Who is Barbara Bush, Really?

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Post Who is Barbara Bush, Really? 
This weekend the psychics went back to work in the chats after a month or so of R&R and it seems that some important new ground has already been covered.

On Saturday, in donebydooney.com's chat, Dooney, Stevo and Carol went hunting for in-process schemes to initiate World War Three, since the world odor often initiates their worst mass murder plots in August, during the Dog Days.

I think it was Carolien in HOlland who had a clear urge to examine related actiity in the Madeira Islands and that paid off because the psychics found a huge effort to hide an attempt, mostly by the old cabal that's used BushSr as their nexus with the world order's mass murder infrastructure.   Carol initially had an urge to immediately look at  Bush and his old protege, Hillary Cllinton, so this tied in with the Madeira piracy.  

There's apparently a massive vortex in those islands and the psychics had spent a lot of sessions healing and recovering the equally important vortices in Iran and Iraq, which the world order had intended to use to initiate WWIII.  You probably remember that O'Bomber promised to attack Iran ASAP when he gave what was essentially his Presidential appointment speech to Chicago's (Aryan) Zionists a few weeks ago.

After combatting each other in the Primaries, Hillary has apparently chosen the Vice President spot in order to run the White House, again, on behalf of her master, BushSr.  If you've read enough good, documented conspiracy journalism you realize that Hilllary has only ever worked for BushSr and apparently started doing so pretty soon after she got out of college.  I think it's a good practice to seek out as much credible conspiracy journalism as possible because when we're armed with sufficient, factual information the literal army of incredibly clever and well-informed CIA lie-spinners are less likely to distract us.

You might be programmed to disregard conversations about the CIA but please notice that people who attack my character never mention the CIA while I do it in almost every post.  BushSr is so essential to this horrible agency's operations that they named their vast underground Langley hive after him.

It took about 45 minutes, yesterday, for us to plow through the layers of veils and deceptoin that the world odor had woven over that Madeira vortex but the psychics eventually found a big 'wheel,' much deeper underground than previous ones they'd discovred and it took awhile longer for us to get it spinning again, which indicates to us that it was essential to the current effort to initate WWIII. It felt pretty confirming that the world order had to go to those lengths to hide their plot, this time.

The Mossadomites seem to be the group that's most eager to initate World War Three and my wife tells me that these guys are committed to the death and beyond to murder as many innocents as possible, which is something that also characterizes the bloodiest of the CIA's own satanic covens in the Bible Belt (Southern US) but not many other groups on the planet.

Today, we focused more on BushSr's cabal and the psychics immediately noted that HIllary seems to be isolated from her power source, which perhaps means that BushSr is no longer in a proactive position.   We're pretty sure that this cabal didn't want O'Bomber in the White House because the Mossadomites and the rest of the Aryan Zionists who want war, are quite racist, as can be seen in Israel itself, where non-Aryan Jews (including all of the 'Semites,' of course) are second class ciizens and Mossadomite fodder.  

I'm on Carol's PC because I'm not in a place where I can connect with myApple.   I had planned to start putting the registered trademark behind 'Mossadomite' but I can't figure out the keystrokes on the PC.   It's easier on an Apple and when I get home I'll start doing that. Stevo gets credit for the catchy term and laughing at mass murderers probably works better than shooting them; besides, the Mossadomites probably long for death because, like perhaps some Jesuits, they hope to 'rule in hell.' Cool  I'm pretty sure they're uncomfortable about open discussion of their activities, though, and very mad when we laugh at them.

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Post Re: Who is Barbara Bush, Really? 
Heheh, my internet connection keeps getting interfered with, so I feel confirmed that these comments will have a positive effect.    I write mostly to expose tehse freaks rather than o convince my readers.   I doubt that very many other people, so far, have dug very deep in the big library of viable conspiracy journalism but I hope I'm inspiring a few to do so, at least.   I don't think it takes many people to move the entire species toward more awareness and accountability because we're all intimately connected on the levels where it counts.

We worked on the Bush cabal again this morning in the EW chat and that R&R has really paid off for the psychics!  I think it was Nancy in Portland who suggested that they look at Barbara Bush and they quickly found that she has apparently been directing her husband, right along.  The fact that nobody apparently even considered this, before, might indicate how resourceful the old gal is.  We already know that the most powerful players in teh world order never get mentioned in the media.   Bushsr was the first to proclaim (prematurely, it turned out Cool ) 'The New World Order.'

