Walter Mondale
Assassinations  Clones Clones & Doubles

[1979] Dr. Peter David Beter - Audio Letter No. 45.  For example, earlier this month on April 11, Vice-President Walter Mondale reportedly left Washington on a trip to Iceland, Scandinavia, and the Netherlands; but, my friends, the man and woman on Air Force II were not Mondale and his wife but actually "doubles." The real Walter and Joan Mondale had been spirited away.
....The real purpose of the trip by Mondale's Bolshevik "double" was to try to obtain oil for Israel, but in this the Mondale "double" failed because very recently Russia's Marshal Dmitry Ustinov--the man now in charge in the Kremlin--had visited Norway personally, and Norway has now come to terms with Russia.
....The weekend after Easter things happened fast, completely unseen by the public. On Friday night, April 20, the real Walter Mondale was being held incommunicado by Bolshevik captors in New Richmond in western Wisconsin. Sometime between 9:30 and 10:00 PM local time, Vice-President Walter Mondale was executed!  Mondale had been one of Nelson Rockefeller's closest political allies and had been prominent among the mourners at Rockefeller's memorial service at Riverside Church in early February. Now he had died on a Friday evening, as Rockefeller had, at almost the same local time and from the same cause--a bullet in the forehead. Barely an hour later, Mondale's body was dumped into Lake Superior at a point about 12 miles southeast of Taconite Harbor, Minnesota.


Here is a photo of Walter Mondale taken in 1984 by Chris Schneider. It is an important picture because it reveals for all to see what we might call the Reptilian Gaze or Clone Stare which you can often see in possessed or controlled malevolent entities in positions of power.