Hurricane Wilma by Don Croft

Carol warned me, months ago, that everything I say these days is going to be used against me if I'm not extra careful. The two ways I can hoist myself on my own petard by mispeaking is if someone proves me wrong or if several people repeat what I say as authoritative. I honestly can't repeat enough times that nothing that comes out of my mouth or fingertips is more than just an opinion, no better or worse than yours.

I rarely criticize anyone publicly but took a chance with Hoagland and Carnicom, lately. Here's why:

In my view, and I think anyone's critical thinking will back it up, what we've all been doing to heal this world is common knowledge among the very small, global community of genuine activists and well-informed folks. One would assume that the frequent guests of talk shows who read about weather warfare, Dr Reich, chemtrails, etc., are well aware of what we're doing. Agreed?

If you type, 'chemtrails,' 'orgone,' 'HAARP,' 'Reich,' or any number of related key words and phrases into a search engine the work we do will most likely show up on the first page and it fairly demands consideration simply by the weight of our numbers and reported, consistent and dramatic confirmations around the world.

So, why aren't any of them mentioning us? A clue may be the way Rense assaulted us for a couple of months on his radio show, three years ago. he abruptly stopped when it became clear that his slanderous attacks greatly increased the number of people looking into our work.

When DeMento went to Germany, two years ago, to persuade folks not to mess with 'those dangerous Croft cloudbusters,' there were scores of CBs througout Germany and Austria within a month. Before that, only Gerd and Radhika Rexhage in Koln had one, as far as I know. There are LOTS of CBs in the German speaking areas, now, thanks largely to Georg Ritschl. Watch for a similar explosion of interest in Japan via our enterprising friend, Tetsuzi-san, by the way.

A large body of consistent empirical evidence, like this, which is gathered by mostly reputable individuals, is more valuable to science than some institutionally funded, controlled and narrow-focus experimentation in labs.

What if the job of making the first cars and airplanes were the responsibility of institutionalized scientists and engineers, for instance? We'd probably be riding donkeys, horses and trains, still, while only millionairs would travel indpendently and efficiently..

Remember that these forums only account for a tiny percentage of people who are doing this work and that entire cities and regions are gifted by folks who may have never done more on the internet than send one of us an email, if that. Considering the language barrier, the 'if that' portion is probably a whole lot bigger.

Of course, that means that anyone who posts here is pretty much duty bound to make only substantive contributions. Are you sick of me saying that, yet? Cool My hope is that increasing peer pressure on the remaining self-seekers, chest pounders, space wasters and hot air specialists will tighten up the process and attract more new and sober folks.

The disinformants' party line is still that HAARP is a handful of massive arrays, spread throughout the world. What we all know, hopefully, is that one is not likely to stand on a high one spot, anywhere in populated areas, and not see at least one HAARP array.

Busting up the huge arrays, which only a few of us have done, makes a dent in the HAARP matrix but won't disable it. They just turn up the volume on the nuke-powered, smaller arrays to make up the difference. This is a very diffuse but potent effect, which is why I"m reserving judgement, personally, about those U of M photo montages for now.

Note the way Wilma picked up speed and force across Southern Florida, for instance. Carol and I busted all the HAARP arrays across Alligator Alley, three years ago, and others have done a few more but most of the land-based HAARP arrays in S FL are still operational, especially the ones in Miami and Ft Laurerdale, where real wind damage occured.

One of the German gifters sent me the University of Michigan imagery and I was suitably titillated. An acquaintance of Jeff's found a massive HAARP facility on an uninhabited island west of mainland Florida, as Jeff had predicted from watching the genesis of a couple of hurricanes between there and Yucatan, and he also deduced that there's another massive array in W Cuba. I'd be surprised if there isn't one in N Yucatan. That's where I went through a hurricane ordeal at sea, in fact, ten years ago.

Some of us are doing some controlled experiments on pushing down the eyes of new HAARPiicanes (Jeff's term Wink) and we'll look at the hopefully unedited tape loops for evidence of our efforts. So many people were smacking that HAARPie (my term Wink), Wilma silly that when it reached land it was only a nuisance, thank God. HaARP boosted it up on its way to here, of course. Somebody needs to disable hundreds of arrays in Central Florida befoer the next HAARP Season (another of Jeff's terms).

Science dictates that in order to find parameters for any process we need to apply a little discipline, intelligent effort and critical thinking while keeping an open mind and paying attention our intuitive hits.

One might ask, 'If a featured, credentialed guest on a popular talk show neglects to mention what we're doing, should we overlook that and just focus on the REAL information he's offering?'

As someone who listened to countless hours of talk shows in the early nineties in order to glean a kernal of real information from the bushel of hippie horse$#!+ and harumphing 'experts,' I finally just reviewed the guest lists and waited for someone who seemed genuine, which was about 10% and, in those days, included Hoagland on account of his interesting Mars data. Eventually, after recognizing that folks like him lead you ever onward to the path ot genuine, empowering information but that the path never materializes I just stopped subscribing.

I think some folks try to trap me into spreading disinfo. Here's a possible example:

Someone, whom I don't personally know, sent me photos of deep ocean fish which he said were picked up on land, after that H-bomb caused the tsunami in SE Asia. I was tempted to post them as evidence of the bomb but my gut told me to wait. A couple of weeks later I found out that those photos were simply lab documentation from oceanography reseasrch and were several years old.

If I'd broadcast these photos and then it came to light that they were little bits of disinfo I'd look like a short-circuited fool, of course. It can be argued that I am actually a fool from time to time, of course, but I try not to provide grist for my enemies' mill.

