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This is my attempt at explaining why the Peter Kawaja-Joyce Riley connection isso important to every American who believes and loves the truth, and for allVets, especially Gulf War Vets, so that you can finally see what is reallygoing on and perhaps help you get closer to getting real help, because you willbe armed with the truth, instead of being sent down all of these rabbit trails that the government and its hired prostitutes are directing you down.  Also, because I am not military or an expertin chemical and/or biological weapons, I will be using non-technicalterms.  Please see past that so you canget to the important points.  I alsorecommend you read this all the way through once and then go back and startclicking on the links so you can see what these documents and tapes actuallymean (but of course that is your decision).

           In summary, Peter Kawaja claims withdocumentation that will be presented below, that he was hired and working onhigh-tech security for a company allegedly making cherry flavoring in 1988.  He found out that this was not true, that thecompany wanted cyanide detectors placed in the facility, which really concernedhim.  He started noticing other“discrepancies with the story he was told, and so like any of us who were notyet “initiated” into having an intimate understanding of corrupt government, heran to the FBI/CIA to tell them what he had learned.  By then he knew that the company was not acherry flavor company, but a bio/chem. company being run by Ishah Barbouti, aninternational terrorist from Libya,and that they were testing bio/chem.weapons on our own military gas masks, tomake sure that the bio/chem. penetrated the protective gear.  

           Not realizing that it was actually our government cover operation, he cooperatedwith the FBI/CIA, when they tried to “control the leak” by telling him to keepan eye on things and let them know anything he found out.  With that mandate, Kawaja, went to work.  He not only watched, but he bugged several locations, telephones, and even was wired himself.  At one meeting between Ishah Barbouti’s son and members of Congress, the son stated that he was going to dump some of the cyanide down the drains at the Florida plant and was calling it project “sayonara.” To this, members of our own Congress were caught on tape laughing.  Yes, these same Congressmen who knew that ourtroops were going to be put in harms way, and made sure our military’s protectivegear would not function properly, thought having people drink poisoned waterwas funny too.  As you can imagine, as Kawaja reported back to the FBI/CIA, the government obviously were veryconcerned about what Kawaja knew and heard.

           In about 1990, Kawaja had heard enough.  Thingsdid not seem to add up properly.  Whywere members of Congress and others involved with an international terroristorganization?  He concluded that therewas some collusion between these international terrorists and our owngovernment.  So on 7/16/90, Kawajaasked the two deadly questions, which would alter the rest of his life:

                       1. IS OURMILITARY IN A JOINT VENTURE WITH                                                     
                              INTERNATIONAL TERRORISTS TO DEVELOPWMD TO                                        
                              BEUSED ON AMERICANS?

                      2.  DOES THE PRESIDENT KNOW?                      

           By then Dessert Shield (the build up of coalition forces) had been growing, and our masks, which would notprotect our troops were being shipped to the theatre of operations aswell.  But not only was this known to our government, but they also made sure the other side of the equation was takencare of.  They knew that they had already supplied Iraqwith the exact bio/chem. weapons that Iraqwould use, knowing these were the very weapons that would penetrate ourgear.   

          When Dessert Storm finally started (invasion of Kuwaitby “coalition forces), in 1/91, another silent raid was also occurring.  While we were busy watching the war on CNN, Kawajawas being raided by federal agents, by gun point.  All the evidence at his home was confiscatedand sealed under the War Powers Act. Fortunately, Kawaja had enough evidence elsewhere to still hold thegovernment accountable for war crimes, if someone would listen (of course the courts would not).  

           Not satisfied that they confiscated all Kawaja’s evidence, the government triedfooling Kawaja into thinking they were going to prosecute Barbouti.  They would hold phony grand jury proceedings,with Kawaja as their “star witness,” further trying to get Kawaja’s remain ingevidence.  They still could not getit.  By about 1994, Kawaja was still seton holding these criminals accountable for their actions against the Americanpeople and our Veterans.  He filed alawsuit against the government trying to expose these atrocities, which of course the governmentwanted to get dismissed quickly and quietly (page two).  The Department of Defense also started itsown suit in Kawaja’s name to try to stop this evidence from getting to Americans, and attempted to control the “prosecution”to make sure this case was never actually heard.  In March of 1995, the government claimed thatthe litigation that Kawaja brought against it was improper claiming that,  Kawaja "apparently wants to direct the course of the criminal investigation.  Rather, the AUSA and agents should bepermitted to continue their investigation into these important matters, withoutthe constraint of pressure of this litigation. . .” in spite of theiractually being no real ongoing investigation (documented elsewhere).  