When we focused our energy on the old gal, the psychics heard/saw her screaming in rage and agony so a nice confirmation and a promising target for future efforts.   The effective warrior, after all, is the one who expends the least effort to get the biggest result and we might have found the mother lode, so to speak, for preventing WWIII.

It seems axiomatic that the world order has always depended on a nexus in order to exert their parasitic will on humanity.  Aside from BushSr, who cut his teeth in the cabal that murdered JFK, a good example were the Caesars, who did the will of people like wealthy but 'shy' Crassus.  I think that if the real rulers tried to give orders to the world odor's ruinous corporate minions they'd fail because they're so obviously heinous and un-charismatic.  'm just guessing about that--maybe the truth isn't that simple in this case.  Hive queens like Barbara are often more than Illuminati brood mares, though--look at Lucretia Borgia, for instance, who ran the Vatican/Pope.

Carol had an epiphany that our job has never been to disable mass murderers, including BushSr, the old freak, because he's performing a useful function:  inducing the PJ folks to finally recognize how heinous his 'New World Order' actually is.   When enough PJ folks know this simple truth, that will apparently be the end of parasitic global rule.   Meanwhile, we're going to do what we can to stop these freaks from actually nuking anyone.  If O'Bomber gets into the Oval Office we'll also do what we can to keep these freaks from murdering him and blaming Persia, which is apparenty their short term plan, like their failed plan to murder BushSr's stupid Number One Son, years ago, and blame 'Muslims' in general.  

BushJr staying alive and obviously too stupid to run a government, in spite of the CIA's (his daddy's) past efforts to assassinate him, has degraded the US Presidency in the eyes of the PJ folks wonderfully well, so these masses are in a better position, now, to shrug off the entire fascist global order.

You probably realize that just killing mass murderers (tyrants) only paves the way for other, perhaps worse ones, to take their place, just like what happened in France, Russia and China.   The only kind of revolution that works, historically, is a revolution in awareness.


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Post Re: Who is Barbara Bush, Really? 
I think it's pretty obvious to anyone, now, that the Zionists have been the engine behind the 'War on Terror,' also that the CIA and the Mossadomites are the only real terrorists on the planet.  MI6 is more of a directing agency, also not as clever as the other two in terms of spinning convincing tales and diversions.

I think that the way to heal Israel is to convince more Jews and Palestinians to intermarry.   I saw more racial intermarriage in the American South than anywhere else I've been and the level of prejudice in the South has declined more dramatically than in the 'tolerant' US North.  

Another benefit of reading history is that one realizes that before World War Two, which is when the Mossadomites came into their own as a terrorist organization, there was relatively little religioius prejudice in what's now called Israel. Under Turkish rule there was actually a lot of religious tolerance and even though massive numbers of Jews moved to Palestine after 1844 they were treated much better than the Jews, pumped up into a zealous frenzy by the British/masonic secret orders and the concurrent sponsored slaughter of Jews in WWII Europe by the world order, later treated the native Palestinians, after they took over the region.   A large percentage of Palestinians are Christians, so it can be said that the Zionist position toward Palestinians is more racist than religious in nature.  Tecnically, Mossadomites/Zionists aren't exclusively 'Anti-Semites' and generally haters of people of color because quite a few Palestinians are Aryans--descended from Armenian immigrants and the Mossadomites and the more zealous among the Zionists want to kill all of the Palestinians, obviously.

It may be that you're already aware of how rotten Anti-Defamation League of B'nai Brith is.  They're kind of like Jewish Jesuits, mandated to create mayhem and an unfathomable depth of racist slander in the media.   They managed to railroad LaRouche in prison for being an 'Anti-Semite' for instance and they managed to persuade the US Government to murder those families at Waco.  They've often been caught, red handed, harming innocents in teh US and it's documented that Meyer Lansky, the Jewish Mafia boss who owned and operated Cuba and Central America after WWII, was their primary moneybag.  His daughter runs B'Nai Brith these days.