I want to wait and see if this new loop imagery is genuine. Remember that all state universities get their funding, mainly, from the Federal Reserve Corporation, which is a subgroup of the Bank of London, which most likely finances the HAARP agenda the way Lloyds of London literally insures everyone on hte planet by 'reinsuring' all insurance companies.. Is this enough to give you pause and also reserve judgement for now?

Jeff and I spend some time, lately, discussing how deep the disinformation game is (some of us are genuinely fascinated by Machiavellian machinations, like a Nebraska farmhand is fascinated by a dead, rotting whale on a flatcar) and after four years of annual mutinees among a very small group of trusted guests who do the Jekyll/Hide thing on me every August, 'reserving judgement' has become an ingrained habit for me, personally.

It's been kind of nice for me here after the storm, by the way--kind of laid back and slow, like being in Africa or Central America: everyone's courteous and patient and not so distracted by schedules and daily pursuits. Jeff, Dave Emmett (hurricane tourist/activist from Barbados) and I have spent many, many hours just sitting and talking since that HAARPie bitch, Wilma, came and went. As Jeff predicted, by the way, Jupiter, my town, was ground zero. Good call, Jeff!

Andy Schwarm's old dad lives south of us and he told Andy, who lives in LA, that he's never even heard of a storm that gathers strength over land and moves from west to east. He's been here a LOT of years. The old guy was also questioning why, if all the power is off because of 'downed powerlines and damaged substations,' the phone landlines were almost entirely intact. They're right alongside the powerlines Wink

It's not up to the Depression Babies to turn this political horror around and, of course the vast majority of them didn't bat an eye when their boys were sent over to Vietnam as McNamara's and Kissinger's cannon fodder. Now, many of them are even flying those stupid, plastic car flags. It's up to the rest of us to make things right, of course.

The free CHEMTRAILS: CLOUDS OF DEATH download on our site is my answer to the insipid disinfo/imitation-documentary from Carnicom, whose exclusion of any mention of cloudbusters can only be excused if he were a hermit after the year 2001. There were four hundred downloads in the first three days, by the way and the majority of folks who did that came there from sources other than the orgonite boards and, which was very encouraging and confirming for me.

By the way, I got an email from DB when I was in the Jeep in Wilma's eye on Monday (thank grid for wireless internet connection and inverters!). Hadn't heard from him in a couple of months and he just wanted to let (you) me know that he's okay, but living in his pickup. Send him some jolts when you think of it, okay? He's still in the $#!+ from the feds messing with his family and probably will be until we can jail ALL of these rat bastards and put them out of our misery.

I can tell you that I'm heartily sick of the damn Homeland Security Abominations (my only real following Wink) who attempt to keep me under box surveillance these days. White-bread football-jock-looking guys in dark glasses posing as meter maids, plumbers, repo men, public utility guys, ad nauseum. It will be sooooo nice when Carol and I finally get that catamaran (the boat's survey is next week) and spend quality time away from our retinue. One of the nicest things about being in East AFrica, for me, was that these guys stuck out in a crowd like the Emperor in his new clothes.

By the way, Doc Kayiwa and Mr Kizira are about to launch their next gifting safari, this time into Kenya to hook up with David Ochieng, Mrs Odondi and their eager orgonite-making associates. Next trip, already funded by some generous supporters, is to Tanzania to connect with Dean Nyalusi and friends in Dar Es Salaam. When I'm finally a spiritual person, someday, do you think I'll be able to bi-locate? I really want to be there with them and also here with my loving wife and her dolphin buddies.

I visualize Grandpa Kelly and Kizira Ibrahim getting together to do some big-scale work in East Africa, someday. Kindred spirits.

I get pretty far afield when the old brain cuts loose--please excuse me. Lonely guy syndrome, I guess. Carol should be here in less than a week, though. She went to Idaho to get some of our stuff and to get financing for the boat. The feds stopped her from getting it from here, so she blindsided those goose-stepping criminals Wink.

"You were born...and so you're happy birthday!"
~Laurie Anderson

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The titillating tape loops are spreading around the net like a plague now and I won't share them until I've gotten confirmation that they're genuine.

They all indicate that HAARP is some distant phenomenon, projected from very, very far away at big storms.

I know of three instances where HAARP effects were created locally:

When I lived in Portsmouth, NH, nine years ago there was a neighborhood in nearby Exeter in which nearly all of the trees had been blown down by a 200 mph wind that wasn't a tornado. My understanding is that the jetstream was depressed for a minute, right down to the deck. A tornado makes a narrow path. For several acres these trees were simply knocked down and they all pointed the same way. In those days I didn't notice HAARP arrays

The same thing happened in Oroville, Washington, right after six cloudbusters were put up, there, four years ago. There's a really big HAARP array there, just over the Canadian border.

The same thing happened to Carol and I on that little stretch of freeway in SouthMiami, years ago, and in that case, just as teh wind and rain started, we saw flashes of green lightning around an adjacent HAARP array. That was a pretty big array, too. It was reported on local TV as a very localized event but no explanation was offered.

The CIA/MI6 disinformation apparatus plays a pretty deep game. They put a guy on a popular internet site to talk crap about Slphs three years before the Sylphs started showing up, for instance.

I have a lot of fun second guessing and predicting what their moves will be but, in fact, all we ever need to do is reserve judgement before acting like Chicken Littles or Hopalong's Little Rangers and sending around glamorous stuff that hasn't been verified. The only time it's okay to act like a monkey is when we're the hundredth one, I think. Jeff has laid claim to being the hundredth monkey, though. I'd like to be the hundredth organ grinder's monkey, I think. I like the outfit.

"You were born...and so you're happy birthday!"
~Laurie Anderson