Fred West


Satanic Savile, QE2 Death Cruises, Steve Wright, Ipswich, Mr Kippah, Prince Philip, Fred West, Princess Diana, Clare Stagg, Sandra Court, Cliff Richard, Jill Dando and the Suzy Lamplugh connection  Some voices claim that Savile procured victims for the Royals to ‘sacrifice’ during Satanic rituals. Others claim that Fred West was a major player in the procurement operation.

Were the Fred West killings in truth ,satanic ritual murders?--Jim Cairns

[2011 Oct] Death of a Showman: Jimmy Saville 1926-2011 by T Stokes  Fred West held kinky parties over the years often with high flyers. Social workers and the police were well aware of Fred’s activities but looked the other way. Why? Who were they covering for?