inspire more people in South America to start gifting as aggressively as you two are doing.  It's well worth the effort in any case and youi're  on your way to accomplishing it.

Kelly does his thing around the globe much  the same way that the  psychics do theirs in the international chat sessions: they all follow through with  their inspired hunches simply because it feels right  and good to do so.   It's probably up  to posterity to gauge the worth of all that, though  it's a  privelege to participate with them all in the moment.

Speaking of that, it only occurred to me lately that when Kelly witnessed the orgone canopy extending far into Central China and Tibet from the last known  gifting activity in Southeast Asia he may have been at least partly seeing the results of what Dooney's Saturday chat group (donebydooney.com) had been doing, remotely, for various pirated vortices in that part of Asia over the past year or so.  

It's been fascinating to see how the various chat groups have developed specialties in recent years. Diversity is always a healthy sign, I think, and of course the groups' efforts and membership overlap.  

It's been even more fascinating,  at least to  me, to watch  how all these puzzle pieces are falling  into  place, globally, at an accelerating pace. This is made possible by many people following their inspired hunches in a timely way and with  enough faith  and confidence.   This is surely NOT a comfortable pursuit for control freaks or egoists!  Cool

Good job, guys! I see that the dolphins made an encouraging appearance when you were in the boat!