They moved LaRouche into jail so fast that nobody got a word in for him regarding his close association with so manyh trusted, trustworthy Jewish research journalists Cool

The reason it's important to read a variety of credible conspiracy journalists is that individuals are usually moved by one or anothe ideology, so they're likely to present only the factual information that supports or doesn't attack the root of their own individual ideology.   The best authors I've found, overall, have been Jews, by the way:  Chaim Chaitkin, Margery White and a couple of others.  In the early 1980s, when I first started collecting available conspiracy info, the only easy source were fundamentalist Christians and the John Birch Society. I had to plow through an awful lot of disinfo to find useful info in those days and because these groups were popularly seen as irrational and paranoid I found literally nobody else to discuss conspiracy information with in a sane way.

An example of a useful conspiracy book written by an ideologue is that one written by a former Mormon bishop about the actual history of Mormonism, JOseph Smith and Brigham Young.  The fact that he became a fundamentalist Christian and used the book to preach his new religion probably discredited him to most rational folks but he documented his history presentation, so I found the book very useful.

I think that teh one-two punch that finally broke down censorship in America was the brief, grassroot shortwave radio campaign that started after the feds  murdered those people in Waco and later blew up the federal building in Oklahoma, then the creation and spread of the internet, which was equally grassroot in nature.  I personally doubt the internet would have spread if not for the immediately earlier media effort, though the two things are not apparently related.  It may be that an earlier stage was the introduction of offset printing in the 1950s, which made self-publishing more feasible.  Before that, fourteen publishing houses printed essentially all books and periodicals in America and those were owned by Illuminati families.  Letterpresses are capital-intensive but almost anyone could afford an offset press.

The John Birchers published GaryAllen's books and I bet he's got more readers, now, than before he was murdered twenty years ago. He's the author of NONE DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY and several other titles, including one about the Rockefellers and how they gained firm control, through bribery and extortion,  of all of the state legislatures in teh US after WWII.  Did you think it was accidental that all state governments are as corrupt as the federal one is?

Eustace Mullins has been like an aggressive mole (the digging rodent, not the CIA version Wink ) for several decades, uncovering more levels of conspiracy than most other authors. He started out as an 'anti-communist' journalist in the 1950s but abruptly altered course when he found out that communism and fascism are the same top-down system Cool

I hope you'll start doing your own reading!  The censorship in America that I could only get past by leaving the country in the mid-1980s is all gone, now, thanks to the internet. A lot of foundational material that's out of print, like THE HITLER BOOK, are even available as free PDF downloads!

If you have a sincere interest, the titles will find you in a timely way.   Truth seekers are always closely aided and guided by The Operators.  PLEASE don't content yourself with the regurgitated conspiracy info that the CIA's liars cobble together in order to confuse and discourage you!  Especially avoid fools who shout about it from megaphones, okay?  Also, learn to look at 'channelers' with a more critical eye.  If you're in the habit of subscribing to channelers and will also do some of your own reading, you're going to find that they make significant mistakes, which shows that the authors of this material are most often just clever but fallible humans; CIA, usually, and they've got a lot of metaphysical tricks to snag the incredulous seeker.  If you've taken bait like that, don't feel bad but please get past this scam!

Until the mid-90s, the world order 'allowed' unpopular groups (including Hitler's bunch in the 20s) to talk openly about global conspiracies.  I think that was because these arrogant old freaks felt confident that the information would be discredited by association, the way some creepy people and forums who hold forth about orgonite are probably promoted in order to discredit the rest of us.  That ancient ploy began breaking down not very long after BushSr trumpeted the existence of the 'New World Order,' and Clinton proclaimed that his mentor was his professor at Yale who not only taught about global conspiracy but yearned for the conspirators to openly seize the reigns of political and economic power instead of just being parasites Cool

If your only exposure to conspiracy information has been Ramtha and/or the glitzy floorshow of CIA BigMouth Chicken Littles, please at least read NONE DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY, which is also a free PDF download.  This book can help you straighten your head out and get you more in touch with your own heart than with triggered endorphin squirts.

