Will Smith

IUC Exclusive: Is Will Smith light in the loafers? Hollywood Madame reveals Smith has had Dalliances with Male Prositutes

[2010] The Stairway to Sirius, Revisited  Note: Around the same time Obama was making his Nobel speech in Norway, I was struggling with a post on the semiotics of the Will Smith film, I Am Legend. In the midst of all of that we saw that bizarre aerial display the day before the speech, which all fell together into this series, ultimately retracing an astonishing chain of connections and synchronicities linking to the iconography of the 'Stairway to Sirius' that we saw in the 2008 Election. Bookending the series was that aforementioned aerial spiral and the revelation of the gate of Isis from the depths of the Alexandrian Harbor. Quite a start and finish, don't you think?

[vid] Professor Griff Exposes Will Smith Quincy Jones and More



Devil's Claw

"V" Sign

Willow Smith  Eye (all seeing signs)

Vulcan Salute


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