Martin Gottfried Weiss

Weiss had previously been the Commandant of the Neuengamme concentration camp from 1940 to 1942. From September 1942 until the end of October 1943, Weiss was the Commandant of Dachau until he was transferred to the Majdanek camp in Lublin on November 1, 1943. Martin Gottfried Weiss

In the photograph above, the man on the right is Martin Gottfried Weiss. The star witness for the prosecution at Dachau was Dr. Franz Blaha, who is shown on the left in the photo above. Martin Gottfried Weiss

Confessions about the use of lethal gas chambers to murder the Jews and Russian POWs were obtained by British, American or Russian interrogators from the Commandants of Mauthausen, Sachsenhausen, Natzweiler and Auschwitz, but Martin Gottfried Weiss, who was the Commandant of Dachau when the gas chamber was built there, never cracked under the interrogation of Lt. Paul Guth, an American Jew who had emigrated from Vienna. Weiss was one of the few staff members at Dachau who apparently made no incriminating confession. US vs. Martin Gottfried Weiss, et al