 Interest in this stuff has grown big enough that the CIA hackers won't even dare destroy a lot of these inportant links any more.  That's because enough of us know that hacker-destruction of important websites is an endorsement for those sites  and this is one of many evidences that the world order is merely parasitic and not to be feared, after all Cool

I've assumed that the shortcut to world peace and prosperity is the destruction (mainly through exposure) of the vast, murderous US Government but I've lately suspected that Israel's equally fascist and murdeous government also needs to be exposed and discarded by people of conscience in Israel.  Sure, the clergy-controlled governments in the Middle East are all nasty and dangerous but Muslim clergy will never unite with each other; they're like jackals and British money and Vryal secret police forces are all that keeps these puppet regimes in place (please, please, please read THE HITLER BOOK, okay?  Don't take the media's paranoia bait!)


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Post Re: Who is Barbara Bush, Really? 
CArol and I are taking care of her dad this weekend becuase his care-giver is taking a break, so we had to do the chats in a local Starbucks.  This morning, I was gratified to hear an eloquent customer holding forth about 'O'Bomber.'    I was hoping that I'd be the first to use that term but I bet that thousands of people spontaneously started using it as soon as he gave that Presidential-Appointment  acceptance speech to his sponsors, the Big Money Racist Zionists, in Chicago Wink   Delicious irony that these haters of color are constrained to at least temporarily support a puppet whose daddy came from Kenya!

For me, this confirms the notion that more and more people are waking up to how irredemable the US Government actually is.  It's like we're being governed by people like Charles Manson and I'm not kidding at all.    It's going to be fun to see how the tide continues to turn against the poisonous old cabals in coming months.  I wonder how much general and timely public disgust the fake elections will finally cause in November, or maybe I'm being a Pollyanna Cool

Some of us have been saying for a couple of years that the bad guys are finally losing, after thousands of years.  None of us could have predicted how exquisitely this is playing out, though!  Thanks, Operators!


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Post Re: Who is Barbara Bush, Really? 
David in Hawaii kindly sent me a PDF of the Freeman Perspective, in which Freeman claimed that Barbara Bush is an illegitimate offspring of Aleister Crowley, through her (Illuminati?) mom, who allegedly lived with Crowley in England when she got pregnant in 1924.  Apparently, Crowley created a brigade of little bastards in those days, usually with rich, dim-witted married women.

I don't know, yet, who Freeman is and some of his guests (associates?) are the typical roster of CIA and 'British Israel' fakers but it's a good read, in spite of the complete lack of documentation.  Having no documentation is only an issue if someone presents him/herself as a research journalist, of course, which I'm certainly not and I don't know if Freeman presents himself as one.  

I've read enough credible conspiracy authors, though, that I've been able to put together a lot of jigsaw puzzle pieces, which is what you also ought to be doing, if you're not.  Reading one author can't give you certitude, unfortunately.


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New post Re: Who is Barbara Bush, Really? 
Jack, a very busy and successful gifter in Eastern Kansas, sent me the following and I'll comment below:

Hey Don, my friend sent me this link, check out the photo of the vortexes:

Um, just reading a bit on EW, haven't been keeping up with the site the last 3-4 weeks, working a flipping ton.
And it prompted more questions as always. But one thing I can share, I don't know if it is "legitimate conspiracy"research in your opinion, but in some of the older posts you were quoting long complete nazi names of their various police state apparatus. I was reading a book, by Joseph Farrell, "The SS Brotherhood of the Bell, NASA's Nazis, JFK, and Majic-12" and on page 102 while discussing Lyne's disinfo he states,

But oddly, and most chillingly, Lyne points out that the two largest and most notorious agencies established by the National Security Act, the CIA and the NSA, are but direct English translations or metaphrases of Reichsicherheithauptamt, the infamous R.S.H.A, which may be literally translated as "National Security Agency" and loosly also connotates a central, or main, clearing office, or "central intelligence" or "security" agency.
(Farrell 102).

Hey one quick question re: the Babs Bush thread. Who are the usual suspects of the CIA people that have appeared on Freeman? I had seen only very little of his show, what has been lent out to me by friends. And this would help me to investigate these folks and add them to my disinfo list. I was going to ask your opinion of one certain well know figure, but now I know, because you said to beware of those who scream their conspiracy info out of megaphones. (LOL!)