           By now, theGulf War Illness was breaking, with many sick and dying Vets suffering, and withthe government denying there was such a thing as a Gulf War Illness.  Of course, this is with the U.S. Government being fully aware that they caused the illness to occur through their actionsand foreknowledge.  In addition to goingthrough these governmental abuses, Kawaja also suffered through his wife beingkilled, his house being burned down, and the IRS coming after him to make surehe would never have any money to pursue any further action against them.   Finally, he had been pursuing the “hardfiles” which were the 400,000-700,000 missing files of sick gulf warveterans.  When the Murrah building wentdown, so did the files, which were housed there.  Of course, the government could not get ridof that building fast enough, nor could it put McVeigh, the government patsy,to death quickly enough.  Case closed.            

           The government also gave Kawaja another very important warning:  If Kawaja continued to bring forth this litigation and exposure, the government would bring forth “credible witnesses”who would discredit and neutralize him.  And from the dust of the Murrah building, enter Joyce Riley and Dr. Garth Nicholson  . . .

           In summary, Joyce Riley claims that she was in the military in the 1970’s and then was out of the military by time Gulf War I was about to start in 1991.  She claims she wanted to be a part of helping veterans so she reenlisted, but when she did, Gulf War I had already ended. So she spent a few months doing evacuation missions in the states (noting the Persian Gulf), and then her work was completed.  But then she claims she got very sick and did not know why.  She claims at different times that she either started researching Gulf War Illness immediately, or that she did not research it until 1995 for several hours, and there are some other stories in between these two extremes.  She claims that an informant contacted her (why would an informant contact some nurse?), and told her about a lady named Linda Thompson who then put her in touch with Peter Kawaja.  In July 1995, Joyce tells Kawaja on a love-tape recording that she had no idea about any of this until she met him in June of 1995, but somehow, she had the Government-issued Reigal Report under her arm and Dr. Garth Nicholson in her back pocket before she interviewed Kawaja in June.  In regard to her alleged illness, she also claims that she went from doctor to doctor and could not find a cure.  And Riley’s Dr. Nicholson states that there is no cure for Gulf War Illness, but somehow, in spite of this, Riley claims to have been healed (there are also reports in papers where she said she was not healed).  She tells some that she was healed using doxycylcine, she tells some that it was ozone therapy that cured her, and yet, she tells others (like me), that nothing worked so she cried out to God and then was miraculous healed one night by God.  There is more to this ozone issue addressed later.  

           Riley lived in Houston, Texas, where the Barbouti headquarters was located, and of course in the same state of Texas, as George Bush Sr., where Riley boasts of her inside connections to George and the family, hanging framed letters from George and from Barbara on her wall even as late as this year (2004).   

           Riley interviewed Dr. Nicholson in May 95 on a Saturday radio program usually dealing with nursing issues.  As you can hear, there was not much in the way of breaking news in this interview.  She claimed here that she just had to have Dr. Nicholson on after she had done “hours” (not years) of research on Gulf War Illness.  

           The next month, in June of 1995, Riley interviewed Kawaja.  There were many threats received before Kawaja went on the air, but Riley has since changed this story to saying that she was threatened when she had Dr. Nicholson on the air (ask yourself why she needs to lie about this).  After you listen to  Kawaja interview, decide who really broke the story:  Nicholson or Kawaja, and who actually needed the security measures.  Also, read the notes from various listeners who wrote Riley about Kawaja’s on air disclosures (not Nicholsons).   The public outcry was because of what Kawaja disclosed, not Nicholson as Riley now wants you to think.  

