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Why you should wear a Carol Croft HP

March 29th, 2009 Dooney

I always tell people to get one of Carolís Harmonic Protectors (HP) and wear it around the clock. I only take mine off for the shower and the hot tub because I donít want the string to get wet. First of all, the HP is a beautiful piece of orgonite. Carol is very meticulous about her creations, both in form and content. She uses high-quality stones and does high-quality work.

Secondly, the HP will repel the most annoying of attackers - the astral peekers. Those are the entities that pop into your space and then pop back out, leaving you with the impression that you just missed seeing something out of the corner of your eye. Pure distraction. I was getting plagued by these entities and as soon as I put the HP on, I stopped seeing them.

Third, the HP is going to help you grow spiritually, because of the mix of stones Carol has included. Depending on where you are in your development, it might be a spiritual healing crisis, but you will move through areas in which you need some growth and you will develop. Doing a grounding exercise every day will help you move through this.

Fourth, the HP saved me from radiation beaming during a chat one night. I used to have my computer on a small desk near our back door, which is a pair of french doors. We were boosting a new age guru one night, who had been latched onto me and Stevo, and I suddenly felt his presence (astrally I think) on our back porch. A few seconds later I got the telltale metallic taste in my mouth, very strongly, and my cat who was sleeping on a chair directly behind me starting coughing. So I think the beam hit both me and the cat. It was pretty obvious that we were being hit with something. Iíve never experienced that weird taste before or since, and it was an immediate reaction. I think if I hadnít been wearing the HP Iíd have gotten sick.