I enjoyed the volcano pictures. Scroll down that page to find the waterspouts, which are like dust devils only take water up into the sky rather than dust. If Carol was looking at those she'd probably tell us how many happy elementals are playing around in there Cool

I really do hate to put names of the CIA's liars out there because they perform the lapwing role to perfection, of course,  but I will mention Swerdlow, since he's been in the process of helping the CIA stop losing so many of their Monarch assets, so he's actually hurting people instead of just misleading the incredulous.  

Here's a cute aside:   the webmaster of our business website knows him becuase his nephew spends a lot of time at the Swerdlow residence with their little boy (was little when this story was told, some years ago, that is).  The 7-yr-old  nephew innocently told our webmaster that one time, when he was sleeping over at the Swerdlows, he spied on Stewart in the basement, talking with teh animated head of a big lizard Wink

I asked my webmaster to drop some orgonite around Swerdlow's neighborhood because in those days Swerdlow was badmouthing Carol and I.  He said that he was on his way to do that when his car broke down for no apparent reason, then when he got home he was stricken, as with a stroke but more painfully, and had to be hospitalized for a day or so. That completely baffled the serial killers (MDs) since this fellow didn't have any apparent health problems.  I think he got around to tossing the orgonite in the woods behind the Swerdlow residence. Carol told me that Mrs Swerdlow actually calls the shots in that family.

I think I know when he gifted the property--right before Swerdlow adopted a more private website access Wink

The more one will read about how Hitler and Himmler ran Germany in the 30s, the more one will recognize that the US Government is now a carbon copy of that regime. The ONLY reason that you, American reader, and I are not dead or in a slave labor camp right now is because enough of us are armed.  The Germans gave all their guns to Hitler in 1933 or so--I think it was after Hitler had the World Trade Center, er, I mean The Reichstag destroyed Cool and successfully blamed commies for it.

I"ve heard good stuff about Lyne but haven't read any of his stuff, yet.  I don't want to mention the other CIA freaks who are apparently guests on Freeman's show.  Having those guests doesn't mean that Freeman is a traitor to humanity, of course. You figure it out Cool


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New post Re: Who is Barbara Bush, Really? 
My gal was in the office just now, so I asked her to peek at that photo of the watersprites. She pointed to two dark entities above several bright water sprites (the spouts) and said they were contending with each other.  

When we were with teh dolphins last April, some distance west around that coastline, she said that they took one of the 18s to that spot near Kilauea, so I assume the sprites were using that energy to clear the dark entities away. Small world, eh?

It sure is fun living with a grounded psychic.


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New post Re: Who is Barbara Bush, Really? 
Speaking of psychics, I just got an email from a gifting psychic who read this thread and has personal experience with the '$werdlows' (she didn't want to spell out the name in her email becuase she has a real concern about CIA reprisals).

She said that someone she knows who had been a 'friend'  of the Swerdlows had to visit an emergency room shortly after he disengaged from them. She sent him a Succor Punch and a Holy Handgrenade and he quickly recovered & succeeded at getting clear of the couple.  This woman told me that Carol is right about Mrs S calling the shots; further told me that her dad is higher up, literally, and they apparently built a third story onto their house for him, recently.

Having said all that, please note that I rarely have these public discussions because it's so easy to paint me as a curmudgeon.  Only a few disinformants are sleazy enough that our readers already figured out that they're dirty.  The woman who emailed me said that someone we apparently used to be affiliated with but who now posts excessively on a discredited orgonite forum has been promoting Swerdlow there.  This person tried very hard to cause Carol and I to separate, three years ago during a time when many other avenues were being used to split us up.  All of htat trouble stopped when we moved to Florida, thankfully.

I guess it's safe to mention 'Sally Water' now.   Five and six years ago, an extended campaign was waged to discredit orgonite in favor of a brand of energized water.  A whole lot of people bought into that and spent a lot of money buying and distributing these other devices, only to find out that it wasn't disabling the death towers and HAARP weaponry as promised.  Carol and I went ten thousand dollars into debt on a trip to thoroughly gift the City of Atlanta in those days in order to help renew people's confidence in simple orgonite. We succeeded, fortunately, adn our detractors failed in that case but Swerdlow was promoting Sally Water devices during those dark days.

Every day I'm grateful that the CIA, KGB, MI6, and perhaps even the Mossadomites® have apparently given  up on derailing this growing, vital gifting movement that way.

Now, if we can only get them to stop invading our home and destroying our personal property out of spite... Cool