           Within another month, by July 1995, Riley had been able to weasel her way into the “Patriot Community” using Kawaja’s fanfare, and sharing the stage with him–gaining the trust and credibility that Kawaja brought to the state as he was the expert with the experiences and knowledge.  Again, on tape, Riley says she knew nothing about it until after she met Kawaja in 1995 (tape referenced later).  Kawaja set up the American Gulf War Veterans Association so he could better disseminate information to them, and Riley insisted that they use her telephone number and address as he was trying to stay below radar.  So veterans and others started contacting Riley instead of Kawaja that summer of 1995.

           The only seminar that Riley actually did with Kawaja was in July 1995 (It is important that you get this two set tape from
He copies this at cost only and has been repeatedly threatened by Riley and vonKleist if he continued to hand out these tapes I am referencing).  When you see this tape, you will see Riley, who admits she knew nothing about any of this until Kawaja, sharing his stage and talking about the government-issued Reigal Report, but you will not see Kawaja dealing with it.  It is a government issued report that was public record.  I understand that Senator Reigal, who was under criminal investigation in regard to the Keating Five, suddenly felt the need to enter this report into the Congressional Record when Kawaja was not giving up on his law suit against the government, in spite of their warnings and abuse.  It has also been reported to me that the head of the “commission” in regard to this report is John Rockerfeller.  This report is not breaking news, nor is it trustworthy since it is the report that the government wants us to have.  This is the report Riley relies on to this day, while having totally neutralized and even ignored and buried Kawaja, just as the government promised.  (more on the Reigal Report later).

           When you listen to the two part tape about the 1995 seminar, you can hear that Kawaja is already having some problems with what is happening. In the question and answer period, Kawaja talks about the Nicholsons' who had watered down their claims. Kawaja tries to explain that they are trying to keep their jobs so they can’t say more on paper, even though they had told him more.  Then he addresses that Nicholson calls President Bush “George” and he questioned the first name basis relationship between Nicholson and Bush.  But again, things were moving quickly so he was not yet consciously aware of what the latest government strategy was.

           Within another month or two, however, Kawaja had caught on to the most recent deceptive government acts.  The gulf war illness could not be held back from the people any longer and so the government had to control how it came out, and make sure the proper spin was placed on it to neutralize the disclosure.  So they sent Riley and Nicholson to the rescue.  Although Riley had just interviewed Kawaja in June, 1995, by September 1995 she had already taken two trips to Florida from Houston, Texas, and had sexual relations with Kawaja as soon as they left the airport (Kawaja has told me about the outfit Riley wore at the airport, assuring that this would happen as quickly as possible).  By July 1995, Riley was trying to get Kawaja to marry her and bring “all of his evidence” to Kansas where she had some land, and that they would fight this together (and yes, Riley’s father has land in trust in Kansas).   Some person(s), however, had slipped a tip(s) to Kawaja that Riley was actually a “paid whore” from the government and was highly connected to Military Intel and Terrorism in this country.   One tip was from the very person who introduced Riley to Kawaja, Linda Thompson.  Thompson also discloses that Riley was lying as to how she presented herself to Thompson, with Riley claiming that she had many (thousands) of Vets who she had communicated with meeting Kawaja.  

           So by September 1995, Kawaja separated from Riley.  This is a very important statement in that Riley told people for years, that the reason  she chose not to work with Kawaja was because Kawaja made  unwanted sexual advances at her.  You will also hear who was the sexual aggressor from excerpt of one of the lovetapes  Riley sent to Kawaja, after she was confident she had hooked Kawaja, and that he was ready to “bring his evidence to Kansas, where his evidence and the direction of the Gulf War story would be under her (governmental) control.  (See if you can hear when Riley starts reading her statement to him -- Hint:  you can hear paper rattling and the mic being adjusted . . . “your concern today . . .” ).   Also, when Riley was challenged, she actuallywrote that she did not wish to work with Kawaja in a letter.  You will also notice from this letter that by now, Riley has labeled Kawaja a federal agent, as Riley is denying it way back in 1995.  She told me in 2003 and 2004, that Kawaja was a federal agent and I did not even know anything about the Gulf War Illness (other than it existed), nor had I ever heard of Kawaja as the government sufficiently buried his message with their Riley-Nicholson dynamic duo.  

