The Mark of the Beast
Stuart Wilde

December 27th, 2004

I saw the mark of the beast in the mirror-world. It was not what I expected. First I saw it as three, black parallel lines on the back of someone's hand. It looked spooky as if they had been unmasked. Then I saw it as three similar, diagonal parallel lines \\\ of about three inches in length on the right cheek of a person's face. Then two months passed and one day recently I saw the black lines on a man's face in the street, here in 3-D. They flashed on and off so fast in less than a second. The man was wearing an expensive overcoat and he had nice shoes, a suit, shirt and tie. He was about twenty-eight to thirty years old, I thought him to be a young businessman.

I've said before that the human shadow will be tickled out of hiding as an etheric world is imposing itself upon this one. It will light things up and eventually you will be able to see the mark of the beast on people's hands and faces. It's a form of a spiritual identity tag that oozes onto their skin etherically from their psychology over the years. One day, I should try to show you the reptiles but it's hard to explain it in words for they are very subtly hidden behind cheesy grins and expensive coats, and fine hair and expensive jewelry. Then some are rednecks behind the wheel of a truck. It's a licorice All-sorts of humanity. One can't be specific. I have shown it to people on a one-to-one basis, and once they know what to look for they soon get it. Then they usually become a bit horrified and slightly demoralized. There would be a fifty reptile humans between one city block and the next.

Sometimes it's on a person's features, especially if they are a predator like a crooked stockbroker say, or if the reptile ghouls have abducted that human a long time ago, so the pattern has been etched on his or her face over the decades. But often the reptilian inner-self of a human hovers in the air in front of them, as a fractured feeling. It's symptomatic of a break in the symmetry of what ought to be a normal human pattern. If you have cable TV you will know that sometimes the signal drops out and the screen becomes static and freezes and/or the picture breaks up into little boxes.

Sound on a modern CD is digitally stacked as forty-four thousands bits of information per second. I don't know if TV signals operate to the exact same specification but it must be something like that. When the signal is corrupted the boxes appear on the screen, as they are the building blocks of the original signal in its digital form before it is constituted into a complete picture. The human reptiles have no connection with humanity except to feed off them, so they lose an intrinsic connection with the earth and the animals and the sustaining power of nature and so forth. They often become sub-human sociopaths disconnected from spiritual emotions and the life force around them.

Their etheric has little or no color and its vitality is disrupted, sustained as it is by a cruel, arrogant mind rather than a natural life force. Over time it looses it translucency and it goes to a snot-like consistency, like white spit. When the signal breaks in this way, you can learn to see it. Try it. You may be amazed to find that when you start looking you'll get what I am saying quite quickly. Imagine the symmetry break as a block of etheric information hovering a foot in front of a person's chest. Look at the area without staring, just get a snapshot of it in your mind. If you can't actually see the reptilian digital pattern hovering there, then mentally extend your hand to touch the block of information from a distance. See if you can feel it with just an etheric tap of them. Mentally extend your hand and touch them and then pull your hand back quickly. The longer you linger, the more inaccurate your sensitivity will become. The front of a human reptile will feel clammy and dark and it is often quite scary. Sometimes pictures will go off in your head and you will know the person is a corporate bandit, or a sex slaver, or a pedophile, or maybe they imprison people using fear and emotion, you'll see whatever darkness manifests as part of their ice-cold soul. The women are harder to spot than the men. Evil women are very covert. They hide it well.

The reptilian humans are vulnerable to exposure by an unseen force they know nothing about. It can't be far away for I would not have seen the mark of the beast. Nothing from the mirror-world is ever left to chance. Nothing is ever early and while sometimes the ghouls momentarily thwart the attempts of the Forces of Light, the Light Beings have such a command of the rules of transdimensional activity nothing holds out for long. You could start talking to them in your prayers if you like. They are very close; they can hear you. They might silently help you, if you are a decent person, that is.

Stuart Wilde 2004

The mark on the forehead that the Bible speaks of, is not the same as the mark of the beast. The mark on the forehead is an oscillating vortex about 3/4 of an inch wide. It looks like a mini-spiral galaxy. It is not always right in the center of the forehead. I've seen it slightly to one side as many times as not. Sometimes, it is a vibrating circle that looks like a mini-donut of about the same radius size as the vortex-style marks on the forehead.