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Alan Watt and his show, 'Cutting Through the Matrix'


[2006] Radio Interview With Alan Watt

[Reptoid?] "For those who wish information on Reptilian people, rather than waste my time, please check the entertainment sections of major bookstores or visit the local zoo and look up these particular categories: Crocodilia, Squamata, Rhynchocephalia, and Testudines. If the department head is in good form he may answer some questions, depending on how hot or cold-blooded he feels at the time, but generally he's a good egg. Don't show off your knowledge on the subject, because he may become green with envy and give you a watered down story."--Alan Watt

Alan: The Soviet System was a perfect test bed. That’s what it also was a big laboratory that was going to be used with techniques they would use on the rest of the world and if you go back to Lord Bertrand Russell in his book called "The Impact of Science on Society," and remember he was a big player for the Tavistock Institute which is a department really of psychological warfare and he also was a high member of the Royal Institute of International Affairs. He said that the public are being trained into a system where they are being well managed and we shall present them with experts for every topic on radio and television et cetera until they get to a stage where a woman wouldn’t know how to change the diapers on a child – her own child without being shown and that’s already happened. So the creation of a world with experts for everything, expert opinions and of course if you’re not the supposed qualified expert from something then no one is going to listen to you.

 Re: 'Hello From The Prison Nation!'
Hi Don,

Some folks seem to think ALAN WATT and his website Cutting Through the is a cut above the dis-info sites because of the depth of his revealing of the mind control apparatus, but
I'm here to tell you he is a schill/agent provecteur.

I've listened to his radio show and have had e-mail exchanges with him where he totally trashes Orgonite and the Don Croft style cloud buster. He is also pretty much telling people that we're all doomed to the nwo agenda and that the illuminati plans are on schedule and moving forward. I'd like to meet him face to face and have him explain away all the crap they have thrown my way over the years.
I'd like to refresh some memories a bit about me and what happened to me when I made my 2nd Don Croft style cloud buster. I had made it a mom's place in Duxbury MA in the spring of 2002 and within ONE HOUR of me standing it up staight I had an unmarked, green military helicopter with at least 4 uniformed army jamokes in it
circling my moms house at a maximum 500 feet off the ground. They circled the house, which sits in the center of the small town 3 times and each time they got to be above the house I heard the pilot screaming over the top of the rotor blades,
LOOK DOWN THERE, IT IS DOWN THERE !  I only wish I had taken a photo of it.
It was very alarming to me, so instead of standing next to it and pointing back at them I went over to the neighbors yard to watch it all happen. They looked like they were about to descend on ropes right into the backyard that's how close to the ground they were. If it happened today I would have stayed put next to the cloud buster and have taken photos and even videotaped it. Explain all that away Mr.Watts .