           Also, during this time, there were concerned Veterans and others who were trying to protect the veterans that Riley was misleading through her insistence that the American Gulf War Vets Association use her address for the protection of Kawaja. One Veteran was even contacted by the Texas Attorney General’s office, but that investigation was summarily dropped without a finding as Texas was governed and controlled by the pro-Riley, Bush family, including by our past President Bush, who was pretending he did not know about the Kawaja investigation, and our present president, George W. Bush.  A vet also donated money in the name of The American Gulf War Veterans Association, to see if Riley actually set up a real organization, but she could not cash the check in that name, as she really had set up no such organization and was just pocketing the money without any records.  That is exactly what I was claiming I saw when I was with Riley-vonKleist for 9 months.  No records, but what I made,
commingling of the Power Hour Account with money set aside for the Vets put into this account, and only after I insisted on Riley putting money into a separate account for Bob Jones (money was being raised) did Riley do it (or at least she told me she had done it).  I also saw that there were no members of this organization.  Just Riley as the lone spokesperson of something she called the American Gulf War Veterans Association.  Now, also remember that she is on tape saying she knew nothing about the Gulf War Illness until Kawaja came along (the seduction tape), and she didn’t interview Kawaja until June 1995.  But on her own resume, she claims she was the spokesperson of the AGWVA in  1994, a year before she ever even knew anything at all about the illness, and a year before the AGWVA was even formed.   In case her resume suddenly changes in spite of many people having it copied or mirrored, here is what it says:  “ 1994 to Present: Spokesperson for the  American Gulf War Veterans Association. Dedicated to obtaining care and assistance for Gulf War Veterans.   And while you are there, notice she claims she is able to work, including as a transplant nurse, the entire time she was allegedly deathly ill with Gulf War Illness, and then was miraculously cured, being the only cured vet in the world. Her own Dr. Nicholson said there was no cure.  
Meanwhile, Kawaja and others continued trying to protect the vets since 1995, from these paid prostitutes, but somehow, anyone who speaks out against Riley and the Gulf War story she is spewing, get brutalized, either by threats alone, and/or by physical violence.  Why is that? Some even get booted off the air without notice (there are more).  Who has that kind of pull among us?    
Concerned veterans and their supporters, also learned that this same Dr. Nicholson was on the 1973 secret, special virus-weapons program, that brought forth such things as HIV/AIDS, a virus very similar to the Gulf War Illness DNA envelope.  He was government issued—that is why he called the president “George.”
So now that you have the background, here is the story that Riley and her friends want you to believe:  That Saddam did it to us.  Since the Gulf War Illness was ready to break wide open, and Kawaja was not giving in to government threats, the government could not keep the illness a secret any longer.  They could not kill Kawaja, because he still had too much evidence hidden away.  So the government gave a little ground, and allowed the illness to be “exposed” in a controlled environment (Riley/Nicholson), where they could still control the explanation (Reigal).  So, they pretended that there was no weapons factory in Florida, and no testing of the gas masks, even though Kawaja had proof of these things still out of the control of the government.  They only had to neutralize Kawaja, which they have for the last 9 years.

The government would even allow us to find out that there were weapons sold to Iraq, but it had to be in a controlled environment, where we were just a bunch of bumbling bureaucrats who thought Saddam was our friend, and so we stupidly sold him bio/chem. weapons, and then he used them on us in Gulf War I.  And then to give us a little something to chew on, they let us have a picture of a soldier without the wearing of his  gas mask, and so we can claim that Schartzkopf lied to us when he said all of our troops had masks on when they had to go and blowup Saddam’s bio/chem. weapons that Saddam had stashed away.  So you see friends, Saddam did it—according to the Riley-Government version.  

If you notice, she never talks about Kawaja or the evidence she saw that he had.  In fact, she tries to rewrite history even on the Jackie Patru Program back in 12/99. Patru also summarizes this program twice on ________________.

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If you read this in combination with what else I have put up on my site, you will get a good picture of what various people have concluded, coming from totally different directions and backgrounds.  We have all concluded the same way:  That Riley and vonKliest are disinformation specialist, who were sent to keep the truth from dead and dying veterans, and from the American public.